Published on December 13, 2018 in News

That everyone sometimes has been tempted to give a gamble to the venture again from a news item from the United States. The state of California comes the message that two now retired nuns have stolen no less than 500,000 dollars from a school fund. The confession of the two women shows that they have used the money to Gambling in casinos. This is at least the story that the spokesperson for the Archdiocese Los Angeles from the Catholic Church. It is not surprising that the nuns have been tempted to gamble. Playing on slots is a fun activity that can work rather addictive by the adrenaline when winning money.

Come to the light at retirement

Although it is understandable that the two nuns, just like any other person, can be tempted to gamble at a casino. Of course it is not ok that they have stolen money to finance this activity. Now that the nuns have come away from here for many years. The abuses have only come to light when one of the two would retire. At that time a procedure was started to find a successor to the position of the woman. During this procedure suddenly the light came to the light that the school's administration did not beat with the money that arrived. Ultimately, more than half a million dollars turned out to have disappeared.

Disappeared donations from parents to school

After a short study, it soon discovered who were responsible for the familiar money from the school class. This was not so difficult to determine because the two nuns immediately confirmed their sins. To now it appears that the nuns have stolen money by asking donations to the parents whose children went to the Catholic school. They were occurred that the school had a hard time and was shy about financial resources. However, the truth was that all donations that were done by the women were retained. In their free time they went to the casino and gambled with it. It is unknown whether they also knew money to win and have spent other things. The chance is of course pretty real if practice has occurred for a long time and with such a large amount.

Salient detail is that the two nuns are not prosecuted for their crimes. The Catholic church that they were connected has decided not to make a declaration. They report to the parents of the school that the women regret greatly regret and pray for forgiveness. The school community prays that the parents did not lose confidence in the rest of the school employees.