Published on April 24, 2022 in News

Yggdrasil announced this week that a new Jackpot system is launched. The system is called top up. With this system it is possible for online casinos to place a local jackpot on their site.

In recent years we have increasingly seeing online casinos with a local jackpot. This is a jackpot that can only fall into their casino. With this try to pull the gambling sites extra players. They do this by, for example, to put on the site that there is only a certain jackpot to win with them.

With the jackpot system of Yggdrasil Online casinos can decide how high the jackpot is. This can be AU$ 100, but it is also possible to set up a AU$ 50,000 jackpot. This is purely dependent on the budget that the online casino has available.

Online casino can choose the slot machine yourself

YggDrasil has announced a few slots for the top up jackpot system on which the jackpot can be placed. The slots from which the casino can choose are: Holmes and the Stolen Stones, Jackpot Raiders, Dr. Furtuno and Owin's Jackpot.

So it differs per online casino or the jackpot is actually processed in the game. This is a function that the website itself must encourage. Yggdrasil has in any case processed a mechanism with which it is possible.

For casinos the ability to excel

Yggdrasil indicates that they understand that it is difficult for many casinos to really distinguish. Most gambling sites offer the same games and bonuses. By setting up your own jackpot you can be distinctive as a gambling site.

It is an innovative way to stand out and in practice it is very successful. More and more often players look at the local jackpots that are offered. If the local jackpot is interesting enough, they decide to create an account here.

Online casinos can therefore really make the difference by putting a nice jackpot. Of course it is up to the gambling site how much money they will put in. In any case, it is not a progressive jackpot, but a fixed amount.

Yggdrasil chooses the most popular slots

From slot where it is possible to win a local jackpot later are also the most popular in the casino. They have chosen express here so that, for example, more players will soon play on Holmes & the Stolen Stones. This makes it extra exciting for players to take a gamble.

It has also been found from recent research that more players choose a certain slot machine if it appears that a nice jackpot can be won. It is therefore not so strange that Yggdrasil is also trying to put their slots even more in the spotlight.

Wait about which casinos turn on the local jackpot

The release of the system has only been released this week. It is now waiting which online casinos will put the jackpot. At the moment there are no online casinos that have the system. But we expect it to last long for the first Yggdrasil games with Jackpot stand online.