Curaçao is seen by many people as one of the most beautiful holiday destinations. On the tropical island can be found beautiful beaches, but also numerous casinos. The Casino License Curaçao is one of the most used licenses at online casinos. In 1996 Curaçao was one of the first countries of which online casino licenses were issued. Since then it has become one of the most popular fortress places. Are you still looking for an online casino with a reliable permit? Then his casinos who work with the Casino License Curacao have a good option!

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Why is a Casino License from Curaçao so popular?

You will see that many online casinos work with a permit from Curaçao. Currently it is more than 200 online casinos. Permits from Curaçao are not that popular without reason. That the license has existed since 1996 is one of the reasons. It is a reassurance for you as a player that the permit has existed for so long. As a result, the license has had the opportunity to perfect themselves over the years. The long existence is an indication of reliability for many players.

The online casino license from Curaçao is also known as innovative. The license continues to develop with the time. For example, the first bit coin worked casinos with a permit from Curaçao. Many casinos think it is important to go with time. Do you also prefer a casino that meets the requirements and developments of today? Then you know that at a casino you are doing well with a license from Curaçao.

Is a License from Curaçao reliable?

For you as a player, it is of course incredibly important that the online casino is reliable. A good permit is essential. With a permit from Curaçao you can assume that it is reliable. After all, this license is not just to get and there is also supervision and control.

The online gambling in Curaçao is run by the Curaçao Gambling Control Board. The laws that apply to online gambling in Curaçao are constantly being adjusted. As soon as new developments arise in the online gambling world, the license responds to this by adapting the requirements. As a result, as a player you don't have to be afraid that you play at a casino with a dated permit.

The application procedure of the permit is also proceeding through an external party. Hereby there is opted every time a random external company. As a result, there is no chance that the license is obtained by bribery or fraud.

Control of the license

Since 2002 there has been a separate organization that supervises online gambling. Namely the Curacao Internet Gambling Association (CIGA). The reason for this was the increase in online casinos. This organization sets requirements for online casinos to guarantee reliability. Both for the players and online casinos it is nice that supervision takes place by an independent party.

The checks find unannounced and announced. As a result, the online casinos do not know what to expect. As a player, this way you know that the result of the control is reliable. For example, the games can be checked in a check that work with a random number generator system. It is important to you that your certainty has that these games happen to be honest. Finally, the organization must check whether the money from the players has been secure. If this is not the case, the provider can leave the money from the players at bankruptcy.

Benefits of players

So there are different benefits for you as a player if you choose a gambling site with a permit from Curaçao. That way you have certainty that all games happen to be honest. That the games happen to be honest through the Random Number Generator. This ensures that every game gets random results. This ensures that the symbols come to a random at a slot machine. In addition, it ensures card games that the cards are randomly shared. Also at Roulette it ensures that the ball ends up at a random number. Thanks to this random Number generator, the casino cannot therefore determine any results or influence profit chances. In short, honestances for you!

It is also an advantage that you don't have to be afraid to lose your money. After all, they also check whether the players money is put separately. If the casino goes bankrupt, you can still get your money back. In addition, the casinos must pay off to players without delays. This is positive for you because you can then continue to play undisturbed with your profit. The payout period is always the same so you know what you can expect. Finally, it is nice that the permit is innovative. This way you can play with different currencies such as Bitcoin.

Conclusion Casino License from Curaçao

All in all, you can say that the Casino License Curacao is definitely reliable. They check very well or the games that you play are honest. In addition, you have no risk that your profit is not paid out. There are also many requirements that the online casinos must meet, they want to receive the license at all. So do you want to play games with confidence? Then choose a casino that works with a Casino License Curacao!

FAQ about this casino license

🤨 Is a Casino License Curacao reliable?

In Curacao, less stringent requirements are set for the permit in relation to Malta. This makes the permit slightly less reliable. But our experience is still that online casinos from Curacao are reliable. You just have to pay attention to who you will create exactly an account. You therefore always read well about the online casinos from Curacao.

🇨🇼 Why is a License from Curacao popular?

A license from Curacao is a lot cheaper than from Malta or the Australia. In addition, the requirements are less strict, so that you can get a permit as a company faster.

👨💻 Can you be legally online gambling in Curacao?

The Australia Antilles are part of the Australia. So it is legal to gamble online here. However, the Australia government advises it to gamble online in Curacao. The main reason is that there is no supervision of these casinos from the Australia.

📲 Can you pay with iDeal in a casino from Curacao?

Yes, most online casinos from Curacao offer iDEAL as an official payment method. Of course you have to check this in advance.

🇲🇹 Why is there any License from Malta?

Sometimes you see both a license from Curacao and Malta. Often the company has first started in Curacao due to the costs. Only later a MGA license has been requested.

💰 Are you obliged to pay gambling tax yourself in profit?

Yes, because Curacao does not belong to the EU you have to make a declaration of gambling tax at the KSA. You can arrange this via the KSA website.