Published on April 28, 2022 in News

We regularly write a news item about a Jackpot winner at the online casino. But so far it was mainly lucky from the UK. Fortunately this week has finally changed this week. In fact, another player from Rotterdam has won the Hot to Burn Hold and Spin Jackpot!

Unfortunately, this slot machine has no progressive jackpot, but a fixed jackpot. If you get 14 burning suns in your screen you win the jackpot. The Rotterdammer managed to get this done and won AU$ 119,994. This might not make him millionaire, but it is certainly a great amount.

The Rotterdammer lives in the Feyenoord district and decided to take it on it In the Winny Casino. This online casino has different games available for Australia casino players including so hot to burn Hold and Spin. So you see that even a standard slot machine can sometimes be very lucrative!

The Australiaman did not agree with a mega bet

The Rotterdammer also knew to prove that you don't have to be rich to win in an online casino. This way he played with a bet of only AU$ 6 per spider. This is of course not the lowest commitment, but a wonderful amount!

A funny detail is that he really had just opened the slot machine. After a few spins he managed to activate the Hold and Spin Feature. This makes it possible to turn five burning suns in one spider immediately. He even got it for each other to turn 14 burning suns.

He did not won the amount in one fell swoop as we often at one Jackpot slot machine see. It went slowly building in a few spins towards the highlight. In this way he first took a few burning suns AU$ 162.

Then the following two spins yielded AU$ 12,000 each. The third and fourth spider were played on the Wheel of Fortune. With this he won AU$ 30,000 per spider. The sixth spider was good for AU$ 5,000. At the seventh and eighth spin he won every spider AU$ 12,000 and he closed with AU$ 30,000. Everything together he managed to win the maximum amount of just no AU$ 120,000 to win. So the ultimate jackpot for the Winny Casino.

Australiaman has biggest plans with the money

The Australia winner is only 25 years old, but already knows exactly what he will do with the money. He will use part of the money to release his mortgage. He preserved the remaining amount for his future children. He wants to pay their studies with this.

In addition, the Australiaman has preserved a small part to hopefully go on holiday soon. Of course this is still exciting whether this may already be this year. He says he recently bought his first house. It is therefore very nice that he has won this amount.

For example, you can see that you can suddenly make a clapper with a bet of AU$ 6 In the online casino. Who knows is worth playing at this reel kingdom slot machine!