Published on April 22, 2019 in News

After registering an account at one of the Recommended Australia casinosWe recommend that you also immediately go through the verification process. There are several reason why this is recommended. Verifying your account must nevertheless happen before you pay money. The process takes some time. If you want to get a payout as quickly as possible, it is smart to have this requirement out of the way before you know money to win with gambling. The moment we write this news item for our website, there is no identical verification process at all online casinos. Every provider can therefore set other requirements to verify your identity. This is another reason to verify your account immediately after registering.

Wait less for a long time

If you have won some money online during gambling, you naturally want to receive this profit as quickly as possible. At an online casino you cannot walk to the cash register at the end of the evening and exchange your chips for cash. This money will have to come to your bank account if you want to get their disposal to this. It is a process that will take time depending on your payout method. In addition, casinos should first be verified your identity before they can do the first payout. For example, it must be checked whether you are of age and therefore entitled to gamble. You will also be asked to verify your address details. With this, the provider wants to prevent several people at the same address use bonuses. It is mandatory to verify an account on these points before a payment can be made. So if you want to wait less for your payout, it is advisable to continue this process immediately after registering.

Always required other documents

What exactly needs to verify your account differs per casino. In any case, they will ask you a copy of a proof of identity. This can be a passport, but also a driver's license or identity card. In addition, proof of address will always be requested. The documents that you can demonstrate that your street, house number, zip code and place name match the data that you have entered during recording can actually be any kind of letter. They prefer to see something officials. So if you can forward an electricity bill or a giro collection form, this will certainly be accepted. A digital bank statement is sometimes sufficient. It is important that your name and address are clearly legible here.

Identity verification at Australia casinos

That the verification process is still different from various providers, it is mainly due to the fact that they have obtained their licenses in different countries. When the Australia Casino License If it will be entered, a clear process will come for the verification of your identity. For example, in the newly adopted guidance games of chance that casinos can now be taken to wait a maximum of two weeks with verifying an account. They must therefore indicate that it is time to go through this process. The government will also clearly prescribe to them which steps should be taken before an identity of a person can be determined with certainty. It ensures that for you as a gambler the process becomes easier and gambling safer. Minors and gambling addicts can be protected against themselves.