Published on 5 June 2018 in News

When you plan to gamble at an online casino, you naturally want to play with the best chances of winning. After all, a game of chance with the highest payout percentage will also give you the best chance to make a profit on the bet you do. That the casino is always light to the benefit to win will be clear to everyone. Their entire business model is based on this small percentage. Sometimes this is about less than one percent. It shows that a few percent more likely to win in the long run will make a big difference. Now that you know this you will probably be happy that we want to share a trick with you how you can easily and quickly know what games you give the best chances of winning.

Study casino bonus conditions

The trick that we have dealt with to study the bonus conditions that the online casino uses. It is possible to seek the payout percentage from every individual game that is offered in the online casino via the internet. Most of the developers from online video slots make these figures public. However, this is not practical because the gaming offer of an average casino online consists of hundreds of different games of chance. Before you know which game you give the best chances of winning, you must compare them all. By using our trick and studying the bonus conditions, you can come much faster behind this valuable information.

In the terms and conditions describes what a gambler must do to free the bonus money. In this way there is, among other things, what the wagon requirement is. In addition, there will always be a piece about the percentage that the deployment of a certain game of chance to meet this condition. If you see here that certain video slots are excluded, then you can draw the conclusion here that this is not done for anything. These slots offer so high chances of winning that the casino cannot offer the bonus profitable. So they are the games of chance that you give the best chance of profit. For example, the Netent Slot Blood Suckers is often mentioned. Bee Casinoland.. In the conditions a whole list of games of chance that are excluded.

Bonus money First release with 100% slots

As we have already advised so often to all readers from our website, you must always use a bonus if you are offered. However, this free bonus money you must first play. Although the bonus conditions give away on what games of games you will win most, reducing the betting of the bets ensures that this is not the best choice for releasing a Online casino bonus. You have to put the money more so many times that the percentage benefit of your chances are canceled out again. You can therefore better do the release of bonus money on a lock whose bets are used for 100%.

Not every online casino mentions in the bonus conditions which specific video slots are excluded for a bonus. If this is the case, then you can of course also take advantage of this. The games of chance that are mentioned at other casinos are the best choice for you to use your bonus money. We have already reported that Casinoland calls a whole list of games in the conditions, but at eskimo casino No specific game is called.