The Evolution Gaming Casino was officially established in 2006. In the meantime this company is indispensable from the online casino. In 2006 they were already revolutionary. This company is the official creator of the live casino. The only place you can play live roulette, blackjack or baccarat. But it didn't stop here. In recent years, several games have been specially developed for the live casino. Most games actually came from the sleeve of Evolution Gaming. Are you not yet familiar with this company? Then it's really high time to get to know them.

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Wie is Evolution Gaming?

It all started in 2006 from Malta decided to build a set of entrepreneurs to build their own live casino. They found that most online casinos did not come close to the real casino experience. You don't play a game like Blackjack against a computer. You play this game against a real Dealer of Meat & Blood. From this thoughts they decided to develop live games themselves. The designers came up with an innovative system where a table was placed in a studio with an experienced croupier. With the help of the cameras a live stream could be made. The croupier got a computer on which all the actions of the player were seen. In the meantime, this system can no longer be removed from the online casinos. In fact, each legally online casino has now an evolution gaming casino with live games.

They try to develop new games worldwide

In the meantime we are a lot of years further and DOVOLUTION Gaming has absolutely not stopped. In fact, the company has built offices worldwide and employed more than 300 employees. The games are now no longer played from studios. The company has even entered into a partnership with real casinos. This allows players to join a real roulette table in the casino in London and in Malta. They have also been trying to enter into casinos with a regulated market in recent years. In the Australia, a collaboration has already been concluded with Jack’s casino. In the online casino of Jack, the games of Evolution Gaming will soon be added. In the meantime, they are also working to develop new games especially for the live casinos worldwide.

Takeover of Netent Casino in 2022

In 2022, striking news came from Evolution Gaming. The company announced that they had made a bid on Software company NetEnt. Until now, the focus was only on live casino games. With the acquisition of NetEnt, they also got a complete slots and table games portfolio. The deal was arranged at the end of 2022 and since then NetEnt is officially in the hands of the Evolution Gaming Casino. The games are spent under the NetEnt flag. This is how this world-famous name just stands up. Thanks to the acquisition, Evolution Gaming is now the largest software supplier worldwide. They immediately conquered the number one position on the online casino market.

Evolution gaming casino games

The focus at this company is of course especially at the live casino. Since 2006 they have been exclusive of games here. There is now a complete list of multiple games that are played from a studio. In recent years, the company has also won several prizes for the live collection. The games continuously develop and something new is always added. Successfully because in recent years the company has released several new Hit titles. Are you curious about what the hit titles have been in recent times? We have listed a number of hit games for you.

From Immersive Roulette to Double Ball Roulette

Evolution gaming has different variants of Live Roulette Stand online. For example, take immersive roulette. The game with 14 Full HD cameras is streamed. From several corners you get the perfect images to see and you can really experience the game live. Or what did you think of Double Ball Roulette? Instead of one ball, there are suddenly two balls that are spinted. This gives you a chance to play with a straight. Would you rather be a real classic? Then go for French Roulette. This is the one's only original variant of the game. There is even a La Partage line if the zero falls. Thanks to this rule you get half of your bet back when you have played on red or black. You experience an even higher house advantage with live roulette.

Lightning Roulette lets you win up to 500 times your commitment

A variant of live roulette that you should not miss is Lightning Roulette. As soon as your records have been used digitally, lightning strikes. Multiple numbers are hit and a maximum of 5 numbers get a multiplier. Now it is hoping that your number is just in this. The next round is now extra exciting. The live croupier turns the wheel and you see whether the ball land on a Lightning strike number. Count the bullet on a number that has been hit by lightning? Then you win the multiplier instead of 30 times the bet. The multiplier is between 50 and 500 times the commitment. Your commitment of AU$ 10 can suddenly be worth AU$ 5,000. These are only nice amounts to win with roulette.

Always place at the Blackjack table with Infinite Blackjack

Evolution gaming has different variants of Live blackjack Stand online. Of course there are the tables where you can play with a maximum of 7 players at the same time. But you can also opt for Infinite Blackjack. Here you play live blackjack with one set of cards. All players have the same cards. Of course you can determine what happens to the cards. You can even see how much percent of the players, for example, pick up a card. Who knows you have something to do this information when you catch the cards. Do you prefer your own private croupier? Then you can choose a VIP Blackjack table. You will immediately assign your own croupier. You now determine the speed and distributing the cards. This table is really available for you. The only drawback is that this is a minimum bet on AU$ 1,500.

Play salon Private or Lightning Baccarat for an extra twist at the game

Are you a little less patient to wait at all 7 players as with blackjack? Then you can choose Live baccarat. You play this popular card game from Asia together with the other players. Do you dream of getting your own private table? Then you can choose private for salon. The basis is the same alone now you get a real VIP experience. For example, you can choose who your croupier is and you fully have this for yourself. Another nice variant to play is Lightning Baccarat. This game is playing from a beautiful Art Deco studio. Every round there is a chance that the lightning is crazy and a multiplier is distributed. Do you know to win? Then you do not win a double bet, but the multiplier. This can go up to 8 times your bet. This way you can win even more with your favorite live casino game.

Go for the exciting game show Crazy Time

Make it even more fun to visit the live casino by choosing Crazy Time. This game has even been named the best live game of the moment. With this game there is a wheel of fortune with 4 numbers and a number of bonus games. With your Fisches you indicate where you bet money. The numbers immediately pay a cash prize. The bonus games are activated as soon as they are turned.

You can win a lot of money with the bonus games. Only you have to have used your money on the bonus games. The hosts provide a crazy games where it is only fun to just look. You almost forget that you can also win a lot of money with it. With some bonus games you have a chance to win 10,000 to 20,000 times your commitment. A bet of AU$ 1 can therefore be worth a lot of money at Crazy Time!

Is Evolution Gaming reliable?

In an evolution gaming casino playing is of course super fun, but is it also safe to play on the games? Fortunately we have good news about this company. They have multiple licenses worldwide that allow you to be gambling safely. You can assume that it is 100% safe to play the games live. In addition, you immediately see your own eyes what really happens. For example, you can really turn a wheel at Roulette and at Blackjack how the cards are shuffled. You are so less computers depend on the ordinary casino games. This makes the company extra reliable to play.

Get the games of Evolution Gaming

We guessed know how to visit a live casino. Here you immediately come across the Evolution gaming games and they are definitely worth it. In addition to the standard table games, it is recommended to play Crazy Time. With this game there is a lot of money on the game regularly, but you are also entertained by the exciting games that you can play in between. In short it is really a party to play live!