Published on March 12, 2018 in News

You must have lived under a stone in the last few years if you have never heard of Bitcoin. It is a digital currency that is completely disconnected from every country or banking system. In 2017, the currency increased to unprecedented heights and got many Australia people to also take a nice profit. In January of this year, the value in and although Bitcoin has restored itself again in the meantime, the record values from last December have not been reflected again. What has become clear is that Bitcoin and other cryptomins will no longer disappear from the world. It is an increasingly wider accepted payment method and the question arises as a result when you can pay and gamble with all online casinos with Bitcoin.

Some providers do not and others

If your question is whether it is currently possible to gamble with Bitcoin at an online casino, then we can give up a positive answer here. We also recommend a few providers on our website that accept the digital currency as a means of payment and even give you the chance to gamble with the coin. Some of the largest developers of online casino games, such as Amatic, make this possible. However, the current situation is that some providers do not accept the mint and others do not. Most of the reliable Australia online casinos can be divided into the non-camp. You should therefore also find a good look at a Bitcoin casino to find. Also note that you do not come out at an unreliable party. The properties of the digital currency, such as anonymity, can make fraud easier. We can do the following online casino met Bitcoin Recommend as a reliable party where you can take a gamble without worries.

The problem with Bitcoin and Malta License

The reason why many casinos do not yet offer gambling with Bitcoin is that the rules of their license do not allow this. The most reliable providers, such as our number 1 it eskimo casino, have a Malta license and some problems arise. For example, it is a problem described in the enlarged legislation of the EU Member State that describes that online casinos should take measures to combat crime. In particular, it is about money laundering. The providers must also correct the identity of gamblers to ensure that they are not a minor. These things are more difficult to control by the anonymous character of Bitcoin. For this reason you see that the casinos offering Bitcoin in most cases do not have a Malta license but a license from Curaçao.

Expectations for the future

Our expectations are that a time will come in the future that you can pay and gamble with Bitcoin online with all casinos. How long this will take is hard to estimate. The Australia government has not been announced a long time ago that they want to take measures to combat money laundering with cryptovaluta. If they can realize this, this is also a big step to make gambling with the currency possible. However, the expectation is that when the Australia casino license is introduced, the providers that obtain these are not allowed to accept payments with the digital currency. In the meantime, you will have to play a license in Curaçao at a provider. Do good research whether it is a reliable casino.