Published on 5 August 2022 in News

As a player in the online casino you naturally have only one dream and that is gaining money. Most players make serious work to win. They come up with complete strategies to complete the casino.

Blackjack is a game for which dozens of strategies were devised. A large number of systems can be found online. The base Blackjack strategy And Martingale belong to the best known blackjack strategies.

Yet if you want to try something else as a player. Martingale might not have been successful for you. It is high time to throw it over another bow.

We have collected the least known blackjack strategies especially for you. Who knows are the strategies for you a success. We are happy to help you win with a game of blackjack.

7 Lucky Numbers bij Blackjack

The One Hit Wonder is known to most players. But the chance that 1 number falls is actually quite small. The chance is even 2.3%. To spread your chances, there are players who play with 7 Lucky Numbers.

7 is an official lucky number and you regularly come across slots. In the online casino the 7 is used to choose numbers at blackjack. You choose 7 numbers and spread it over the field. The idea behind it is that you have a number in every column.

The 7 numbers where you bet money are your lucky numbers. Register and set up a small amount here. For example AU$ 0.50 per number. You now leave the wheel with a bet of AU$ 3.50. The chance that your number falls is greater than that you only choose 1 lucky number.

Don't your number fall? Then you put AU$ 0.50 on the same 7 numbers again. Your spins the wheel again hoping that your number falls. Unfortunately no luck again. You now turn AU$ 0.50 in all 7 numbers. This time your lucky number is falling. The game pays AU$ 17.50. Your total bet is AU$ 10.50. You make a nice profit so much.

If your lucky number did not fall after 4 rounds, you double the bet to AU$ 1. It is important to stick to your 7 lucky numbers. After every 4 rounds you double the bet. But the chance is great that one of the 7 numbers will fall fairly quickly. After all, you have 7 times as much chance of winning than a one hit wonder.

50/50 bets

Are you looking for a strategy that you regularly win? Then we recommend that you use the 50/50 bets blackjack strategy. If you play in a legal casino, the Winkel is at the 50/50 bets 48%. There are two choices that you can make for a 50/50 bet. You can bet on red / black or even / odd.

At the 50/50 bets you go with both games. You put AU$ 1 on red or black and AU$ 1 on even / odd. This gives you a chance to win every round twice. Do you lose? Then you double the bet.

The 50/50 bet actually looks much like a Red bet. The only big difference is that the system is applied to both. Your commitment is higher, but sometimes you win twice in a row. This naturally makes it extra nice to take a gamble.

Are you curious if this system will work for you? Try it yourself in one Legal Online Casino.