Published on September 22, 2017 in News

An online casino likes to reward her players for regularly playing and deploying real money. For this reason you can use a VIP program at different providers. This is an additional advantage that players can get. What they have to do for this is simply playing as much as possible and bet money. You can usually save points at every bet you do. If you get a certain level of points in the week, month or the year, you will receive a reward for this. Also at the Play casino They have such a VIP program. Here are great prizes to win. If you know how to kick it to the highest level, the online casino will even deliver a brand new Ferrari SuperAuta to your home address.

Start with the Play Casino Welcome Bonus

Every player who creates an account with Play Casino automatically takes part with the VIP point savings program. You can immediately take a good start here by using the first deposit Welcome bonus to make. As a result, you have more money at your disposal and you can save a maximum number of points together. If you are smart you deposit the biggest possible amount. This can be far from this online casino because there is even a high roller bonus that can deliver to free money up to 2000 euros. The standard welcome bonus yields you up to 100 euros and another 100 free spins. Also a nice start of course to update yourself the ladder of the VIP program.

Different levels from VIPs

The VIP program works with different levels that you can achieve. If you have spared enough points to come to a next level, you will receive a reward for this. The levels also all have different names. For example, every player starts at the amateur level. The next step is then Rookie if you have spared 50 CPs together. The Supreme Level is Godlike and when you know it to reach then you get a Ferrari 488 GTB. Below are the different levels of the VIP program, the number of points that you have to achieve to achieve the level and the price you receive once this has succeeded.

  1. 1-49 CP Price: Participation in VIP program
  2. 50 CP Price: 15 Free Spins
  3. 200 CP Price: 50 Free Spins
  4. 600 CP Price: 150 Free Spins
  5. 1500 CP Price: 2 x 125 free spins
  6. 4000 CP Price: AU$ 50
  7. 000 CP Price: AU$ 200
  8. 000 CP Price: AU$ 1,000
  9. 000 CP Price: AU$ 10,000
  10. 000,000 CP Price: Ferrari 488 GTB!

Important information about the program

In the meantime you already know a lot about the VIP program by Play Casino. For example, you know that your CP must collect points to get a level higher and receive a reward. A CP is awarded by the online casino if you have used a certain amount. To be exactly you get to bets for every 12.50 euros that you place 1 CP. This is therefore the total number of bets. Not the money you have to win or lose. If you are lucky and have a lot of money to win then you will make a high level easier. The Free Spins that you can win have a 10x bet requirement. It free money That you can win with the VIP program has a 1x bet requirement. CPs can also be exchanged for money. The currency price for this is 1 euro per CP.