The Casino License Malta is one of the most famous permits in the world. Malta was one of the first countries in the world that decided to legalize gambling online. Since the breakthrough of the internet, they already decided that they had to legalize gambling. The LGA was founded fairly quickly where the online casinos were among among them. But in 2003 this was changed to the MGA as an official license for online casinos from Malta. With the permit in your pocket, companies from Malta could set up a casino.

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How Reliable is a Casino License Malta?

In fact, the MGA is perhaps one of the most reliable licenses for online casinos. Thanks to their long experience, they know very well which sites are safe and which is not. In addition, a website must meet a strict control before they receive a permit. Once they have a pocket permit, they are still checked regularly. If you have experienced a negative experience as a player, you can also immediately report this to the MGA. After your notification, the permit can be taken if research shows that the site is unsafe. So you can imagine that the websites are really sharp thanks to the MGA.

Financial checks

They also perform financial controls every six months. An online casino has in principle a lot of money on the bill. These are the balances of players and they are not by definition of the casino. In addition, the casino must always have sufficient financial resources to return the money. Or to pay prices. That is why they need to share their finances. Part is also freely accessible to players. This way you know exactly how the casino where you play is a financial condition and whether they have made a lot of profit.

Samples with new casino accounts

Of course it is also incredibly important that players can simply play safely. The games are therefore also tested. Samples are performed here to see if the website is really as safe as claimed. In secret, MGA employees make an account and take a gamble. They try the games and try to pay their money again. The site is assessed on this. Is something not correct? Then the license is repealed. This indicates that it is really a strict organization. You don't just get a permit and if something is wrong, it will be withdrawn again.

Games must also have a permit

One of the rules that the MGA has been in a few years is that the software suppliers must also be provided for a permit. This means that they must open their games and system open and expose by the MGA. If the games were safe, they receive a class 4 permit. This is a permit that demonstrates that the games were found to be safe and has a fair return to Player percentage. In short, everything is really checked and you really don't just get a permit.

Is it safe to play in a casino from Malta as a Australia person?

At the moment of writing there is no Australia license yet. Therefore, there is no better alternative to find the internet than the MGA. You can actually read that the websites and games must meet very strict controls. As a Australia player you will also be protected by the permit. Although you might not live in Malta. If something goes wrong and the casino doesn't solve it you can simply report in Malta. This can be online via the permit website. You can indicate the problem here and even say that you suspect that you are being scammed. If you are right, the plug is immediately pulled out of the permit. In short, the chance that you are being scammed by a permit casino is small. After all, they really want to keep their permit.

Fines can be high

Sometimes the fact is not punishable enough to immediately withdraw the license. So it can also happen that the company gets a fine. The fines that a company can get are not tender. This can just be AU$ 250,000 fine because they don't treat players properly. Of course, no one company wants a fine of a quarter of a million. This is therefore the reason that they are almost all tidy to the rules. For you as a player, this is of course a very nice idea. You know for sure that you can gamble safely.

Recognize a Casino with License

It is important to recognize a Casino with a license. You know for sure that you are playing on a secure website. The licensed websites have at the bottom of the MGA logo. If you click on the logo, you will be referred to the MGA website. You can see if the license is still valid. Is the license valid? Then you can play safely. But if the license is no longer valid, we advise to skip the site. So check this to always create an account somewhere or deposit money. On our website we have a top list with online casinos with a license. You can therefore assume this websites that you can safely gamble. This is of course a nice idea especially if you first create a new account somewhere.

Is it legal to gamble in Malta?

In theory you can go online under the Licensing of Malta. But is this illegal too? Officially online gambling is tolerated if you are tidy when your profit is higher than AU$ 451. You then have to pay gambling tax. So it is no problem for the rest if you gamble online in Malta. Just make sure that your tax arranges tidy if you really take a big profit. However, most players just remain below. You don't have to make a declaration and you can legally take a gamble.

Most asked questions about the Casino License of Malta

🇲🇹 Is the Casino License Malta reliable?

Yes, the Casino License from Malta is simply reliable. The permit from the MGA is issued by the Government of Malta. Online casinos must meet strict requirements to qualify for a permit.

🇳🇱 Are you also protected as a Australia player?

Yes Malta just falls under the EU and the online casino is supervised by the Maltese government. If something is wrong, you can always go to the MGA as a Australiaman.

💶 I am obliged to transfer your own gambling tax on my profit?

Because Malta is an EU country you don't have to transfer a gambling tax. Online gambling falls under Malta's legislation and this means that you have to pay taxes here. But in practice you don't pay anything.

⛔️ Is it punishable to play in an online casino from Malta?

No, it's not punishable and you cannot get a fine or something like that as a Australia person. It is only not recommended by the KSA to gamble here. They advise it because there is no supervision from the Australia.

📄 H Do I know if there is a permit from Malta?

At the bottom of the website you can see the MGA logo. If you click on this, you will be referred to the MGA website. You can immediately see whether the website you play has a valid license.

📈 Why does the MGA license come for the most on the internet?

The Casino License from Malta was one of the first licenses in Europe. Companies have been able to start an online casino here since 2004. Today it is still one of the most important licensers in Europe.