A casino license has become mandatory for companies that want to set up an online casino in recent years. The license has been created to protect players against ribbed casinos. Unfortunately, in the 90s it was quite a wild west to sites and unfortunately also scammers. There was no supervision and everyone was free to build a website. After all, the internet was open to everyone.

Malta was one of the first countries that decided that this should and decided to set up his own permit. With a view to protecting players and obliging companies to apply for a permit for their website. Soon other countries followed and since 2019 the Australia has also been a permit for casinos.

Casino License makes gambling safe and reliable

With gambling you spend money on slots and different games. It is important that you can safely do this. That your safe money can deposit and pay again when you have had enough. That is why it is important that supervision is held here. In addition, it is important that the games are also reliable. That every player randomly wins and no players are pre-pulled or express losing. This is the main reason why the permit for the online casino is created. A permit publisher implies the websites with a permit. Samples are even being kept for extra safety.

What happens if a website is not reliable?

Imagine playing a website with a permit and it turns out not to be trusted. Of course you first try to solve it with the casino yourself, but unfortunately without success. You can then report to the organization where the casino has a permit. You can indicate that you are scammed including evidence. The organization of the license must now officially investigate. If it appears that you are being scammed, the gambling site will be a substantial penalty and the license can be withdrawn. Your own damage will of course also be repaired by the publisher of the license. In short it is a kind of protection for you as a player.

Countries with a license

There are a number of countries where online gambling is now regulated. It is almost arranged in every country in Europe. Organizations have been established from the government that monitor gambling. Sometimes there is a tolerated policy in a country or is referred to a different license holder. Belgium, for example, tolerated online gambling, but advice players to play alone at a gambling site of the MGA. Players know that they can be safely gambling despite that there is no permit from Belgium. In the meantime, almost every country has its own rules around online gambling.

Australia License

In 2009 the Australia finally woke up. They decided that there should be a permit from our own country. The government was ready with the tolerated policy and there were strict rules immediately in the run-up to the permit. However, it only took the permit until 2019 was finally approved. In 2022 the first online casinos with a Australia license must appear online. Until then we still have to do it with the foreign licenses. The expectation is that a large number of casinos will join the Australia license in the coming years. Mainly because the license comes across as very reliable and Australia people much probably only more gambling on Australia sites. Foreign sites would miss out a lot of players if they do not have a permit from the Australia.

Casino License Malta

Malta has a permit under the name MGA. It is a branching of the permit they already had for casinos on the island. The island is known as Bitcoin and Gambling Paradise. In 2002 they decided to come up with their own permit. The MGA has since known as one of the most important licenses at the moment. Almost every casino wants the permit, but you are not just eligible. There are quite strict requirements that you should meet as a site.

In addition to these requirements, there are also rules and money issues. For example, it quickly costs half a million to get the license. In addition, your finances are checked every quarter and you have to pay a membership. So you really don't just get a permit from Malta. If you as a casino have the permit in your possession, you are sure to know well. This means that you have an excellent thing.

Play directly online at a reliable casino

License Curaçao

It is quite striking that our own country needed years to set up a permit. While Curaçao has already been licensed since the end of the 90s. The permit belongs to the licenses for a casino on the island. Of course the company must also be based on the island before they can get a permit online. In practice, the protection for players appears to be less expanded as opposed to most licenses. This is of course a shame because you are looking for a casino with a permit for extra protection.

Permit from the UK

There is also a casino license from the UK and that may certainly not be forgotten. The permit was founded fairly quickly after Malta and issued to protect the British. The permit is called the Gambling Commission. Of course you as a player are also protected if you dangle a gamble in one of the online casinos of the British.

Check the permit of the casino where you play

We advise players to prevent inconveniences and always check whether the site has a permit. If the site has no permit you simply don't know if it's safe to gamble. Also read reviews so that you just know where you dine a chance. You can always find the permit at a website at the bottom of the site. For example, you come across a logo from the MGA. If you click on the logo you can immediately see if you can play safely. You immediately see whether the casino license is still valid or that you might better find another site.

Most asked questions about a casino license

📑 What is a casino license?

This is a permit for companies that want to start an online casino. You cannot start legal casino without a permit.

👁 Do you have to watch the presence of a license as a player?

In theory, everyone can build a website and set up a casino here. This does not make a website safe for other players. We therefore always recommend to pay attention to a permit. A permit ensures supervision and securely online gambling.

📌 Is an online casino with a License Legal?

In theory, the casino with a license is only legal in the country where the permit is obtained. For example, it is a legal online casino from Malta. If you like this as a Australia person, this means that you play under Malta's legislation.

🇳🇱 There is also a Australia casino license?

The Australia Casino License will officially start on October 1, 2022. The first Australia online casinos come online from this date.

🧷 How reliable is a permit?

This actually differs per permit. The permit from Malta and the Australia are known for strict controls. You can handle these countries that it is reliable to gamble. Supervision in Curacao is less well organized.

😌 How do you find an online casino with a license?

On our website you come across online casinos with a license. But you can also check the permit yourself. For example, on the website you can see a logo of the MGA at the bottom. If you click on this, you immediately see that this is a casino with a valid license.