Published on February 24, 2018 in News

Finding a game in the range of an online casino is not that easy. Almost all providers nowadays have hundreds of different games and your favorite game of chance in this is almost an impossible task. This is still possible at the table games and the live casino. In these categories often have a few games. Finding a video slot is a lot harder. If you know the name of the lock then this is still possible. You can often use a search bar for this in which you enter the name of the game. You may have experienced once you have forgotten the name of that one nice video slot. How can you then locate it again? Bee Dunder Casino.. They have found an answer to this. The unique game layout on the website of this online casino can help you with this.

Categories for spelling characteristics

When you visit the Dunder Casino website, you will already stand out that it looks different on a lot of points than the competitors. At the top Stands a search bar in which you can enter the name of a game, category or studio. You also have the option to filter the game offer in different categories. So far not much other than the websites of other Australia online casinos. However, when you view the categories then you will see that it will go a lot further than just filter the games at live casino, blackjack, roulette or video slots. You also see categories between standing as FREE Spins, Expanding Wilds and Egypt. They are specific spell properties that enable you to find that forgotten game that you have previously played once.

Where can you filter the game offer?

On the DUNDER website, click on the 'Categories' button then you will see a lot of extra options that do not hold other casinos. For example, it is possible to filter games on a specific theme, a special feature or a specific price.

Theme Filter

Nowadays video slots have the most diverse themes and this makes gambling a lot more fun. For example, you have slots that are based on a well-known movie or a fairy tale. At Dunder Casino you have the option to filter this. There are, for example, filters for Mythology, Fairy Tales, Blockbusters, Horror, Crime and Animal.

Special feature filter

A special feature in a gaming can yield high prices and therefore increase the tension during gambling. For example, do you want to play a video slot with Free Spins, Re-Spins, Falling Symbols, Bonus Bets or Expanding Wilds? Here you can also set a filter.

Prices and betting filter

Other filters options relate to the prices you can win or the bets you can place. For example, many players will also find it interesting to filter the range on high roller, jackpot or win Both Ways.

It is all possible through the unique game layout of Dunder Casino. You can also enter these categories in the search bar at the top of the game.

Find the slot that you have forgotten the name

It will probably happen to you once you have played a nice lock in the online casino and the next time has forgotten the name of the game. How can you find it in the gigantic game offer? At Dunder Casino this is a lot easier. For example, if you still remember yourself every time after you won the winning symbols of the rolls disappeared and new downfall. This feature is called Falling Symbols and you can search. You also knew there was a possibility to win Free Spins. Here too you can search, but this filter will produce a lot more option. At least you have to find a lot fewer games by searching for that one lock that you return so much profit. You soon find out that it was the Gonzo's Quest Slot.