Published on January 28, 2019 in News

The Holland Casino branch in Utrecht has been very often in the news lately. For example, this month we already have a message about the fact that the location in the middle of the country the 10 millionth visitor has welcomed. Last week another visitor also won the Mega Millions Jackpot of no less than 1.9 million euros tax-free. Here we have written nothing from our website, but this message has removed different newspapers and news sites. Today we are not going to talk about it, but about another subject. The Holland Casino has put some videos on their YouTube channel in which you can see how an evening in the Experience zone of the branch in Utrecht is going and these are well worth seeing.

Gift lessons get from dealers and croupiers

In our Previous message about the Experience Zone in Utrecht We have already described a description of what you can expect here. You can get gambling here from the dealers and croupiers who work in the zone. This is of course especially interesting for starting gamblers. Not everyone knows how the games of chance that are offered in the casino are played exactly. Even if you would look up an explanation of this on the internet, you do not yet know all rules. A lesson of an experiential expert in the field of gambling is therefore very welcome for many people. If you are still learning, you naturally do not bet with the highest bets. For this reason, the insert limits in the Experience Zone are also a lot lower than in the rest of the casino. In short, an ideal environment if you want to become familiar with how the famous games of chance in the Holland Casino are played.

Nice atmosphere focused on starting gamblers

Whatever is nice to the Zone in Utrecht is that there is a nice atmosphere in this section of the casino. In the videos that can be seen below, you can also notice this to the reactions of the first visitors. One of the women asked for a response calls it a nice atmosphere focused on young people. We can even make up for all starting gamblers here. Because being familiar with the game rules of a game of chance should of course not take place in an environment as a classroom. After all, a visit to the Holland Casino must be a fun night out. To see the images in the videos, the Experience Zone is certain. The croupiers and dealers who spell as roulette and blackjack explain a real show that seems to find every participant entertaining.

Unlike at other locations

Incidentally, Holland Casino Utrecht is not the only location of the Legal casino chain in the Australia, where you can get an explanation about games of chance. There are several branches where you as a group you can get a short explanation of a game of choice. However, this private time with a dealer or croupier must be booked, only takes a few minutes and takes place in a more formal setting. It is therefore not comparable to the show that you can see in the two videos below. The first is a promotional film from the Experience Zone and the second video is the aftermovie of the Grand Opening that has already taken place last year. Herein said some people who were their personal experience in the special zone of the casino.