Published on April 15, 2022 in News

You sometimes have a chance bold in an online casino. Only every time it is without success. Within a few minutes you will see the amount that you have deposited again. You wonder if it is possible to win at all.

Yet you also regularly hear success stories about the online casino. Players who get used to win. They sometimes even take a considerable profit of a few million euros.

You wonder what exactly makes you wrong. Why do some players win a lot of money and do you win anything every time? We have listed a few causes for you. That way you know why you might have won anything yet.

Gambling on the wrong game

Please note that the casino is a gaming. This means that if you are lucky you win, but if you lose bad losing. Most casinos are rich. You see this if you enter the Monte Carlo Casino abroad. The cause lies with the losing players.

Just like the ordinary casinos, the online casinos do everything to lose you. But your chances of winning differ per game. This means that with some games you have an even greater chance of losing.

Take Mega Moolah for example. A slot machine with a progressive jackpot. Jackpot games are unfortunately always bad for your chances of winning. Finally, the jackpot must come from somewhere. Mega Moolah has an RTP of 88.12%. This means that many more players lose than with roulette where you are chances at 97.3%. RTP stands for Return to Player. This indicates how many percent of players give back their bet on average.

By gambling on the wrong game with the high jackpot, your chances are already a lot lower. Yet it can sometimes be nice to make an attempt for the jackpot.

Spend too much money per round

The biggest pitfall with online gambling is to spend too much money per round. Bankroll Management can be your golden tip. Players continue to betrays in the hope that the investment doubles. Unfortunately they do this without too much success. The result? The player is empty-handed.

A handy tip at bankroll management is never more than 5% of your total budget. Is your budget AU$ 100? Then you do not leave more than AU$ 5 per round. You can even start AU$ 1 even at 1% and play slowly towards the AU$ 100. That way you know for sure that you survive losing.

Gambling with drink

If you have drinks on your limits. You suddenly dare to gamble with great amounts of money. Believe us this is never a success. Try to leave the alcohol and therefore only go sober online gambling. You will find that you win faster.

Incidentally, it is also a handy tip to keep your emotions under control. Do you experience a bad day or are you emotional? Do not go gambling online. There is a good chance that unfortunately you do not belong to the winners at the end of the ride.

Always gamble with a strategy

An online casino strategy is the golden rule to use. Especially if you are going to gamble on roulette, blackjack or Punto Banco. The internet is full of strategies that you can use. There is a good chance that you will book more success with this. In short, take care of a strategy where you can safely gamble!