Published on July 31, 2022 in News

There are a lot of fables the round when it comes to online gambling and slots. We not only see some fabers with online slots, but also with traditional slots. It is high time to remember the fables.

We have listed the largest fables around slots. That way you immediately know where you no longer have to take into account. You will read the largest fables online below Casino games.

Fabel: only players who bet a lot of money winning on a slot machine

If you are a player who goes occasionally AU$ 0.25 in a slot machine you will of course just want to win. Yet you mainly hear from players who spend hundreds of euros that they win. Fortunately, you don't have to be afraid that you as a player lose with a low bet. Despite the deployment, every player makes the same chance of winning.

Software suppliers From online casinos are required to build a random number generator in the slot machine. This means that a random number of symbols appears at each twist. This may not depend on external influences.

So you do not take into account your commitment or that the slot machine happens to have paid a lot of money. So you can continue to use a small amount with confidence.

Fabel: Online casinos determine which player wins and which loses

We understand very well that it is tensioning to spend your money in a computer program. You are afraid that you lose money because the casino has lost too much money today. Fortunately we can reassure you here. The casino has no influence on the games.

Special software is used in a legal online casino. The software is optimized to make online gambling as safe as possible. This means that every result becomes arbitrary and no one influences this. If this does not happen, the casino receives no permit.

Fable: If a jackpot has fallen, it no longer falls

A jackpot is drawn by the game randomly. On average a Jackpot is 11 weeks. But this is an average figure for a slot machine. It regularly happens that a jackpot falls through each other several times.

If a slot machine is popular, more money comes in, then usual. Especially if there is just a jackpot, players want to try the game for a while. As a result, the jackpot runs fast and it can just fall again.

Mega Fortune recently fell twice in a week. Mega Moolah has fallen several times in one week in the past. The second time there is only less money in the jackpot.

Fabel: slots pay more money if it is quiet

Again a fable that is not even allowed in one Legal Online Casino. The slots must show random symbols. This means that a random player wins or loses at any time of the day. So there is no look at how many visitors are online.

So it really doesn't matter if you dangle a chance in the evening or on a Tuesday afternoon. The slots do not pay or less depending on the time you play.