Published on December 15, 2017 in News

We regularly keep you informed about the amount of money that can be won with the largest jackpots on video slots via the news reports. Just before the end of the year is a perfect time to share an update in this area again. Not only because the expensive December month is an ultimate moment to win a large amount of money. Two slot Jackpots now enable you to win more than 3 million euros. Win one of these jackpots then you go into the new year as a multi-millionaire. This is of course a prospect that everyone sees. That's why we share all the details about prices with you in this news item.

Mega Moolah +3.9 million euros

Most of the money is currently winning when you play microgaming on the Mega Moolah video slot. The progressive jackpot of this lock is now more than 3.9 million euros. In itself no surprise because this slot machine has already made many people multi-millionaire. With the large number of people playing online in Casinos online, it is expected that this jackpot will go over the 4 million euros before the end of the year.

Mega Fortune +3 million euros

The price that you can win on the Mega Fortune videos slot from Netent is also not wrong. In the bonus game of this slot machine, let the wheel of fortune turn three times than you have a chance to win more than 3 million euros. The lucky winner therefore ends thick as a multi-millionaire. Not yet the record for this slot. Ever has been paid once 17.8 million euros with the jackpot. Three times a million euros, however, is not missing naturally and a welcome cash prize before the end of the year.

Hall or God's +1.37 million euros

In the title of this news item we are talking to Jackpotten with which you can become multi-millionaire before the end of the year. However, we must also make an honorable mention. There is still a video slot from Netent where you can also win more than a million euros. The Jackpot of Hall of God is now also more than 1,37 million euros. Unless you are going to give a very crazy old and new party, after winning this Jackpot you will also start the new year as a millionaire.

At this Australia casino you can win all three jack pots

The three slots on which you can win the jackpots of more than one million from different developers. Not every online casino therefore has all three games in their offer. When you are looking for a Australia casino where you can win all three jackpots, then you can best take a gamble Casinoland... In the Slots category you can filter the selection games even further by selecting the 'Jackpot' option at the top of the offer. You will then see all the video slots where Jackpots are winning and under the games also see the current stand of the jackpot. If you do not yet have an account with this provider, take the Welcome bonus To play the jackpot slots with free money.