Published on November 30, 2016 in News

In today's news item we want to light a specific Australia casino. In particular we treat the welcome bonus of this online casino. The casino we talk about is This online gambling provider has a very special welcome bonus for new players. With most casinos you get an extra generous bonus when you deposit money for the first time on your account. The Online casino bonus Can consist of free money, free spins or a combination of both. has one Welcome bonus where you get free money. The amount is 100 percent of the amount that you have deposited into a maximum amount of 100 euros. However, what makes this online casino bonus special is that you can get a 100 percent bonus again when you deposit money for the second time at the casino.

A bonus at the first and second deposit has "Double the fun" as a slogan. This can also be seen on the welcome bonus. Where a normal bonus for new players benefit from the first deposit, you get a bonus at this online casino in both the first and second deposit. So there is a double one here Parliamentary bonus When you are a new player. Twice there is 100 euros for you in it. In total you can therefore get 200 euros in free money. There is of course also an advantage that you do not immediately have to transfer a very large amount to make maximum use of a bonus offer. You can easily release the first part of the bonus and then only start the second part of the bonus. The bonus money must be used a minimum number of times within 30 days. This is described in the bonus conditions.

Conditions of the Bonus

On the page with the conditions of the welcome bonus is described that the free money is awarded as bonus money. This amount must be played around a minimum number of times in the casino before you can be approved or you can transfer a transfer to the live casino. The bet requirement for this bonus is forty times and a player must meet these conditions within 30 days to be allowed to hold the bonus fee. For example, when you would deposit 25 euros, then you get 100 percent free money on top that allows you to gamble with 50 euros in the casino. The 25 euros must be used 40 times, so that you must place at least 1000 euros in bets. Only bet on slots and video slots count to meet the insert requirement. An advantage is that these games are with a high payout percentage so that it is often quite possible to meet the conditions.