Published on July 29, 2022 in News

A few years ago Play ’n Go We first introduce us to Cluster Pays. It was a new phenomenon that was installed directly on two slots. We now look forward to cluster pays slot machine.

But why do we like to play at cluster pay slots? Before you can read the answer to this you need to know what it is. Cluster Pay is a new way of gambling on slots. More and more slots are equipped with this new system.

If you normally take a gamble on a slot there are lines. On the lines you put on money and you must try to put three symbols next to each other. At Cluster Pays is the only rule that the symbols touch each other and are the same. So you make clusters with winning symbols!

Win even more money with Cluster Pays

Cluster Pays is especially popular because you can win more. Normally you have to be happy if you know 5 symbols side by side. With Cluster Pays you can sometimes succeed in getting 12 or 30 symbols together.

When we take a gamble myself, we often say: The Sky is The Limit. This is of course only a reason to play cluster pays. The slot machine emojiplanet from NetENt For example, show you that it is fairly easy to make mega combinations.

Unfortunately, the payout in small combinations is lower. Normally a slot machine pays a large amount at 5 same symbols. Now the symbols only really begin to count at 9 or more. This is perhaps the only drawback of Cluster Pays.

Discover exciting bonus features

One reason why we are fan of cluster pays is that the software suppliers process more bonuses in it. NetEnt is of course already known for the bonus features. But thanks to cluster pays they can do even more bonuses put in.

Most cluster pays slots have a so-called bonus meter. Every time you make a cluster, the meter is filled. Is the meter full? Then a bonus feature is activated. With the bonus feature you can win even more money.

Of course you would like to gamble to win really money. The bonus features ensure that you win a lot of money even faster. This is a reason to choose Cluster Pays!

Win gratis re-spins met cluster pays

A number of cluster pays slots also give away free re-spins. Every time you make a winning combination the symbols disappear from the game. New symbols appear on the place of the old symbols. You can get a free re-spider.

Unfortunately this is not every slot with cluster pays. But we see it occur much more often at cluster games in contrast to regular slots. The free spins at winning combinations are always fun.

Discover the ultimate cluster Pays slot machine

Are you now ready to test a Pays slot cluster yourself? We have selected the best slot machine for you.

RetentionZ from Play 'n Go is absolutely the best cluster of the moment of this moment. The game has been there since 2017, but it still works fantastic. If you want to try a Cluster Plach Slot, then this is your chance.

Discover the DOLDWAZE Bonus features and try to make as many clusters as possible. You discover quite quickly why Cluster Pays is so nice to try out. Through our website you can go directly to a play 'n go casino to a gamble.