Now that much online casinos No longer offering the typical Australia payment method Ideal, there are more and more people who prefer a sofort casino instead. In the event that iDEAL Not between the options to deposit money can always see if Sofort is offered. With this service that facilitates online payments, you can deposit money in a similar way. The same degree of safety is provided because transactions run from your own bank via the internet banking. So it is actually a bank transfer that is immediately processed because you are logged in to the website of your bank. The many agreements with the most popular way of paying online will see many people like a big advantage. However, not everyone will have used this originally a German payment method. For them, we provide more information about paying at an online casino with Sofort on this page.

Deposit with Sofort at:

Up to AU$ 250

50 Gratis Spins

Up to AU$ 200

220 Gratis Spins

Up to AU$ 500

130 Gratis Spins

Up to AU$ 250

150 Gratis Spins

What is Sofort Banking?

Sofort Banking is a payment method originating in Germany. Due to the great success in this country, it has been decided to introduce the method in other countries. It is a way in which people can easily do a bank transfer online that is immediately processed. We Australia use Ideal in most cases for this.

However, Sofort is a worthy alternative and perhaps still safer and easier than the competitor more famous in the Australia. The service was developed by the Payment Network AG company. A very large group that has all the necessary knowledge to make payments via the internet as safe as possible. You can therefore count on you as a consumer that your personal and bank details are well protected. You can also determine this by the fact that the payment service has earned the German TÜV certificate. This is a certificate that is only for companies that meet the ultra-strenic requirements in Germany.

Alternative to iDEAL

The reason that so many people in the Australia iDeal prefer to prefer the payment method is that the payments are quick, easy and safe. Only a number of steps are required to landfill money at an online casino. This is therefore super fast completed and after completion you have the money directly on your account.

The convenience is because you just have to log in to the internet banking of your bank. A process that everyone is of course familiar with. You do not first have to create an account at the service to use it. Safety is guaranteed because all personal information is entered on the website of your bank. The online casino or any third parties who are secretly wanting to look with can therefore never see and abuse this data. You also enjoy these same advantages if you deposit money with Sofort at a casino. So the service therefore A worthy alternative to iDEAL. If the first method is not present at a provider, you can always choose the alternative.

Payment procedure at Online Casino

If we describe the payment procedure at a Sofort Casino step by step, you will stand out that there will be many similarities with the aforementioned most used method for online payments in the Australia. So if you are already familiar with this, then the dumping of money at an online casino will be a piece of cake for you. Of course, as always, you must first have an account at the gambling site where you want to perform the deposit. Once logged in you can easily find the page where deposits can be done. There you naturally choose Sofort from the options and then the payment process proceeds in the following way.

  1. Enter the amount that you would like to dump into your balance to gamble
  2. You will now see a screen where you have to select your country and bank
  3. Now register yourself through the familiar internet banking of your own bank
    (Unlike iDeal you will not go to the website of your bank, but a connection is set up so that you can log in directly to the same page according to the best security requirements)
  4. After you are logged in, select the bank account with which you want to pay
  5. The final step is approving the payment. Extra steps can be required for this depending on your bank.

The banks affiliated with Sofort and with which payments can be made through direct bank transfers are a lot less than with IDEAL. However, the largest banks of our country are justified. When you have a bank account ABN AMRO, Friesland Bank, ING, Rabobank or SNS Then you can use the payment method.

Advantages choose payment method

Many of the benefits that you can enjoy if your Sofort chooses as payment method we have already discussed this page. For example, you can already read about the ease with which you can deposit money at an online casino. Complete a payment is done through the internet banking that you are used to from your own bank. For this same reason it is also well made with safety. Your personal information is well protected with the very best security measures. Speed is another advantage that you enjoy when you pay with the method at Casino Online. Finishing the process only consists of a few steps. Once completed, the money is immediately available on your account. Much faster than a standard bank transfer.

Use Sofort in this Online Casino

Options for paying out won prices

A disadvantage is also about the payment method Sofort at an online casino. It is not possible to use the service to get prize money back to your bank account. To pay out prices, you must therefore choose one of the other options available.

A traditional bank transfer is possible, for example. You have to wait a few days on your money. Most people make use of this option. So pay with sofort and pay off with a bank transfer. Other options are the E-Wallet Services Neteller and Skrill or make money on your credit card. It is a small disadvantage and also a concern that you actually only press to make when you are lucky to win money.

More information about SOFORT

💳 What is Sofort for a payment method?

Sofort is a popular payment method in Germany. It is actually the German solution for Ideal. But you can also use this payment method in the Australia. Different Australia banks are linked to it and you can transfer your payment as you are used to. This works comparable to iDEAL.

⚖️ Is it safe to pay via Sofort?

Yes it is 100% safe to transfer your money in a Sofort Casino with this payment method. Via this payment method you can deposit money safely as you are used to IDEAL.

🔗 Are there any costs involved?

Actually only if the online casino charges charges there are costs associated with it. Most online casinos do not charge a payment via this payment method.

📖 Why does the casino ask for a minimum deposit?

Despite the fact that you as a player not paid for a deposit, the casino pays costs. There are costs associated with any transaction. Some casinos really calculate these players. But there are also casinos that do not do this and therefore ask for a minimum deposit. This is quite common in most online casinos.

🔎 Is Sofort an alternative to money deposit via iDEAL?

Yes if you ask us. With this payment method you can actually deposit money through the same banks as with iDEAL. The way of depositing money also works the same. You fill in an amount and you click on your couch. Then you log in and confirm the payment as you are used to.