Published on 30 June 2018 in News

As you are used to from us, we are happy to report about video slots that will soon be available in the Best online casinos in the Australia. The moment a release is announced we usually wait until we are reported about this. After all, you don't mind when we report that a new video slot is coming and you still have to wait for weeks or even months. We prefer to publish the notification a few days in advance. In this way you will be aware that the lock will be coming soon and you can keep the casino sites in the holehold or the release with a promotion. When this is the case, we also try to inform you here. However, we are going to break the rule that we have prepared for ourselves today. The reason for this is that our enthusiasm has increased to record high after the announcement of Yggdrasil that they will make a Nitro Circus slot.

What is Nitro Circus?

Although we ourselves are huge fans of Nitro Circus, we naturally realize that not everyone knows what this name means exactly. Let's therefore start explaining what Nitro Circus is. It is a group of people who practiced extreme sports and catches the craziest stunts. Travis Pastrana is at the head of the group. Do not confuse the group with Jackass, because the stunts that these people play out are many times more extreme, but at the same time people are also many times better to bring it to a successful conclusion. After all, the consequences can be very serious in the wrong end. For example, Saltos are created with director's motors. There has been a time that the group was a series at MTV, but nowadays they tour around the world with the Nitro Circus live show.

Videoslots van Yggdrasil

A video slot with the theme the extreme stunts that the Nitro Circus Crew is conducting. We have not seen this before and we are therefore curious what the end result will be. What we are convinced of being that the development at YggDrasil is in good hands. This developer has not yet released that we dare to label as a disappointment. Every game in the collection has been innovative and worked out to the smallest details in perfection. The Nitro Circus Videoslot will become the first so-called branded lock. They have therefore received permission to use the brand name for the game. The people behind the phenomenon will also be involved in the development of the lock.

View Youtube Teaser video

That Nitro Circus and Travis Pastrana is involved in the development of the slot, it appears from the video below. This video has been published on the official YouTube channel of Yggdrasil and is intended as a teaser to make people enthusiastic. With us this objective has already succeeded. We earlier already reported that the release date still suggests us. The date that has been chosen is also proof that there is a close collaboration. The video slot is not expected until November this year. Not a coincidentally chosen date because this is also the month that the Nitro Circus Tour starts in Europe. So it is like an extra promotion to sell cards for this.

A provider where the lock will certainly be available is Dunder Casino... They have already included the entire gaming collection of Yggdrasil in their game offer. Who knows, the release is even accompanied here with a Online casino bonus. The chance of this is not that great because for these types of promotions usually games of large developers are chosen as NetEnt.