Published on July 6, 2022 in News

Online casinos are of course just a company and do their best to make money. Most players are therefore skeptical about winning money in a casino. They know that most of their money goes to the management and organization.

Despite that we might be skeptical, we can also list enough success stories. Stronger it Online casino Find it just as important that you win if you dangle a gamble. In practice it even shows that most online casinos have their players win regularly.

For you as a player may sound a little unreal that the casino would like you to win. But why is it so important that the casino wins? We have listed the reasons for you.

Every winning player is advertising the casino

You may not be silent, but which winning player is advertising the casino. If you lose all your money you will tell by, but you tell it to even more friends if your money wins. For example, every winning player is advertising the casino.

If you are in an online casino with roulette A large amount wins the chance that you tell it. You tell your friends where exactly you won and what amount you have won. Chances are that you might even thist it out.

You ask your friends immediately after telling your profit immediately where you have won the amount. Chances are that they now also create an account and take money with you. This is really pure win for the casino.

Winning players come back more often

If you look through the entire line you win and lose in the online casino. The chances are described per game as an RTP percentage. This stands for Return to Player. This percentage indicates how much percent of your money goes to the casino. If the percentage is 98%, approximately AU$ 0.02 goes to the casino from every euro.

The AU$ 0.02 not only goes to the casino, but also to the prize pool. The prize pool is divided into a number of players. The players who win the pot are randomly selected.

Research shows that players like to return if they get the chance to win. Eventually you will spend more money and for the casino this is only a reason to let you win more often. So it is actually a tactic of the online casino.

Online casino almost doesn't notice

Of course it is cool if you take a big win from AU$ 100 or perhaps AU$ 1,000 on a slot machine. Despite the fact that this is substantial amounts, the casino is hardly noticed. You have to imagine that there are sometimes playing 2,000 people at the same time. They put AU$ 0.08 to AU$ 0.02 per game every second. This is already about AU$ 40 per second per euro that they bet. Some players even put AU$ 10 or AU$ 100 per round, making it even harder.

If the casino will pay AU$ 100 after 40 rounds, they hardly notice it. As you as a player of course you are very happy. Chances are that you share it with other players who then also decide to create an account. So it's pure marketing that the casino will look like you wins with them.