The Play'n Go Casino suddenly seemed to appear on the internet and to conquer the online casino world. Yet it is no unknown name despite that they only managed to stand out in the online casino world in recent years. The company was founded in 1990 by a few techists from Sweden. In the first instance they were engaged in developing software platforms for online casinos. Since a few years they have made the turnation to also develop online casino games. Successfully because the company has become one of the most successful software suppliers on the internet. In most online casinos you now come across the play'n GO games.

Play'n GO games out test

Play'n Go casinos have a large number of new games per year

Play'n GO manually managed to really stand out a few years ago while most players had still heard little of it. But how is it that we were not yet familiar with the software supplier? This mainly has to deal with the change that they made a few years ago. They decided to focus more on developing own games I.P.G. Game platforms in the background. In addition, they have raised production considerably in recent years. The result is that sometimes two or three new games appear per month. The range with slots and games of this maker therefore continues to grow considerably. Due to the enormous offer that also comes into more and more casinos, the maker finally starts to stand out at the general public.

Safe gambling remains important

It is of course very nice that the gaming offer grows hard and the games are fun to play. But for you as a player it is also important that you can gamble safely. Nobody wants to be scammed by the online casino. Safe gambling remains incredibly important for almost all players. Fortunately they have also invested considerably here. They clearly monitor the licenses appear on the market. Here they handle as a software supplier useful. They let their games test and provide an official license. With this they can show other players that they produce safe games and that you can take a gamble on it without any problems. For most players this is of course a nice idea.

Licenses from different countries

Play'n Go Casino has arranged licenses from different countries. There is a license from, for example, the MGA, Gambling Commission and Alderney. In this way they try to show clear that their games are tested and 100% are safe. As a team, they naturally work hard here. After all, they want to raise as many players as possible worldwide. This of course does not succeed if the games would be unsafe. That is why they really do everything to make the games as safe as possible for young and old. The licenses are arranged from different countries to be safe in every country and to paste a reliable label on their business.

Discover the games in the Play'n Go Casino

There is really a lot to discover if you open the game offer from this game maker. 2 or 3 games have already been added every month. This means that the supply is still growing at a hard pace. They can achieve this with a large number of teams spread over several countries. Together they develop new games every month to release. Most casinos also record the new games in their assortment. But it also happens that only a selection of the best games is displayed. Especially since the range of this software supplier has become so incredibly large. It seems that the supply will become much greater in the coming years.

Large collection with video slots and slots

The specialty of Play'n Go is clear that lies with video slots and slots. As a player you can win a fortune by giving a gamble on one of the slots. But experience, fun and 3D graphics have become increasingly important in recent years. It has even become the only way for some lock makers to stand out in the casino world. Especially if the offer is so great you have to do something to stand out. Play'n Go has also tried to fall out with their collection in recent years. They mainly do this by putting the quality and graphics a little higher. Some games are equipped with beautiful animations and a unique story that is told while playing. These are at least video slots that really stand out in a large collection with slots and video slots.

Unique themes to find out

Of course you can also expect unique themes in video slots. Some themes are unique and others are just really beautifully designed. For example, take one of their recent releases called: Ali Baba. This game looks really beautiful and you dive in the middle of the fairy tale of a thousand and one night. Are you more in the Christmas mood? Even then you can find a theme that suits you with this software supplier. Xmas Magic is definitely recommended for Christmas lovers. You can play this game itself the heart of summer. Delicious if you are already looking forward to Christmas.

Progressive Jackpot Games

Of course an online casino cannot do without a jackpot. A jackpot has something magical especially if it falls on your slot machine. It gets even more fun when it comes to a progressive jackpot. This is a jackpot that continues to win a mega amount every seconds. The jackpot can differ per casino and can amount to thousands of euros. Expect no Mega Moolah Jackpot at a Play'n Go Casino. As far as we know they have not paid prizes from millions of euros with their slots. Most players must be happy with a grand prize of a few thousand euros. Of course this is of course also taken nicely.

RTP at the Play'n Go slots

It is of course very nice that the slots look good etc. But of course you come to win as we are honest. Fortunately you get a good picture of this from the RTP percentage. RTP stands for Return to Player. This percentage indicates at least the percent of players backs up when he drains a gamble on Play'n Go slots. Minimum with a legal slot machine must be at 80%. If it is higher, this is beautiful to the player. On average, the percentage of this slot maker is between 95% and 96%. There are also a few exceptions that the 97% manage to touch. The games: Ring The Bells, Enchanted Crystales and Pearls or India know the 97%. So the games are not only fun to play, but you can also win a lot.

Table games and video poker games

Play'n Go Casino is planning to grow into one of the largest software suppliers of the online casino. They cannot remain left by producing only video slots and slots. The software supplier would like to be able to offer a complete range of players. They show this by also producing video poker games and table games. The games don't really fall up, but are a nice addition to the game offer that they are currently available.

Waag a gamble from your mobile phone

Of course it is important that you can also take a gamble from your mobile. Fortunately, Play'n GO is a software supplier that finds development and innovation incredibly important. This means that they have immediately stepped into the world of mobile gaming from the moment it was possible. They have developed the games directly in HTML 5. As a result, players get the chance to make a gamble through their cell phone without any problems. The games fit perfectly so that you can take a gamble through your smartphone, tablet or computer. It really doesn't matter which device you take you can play on it thanks to the HTML 5 software.

Bonuses for Play'n Go Slots

Of course it is also nice to know if there are also bonuses for the slots of Play'n Go. Unfortunately we have to disappoint you a bit in this. Occasionally there are indeed bonuses for it. But the number of bonuses is unfortunately limited. There are few games where you can really grab a nice bonus. Most casinos mainly give bonuses away for NetEnt and sometimes also Microgaming. But time will learn because it can just change. There are now even a few exceptions that do give away a bonus for this casino. So keep an eye on it!

Our conclusion

The Play'n Go definitely has taken the right path to make online gambling safer and more fun. The offer grows hard, but occasionally a little too hard. Some games are unfortunately not really an addition to the online casino. Sometimes they could focus better on quality I.P.v. Quantity. But in recent years they have been busy to really put themselves on the map in the online casino world.

Frequently asked questions about the Play'n Go Casino

👤 Wie is Play n Go?

Play 'N Go is a Swedish software supplier that has been producing online casino games since 2005. In recent years, they belong to the largest software suppliers of the online casino.

🤩 What is the specialty of this games maker?

They are especially specialized in building slots. They spend a new slot machine almost weekly. As a result, the offer grows hard.

🤭 Is it safe to play on the games?

Yes this has been a reliable name in the online casino world for years. In recent years they have become more famous, but safety is paramount. All games also have an official permit so that you can gamble safely online.

👾 Do they also make games for the mobile casino?

Yes all games are built in HTML 5 As a result, you can also play them through your mobile phone. This is no problem!

👀 Can you test the games for free?

Yes it is possible to test the games for free. You don't have to create an account here. This can just be in a random online casino.

🎰 Which slots should you really have played?

Various slots have become popular in recent years. One of the slots that is popular: Book of Dead, ReatonZ 2 and Fire Joker. First try these slots in the casino.

💶 Are there any progressive jackpot slots?

They do have a few slots with a jackpot, but unfortunately not the mega progressive jackpot slots like Mega Moolah. Gunslinger and Fruit Bonanza are the famous slots with a jackpot.