Published on October 12, 2019 in News

A few days after we posted a message on our website with the news of the Australiaman who more than 100,000 euros wins with a commitment of 5 euros on the TOTO, the message comes out that the sports betting provider may have violated the rules of the gambling policy a month rather. This is at least the opinion of MP Stieneke van der Graaf of the ChristenUnie who also asked parliamentary questions. She wants to know from Minister Sander Dekker of legal protection whether the Australia lottery, as the owner of the TOTO, actually did not violate the law on games of chance with a recruitment campaign via email in collaboration with the KNVB.

Mails sent via email address of KNVB

What exactly is going on is that around the competition of the Australia national team against Germany on September 6, there were mails sent to promote gambling at this competition through the TOTO. Objections are mainly due to the fact that these mails have been sent via the KNVB email address. As a result, it was not clear to the recipients of email that it was actually a promotionalail from the TOTO.

People were encouraged to use at least 5 euros on a prediction of the correct score of the Germany - Australia competition. If you would do this and lose your bet, gamblers could recover 2x 5 euros from their bets in the form of free bets that have to be used again at a sports bet. It's a kind cashback bonus.

Active recruitment and advertising to minors

MP Stieneke van der Graaf van de ChristenUnie asks parliamentary questions because, according to her, violations of the Gambling Policy in the Australia are violated in the recruitment campaign of the TOTO rules. For example, there is active recruitment and that is contrary to the law on games of chance.

It is also almost certain that the conscious mail has also ended up in minors. Everyone who had an account at the KNVB has received the email. These can also create minors if, for example, they want to buy a ticket for one of the competitions of the Australia national team.

Another objection is that people who have ever completed their email address on the KNVB website have never given permission to receive gambling advertising. According to Parliament, it is also objectionable that it was not clear that the Mail came from the TOTO. The sender of the mail was the KNVB.

Gaming authority does not judge violation

The first reactions to the parliamentary questions show that the TOTO recruitment campaign in collaboration with the KNVB is already known to the Australia gaming authority. They have ruled earlier that there is no question of a violation of the rules. MP Stieneke van der Graaf asks this judgment. According to her, there are indeed rules. If Minister Dekker judges that has acted within current laws and regulations, then they want to know whether the rules should not be tightened.

The subject has been discussed at BNR Nieuwsradio with various specialists in the industry. For example, a lawyer has also left that various gambling providers assisted. She reports that Make advertising for games of chance E-mails only permitted when explicitly permission has been given by the receiver. In this case, people may have given permission for promotionalails from third parties, but not explicitly for receiving emails from the TOTO in which gambling is promoted to sports betting.