Published on January 18, 2022 in News

2022 is now two weeks of start and Yggdrasil is of course eager to start. During a first official interview, the company announced the plans of 2022.

2022 was a successful year for the company where they have released a few new successful slots. Of course the company wants to continue on this foot and they already have the plans for 2022 ready to take place.

Of course we can again of Yggdrasil again New slots expect. But despite the fact that a good number of new games comes out, the quality will not deteriorate. We can continue to expect innovative casino games let the company know!

New releases of famous yggdrasil slots

A nice surprise for the Yggdrasil fans is that in 2022 we can expect a sequel to a few popular slots. Of course the company will not give away everything yet, but the first plans are already known.

For example, you are familiar with the Vikings Slot machine from Yggdrasil? Then we have good news for you. This year the company brings the 4e Part of this blockbuster slot machine. We can expect new bonus features and enjoy this theme even more.

But this is not the only game that will continue. The popular slot golden fish tank just gets a sequel. This is a game that we secretly cannot wait for. It is of course only one of the surprises that we can expect this year.

Yggdrasil will collaborate even more with small game studios

Previously YggDrasil mainly went to work to produce and publish slots. This is going to change is the goal in the future. YggDrasil is actively looking for new partners to cooperate. They do this with the YG Masters program. Small game studios can pitch their concept here. Yggdrasil believed in the concept? Then they take it under their name.

YggDrasil wants to keep up the competition by publishing more, but to keep the quality high. Different releases have been from the YG Masters program in 2022. This has unpacked well and Yggdrasil therefore wants to further expand the program in 2022.

New tournaments organized by YggDrasil

Yggdrasil has already started organizing last year Casino Tournaments. They want to tackle this even bigger this year. The intention is that several online casinos are going to register for this program. For example, they want to make players enthusiastic together to participate in the tournaments.

Yggdrasil also affects them deep in the pouch. The plan is to have a casino tournament start every 2 weeks. The prize pool of the tournaments is between AU$ 80,000 and AU$ 100,000 per tournament. This means that really considerable prices can be won!

In short, we can expect a lot if we can go yggdrasil. We especially look forward to the new slots. But of course also the online casino tournaments. We can't wait to take it against other Yggdrasil fans. Who knows we can beat them and thus pass a nice cash prize.