Published on July 1, 2019 in News

When an online casino is a BONUS We naturally love to use this. The chance to gamble with free money let's not leave us. However, accepting the offer means that we must therefore meet the Wagering Requirement stated in the bonus condition.

The amount of free money that you receive or the profit you deserve with Free Spins must be used an X number of times before the amount is really yours. Depending on how high the wagon requirement is, this is best to seem to have a decent time. We can imagine that you sometimes don't feel like gambling hours in succession. For this reason we have put together some tips that help you to play a bonus quickly.

Slots I.P. Table games

The first tip we want to give you is playing slots instead of table games. Use that you do on video slots count for 100% to the Wagering requirement. For the so-called table games, such as Roulette and Blackjack, this rule does not go up. For most providers, bets on games in the 'Table games' category not at all or only for a small percentage.

When table games only count for 5% then it means that you must place 20x more bets than you should do at slots that count 100%. Not hard to understand that it will take a lot longer before you have finished releasing the bonus in this case.

Use the Auto-Spin Feature

Even when you play on slots and bets for 100% counting on the Wagering requirement, a lot of money still has to be played around to play the bonus free. For example, if you have had a 100 euro bonus and a 30x wagon requirement is provided in the condition, then 3000 euros must be placed in bets. These are 3000 spins of 1 euro or 6000 spins of 50 cents. You could get almost RSI of clicking on your mouse or keyboard as many times.

Fortunately there is the car spider feature. Some of every online casino games developer has processed this function in their video slots. By clicking on the auto-spin button, you can set how much spins you want to run automatically. Set the number here that you will definitely need to play your bonus free and sit back in your seat. Or do the dishes, iron your clothes or vacuum the living room.

Activate Quickspin in Menu

The third and final tip is to also see in the settings menu of the lock if you can activate Quickspin here. Not all games have this setting, but if it is present, you can save extra time to release the bonus. With the setting you can make spins proceed faster. The rollers spin faster and are also silent faster. It may be just half a second with a normal spider, but this difference can lead to an enormous time saving if you have to play thousands of spins.

Best video slot when you are in a hurry

We have tried tens of slots over the years for frames of bonuses. There are various options that are an excellent choice when you want to save time. When we hurt ourselves, we choose the Twin Spin Slot of Netent. This game has a Quickspin setting in which spins are completely completed in succession. Moreover, there is no bonus game or a Free Spins Feature taking extra time. The payout percentage is also respectable by 96.6%.