Published on December 21, 2019 in News

Two payment methods that you actually come across in an online casino neteller and Skrill. They are e-wallets, or electronic purses, which can be used both for deposit and paying money. If you have been online regularly online then you know that many gamblers are happy to use these two deposits and payouts. Why is this so? This is one of the questions we will answer in this blog post. In addition, it also happens when you and when you don't want to pay with Neteller or Skrill at an online casino. Important information to know if you are planning to use the payment services.

Benefits of an e-wallet

Let us be the first to discuss why the two aforementioned services are so popular among gamblers. There are the characteristics that everyone will talk to if they have to make an online payment. For example, paying with an e-wallet service is quickly and safe. A small disadvantage is that you first have to make an account at the service, but once you've done this then you are good to go. You can then deposit money on your balance and transfer it to an online casino by just logging in to your account and approve the transaction. It is also possible to log in and then transfer the desired amount to another payment service, such as iDEAL.

Then there are the benefits that will especially appeal to avid gamblers. For example, payouts at online casinos to Skrill or Neteller accounts are processed many times faster. Compared to paying out to a bank account, you can often have several days over your money won. This also makes it easier to slide amounts between different casino accounts. We discuss what this benefits in detail in the last paragraph of this blog post.

Welcome bonus and first deposit

So far the electronic wallet sounds like the perfect payment method for people who gamble online. Yet there are also situations in which you better not use the deposit option. For example, do a first deposit at a casino and you want to claim the Welcome bonus that they offer. Then it is often not allowed to pay with Neteller or Skrill. In the condition of the welcome bid this is usually stated in a separate rule.

The reason for the exclusion of the payment methods for welcome bonuses can be explained simply. Before the casinos give your first benefits, they want to be sure that there is also a real person behind the logged in computer. When you use a bank account that is in your name, this is hard to distort. Create an e-wallet account with the same false name if you use it at the casino, however, is fairly easy. This account is then limited to a maximum amount of transactions, but that does not come to the light at the gambling provider.

So you switch to, for example, NETELLER

So it is now clear that you often can't do your first deposit at a casino with an e-wallet service because you would like to take advantage of the welcome bonus. You therefore use a different deposit option and therefore the first payout will not go through the e-Wallet. The reason for this is that at online casino you should actually always pay out to the same method if you have deposited the money.

How do you switch to, for example, NETELLER? This is simple. As soon as you get the chance to deposit with this method, make use of this. If you still have money on your account, you will first pay this out. From now on you always use Neteller if your balance must be upgraded again. You can often use Neteller or Skrill and claim online casino bonuses at follow-up dials. Always read the conditions yourself first to check if this is also the case with you.