Published on October 31, 2019 in News

The news that it Legal gambling in the Australia online Will be over again a few months ago. After many and long political gear, the proposed legislative change, which makes it possible for online casinos to request a license in the Australia, this year is finally adopted by the Senate.

This was the last obstacle to implement the legalization of online gambling. However, we are now a few months further and it is still not yet possible for Australia people to legally gamble via the internet. The gambling authority even resembles again fines every month to be distributed to providers that are active in the market illegally. The question that many people have is therefore; When can you expect legal online casinos in the Australia?

Distance Gambling Act (KOA)

The amendment to the law adopted by the Senate in February of this year ensures that the Distance Change Act or KOA's Gambling Act is added to the Gambling Act. Laws and rules are described in the KOA that should regulate the supply of online gambling in the Australia.

It was a necessary change to the Gambling Act because this was strongly outdated after 60 years. In the old legislation, no word was raised about online gambling or at all. The consequence of this was that casinos could not apply for a license in our country and therefore not under supervision of the local authorities. No pleasant prospect for Australia gamblers that would like to become protected by law when they are as consumers be lifted.

Shaping lower regulations

The assumption of the bill was news that many gamblers were happy. However, we are not sure that everything is suddenly different. The intention to change the law is now there. However, the lower regulations in which everything is described must still be shaped.

For example, consider all specific requirements that a gambling provider must meet in order to be active on the Australia market. It is these regulations that are still being worked on. When assembling, mainly looked at other European countries.

Request June 2022, License January 2022

The gambling authority has announced that they expect lower regulations at the beginning of 2022. The first applications for a Australia casino license are then expected to be requested in June of 2022. From that moment you expect about six months to need to check all applications correctly. The first licenses will then become active in January of 2022. This is therefore also the day that Australia people first one by one Legal Casino Online can gamble. For nearly 2 million people in our country it will not be the first time that day that they take a chance through the internet.

Fine casinos must wait two years

Not all online casinos will start immediately on the Australia market in January 2022. The gambling providers who had a fine in the past year, who will have to wait a while. Two years from the moment the fine has been imposed to be precise. In the lower regulations of the Remote Gambling Act, a two-year cooling period has also been included. This means that providers who have violated the current rules have no chance to win a casino license in the Australia for a period of two years.