Published on March 16, 2018 in News

If you read the news reports on this website regularly, then you know that we love the stories around the video slot jackpots that can be won millions. You therefore regularly see a message in which we want to inform you of the fact that the jackpots of the slots in a Netent casino have risen to unprecedented height. On 18 February we reported that it is one Good time is to play progressive jackpot slots. This was a good tip because less than three weeks later, two millions of chickpots of NetEnt were won within a period of 24 hours. A unique situation where two different people have become both millionaire with only a small bet on an online slot machine.

6.8 million euros in prize money

Playing the Netent Slots with Progressive Jackpots plays the imagination. Who does not dream that they can suddenly mention multi-millionaire with a commitment of just a few euros. This dream has released this month for two lucky players. A gambler first knew on 7 March Unibet Dragging the Mega Fortune Dreams Jackpot. With this, the man or woman can soon expect an amount of no less than 4.1 million euros to his or her bank account. Mega Fortune Dreams is less known and also to play with just a select number of online casinos. No 24 hours later a mega jackpot went out when someone else knew to win the highest price at the standard Mega Fortune Slot. This amounted to 2.7 million euros at that time. Unprecedented that in Netent Casinos Online in this short period more than 6.8 million euros in prize money has been paid to only two players.

Even more money winning the hall or God's lock

A few weeks ago we reported about the amount of different jackpots and we advised everyone to try their luck on these slots. In the time of that message, the aforementioned Mega Fortune Jackpot was 1,609 million. In short time it has therefore spent to 2.7 million. It can go fast with the rise in progressive jackpots when the popularity increases. This is also apparent from the fact that the Mega Fortune Dreams slot only needed 11 weeks to reach the 4.1 million euros. In the news item of previously also mentioned that the Hall of God's Jackpot of NetEnt was at that moment at 4.1 million. This has now also spread to nearly 5.5 million and it has not yet fallen. So when you want to make a chance to win money than the two lucky players that we describe in this news item, we advise you to play some spins on the hall or God's slot machine. This is available, among other things Casinoland... If you have lucky and if you have the happiest day ever, you can just become multi-millionaire and you don't have to work more day in the coming years.