Published on April 27, 2018 in News

That online casinos regularly give away nice benefits with a financial value is no longer a surprise for the readers of this website. After all, we have it frequently about the Online casino bonuses They are offered. You can even find a list of the best promotions of the moment on our website. Sometimes a casino goes much further than just offering a welcome bonus that allows you to get free money and free spins in exchange for a deposit. A good example of this is slot windows that is currently being organized at Bitcoin Casino. The most active gambler in the tournament will win a Jaguar Xe. A car with a new value of almost 40,000 euros. You can more info about this special action in this news item.

Car, laptops, telephones and 75,000 euros

The Jaguar Xe is not the only price that you can win in the tournament of the casino that you are about Read a review here. The car is the main prize but a total of the 50 high-speed gamblers are given away. The second place is, for example, a 13-inch MacBook Pro and 4500 euros cash. The third to sixth places also receive a MacBook Pro, but always a little less money. The players who ended up to the seventh to the tenth place will all receive an iPhone X and another 2,750 to 2,200 euros in cash money. The places 11 to 50 all receive a sum of money ranging from 2,150 to 250 euros. All cash prizes that are awarded have a highly reduced bet requirement of only 1x. You can more info about the game rules in the next paragraph.

Game rules of slots tournament

The Bitcoin casino slots tournament has been going on from 2 March this year and lasts until June 1, 2018. So you have a little more than a month to try one of the prices. All players with an account at the online casino can participate. What you have to do to collect points is simply playing the different slots. For every 1 euro that bets you, you get 1 point for the tournament. The player who has collected the most points at the end of the tournament has won the Jaguar XE. If you do not want to have the car, you can also trade it in for a sum of money equal to 75% of the value. The laptops and telephones are sent within 30 days. If you win a sum of money, you will of course receive this directly to your balance sheet.

Intermediate position with a month to go

With just a month to go at the tournament, it will be difficult to finish at the top. After all, many players are already participating in battle from 2 March. According to the intermediate position listed on the website, the leader of this moment has collected no less than 3.9 million points together. If you still remember the rules that each point stands for a bet of 1 euro, this means that this man or woman has placed nearly 4 million euros in bets. That is an absurd amount and it is hoping for the person that he or she has won some enormous prizes to be able to do so.

Although the first place and winning the Jaguar XE may be outside of your reach, you also have nothing to lose if you are participating in the tournament. You automatically participate here if you play slots in the online casino. If you don't have an account yet Bitcoin casino Then you can start gambling with a 10-free spins no deposit bonus. After that you can take more advantage with the welcome bonus that is divided into your first three deposits.