The Australia Casino License has been coming to it for a long time. In 2009 the cabinet announced that they want to set up a license. In the meantime, the Australia is one of the last countries of Europe where online gambling is not yet regulated. In 2019 the bullet finally came through the church. In the Senate, approval was also given to new gambling legislation. This legislation makes it possible for online casinos to get a license from the Australia for the first time. From 2022 the first online casinos with Australia license will appear online.

Gok here in a Australia Online Casino

Are online casinos really request a Australia casino license?

According to current figures, around 180 casinos would have requested a license. So there is a lot of interest in a Australia license. Logical because with the license in the bag, advertising can finally be advertised in the Australia. At present, there are strict rules that will soon apply to the websites without a permit in the Australia. One of the rules in our country is that no advertising can be made on television. But also that the site may not be displayed in Australia. This will soon all change if the first permits are provided.

Strict selection

The websites that will soon be authorized are achieved by a strict selection. They must be 100% safe. The first websites are particularly checked. The Australia has always had a reputation as a safe country and they also want to radiate this online. Of the 180 websites that have signed up, a few sites will soon be a permit in the beginning. Anyone who will be going will only be known in 2022. In the beginning, only a few websites will be assigned the license. But later this offer will continue to grow.

Holland Casino probably gets a license

From one company it is actually certain that they are going to get the license and that's it Holland casino. They were the instifies that a Australia permit will finally come. As an official gambling company in the Australia, they could not make it to start a casino on the internet. Especially not if there is no license. Now that the License is finally they want to build an online casino. This can sometimes be a big competitor for the other websites. They have a lot of offline experience and a great brand awareness. It is only whether they also scored in terms of game offer.

What is going to change for you?

A number of things are also going to change for the players. At this moment gambling is tolerated in a foreign online casino. If the licenses will soon be there, the intention is that we really gamble in Australia casinos. This mainly deals with the changes that the government is going to make to make online gambling safer. But also to get a little more to get and check online gambling. We have listed a number of changes below that you as a player will mark.

Change tax payment

Officially you are already obliged to pay for a profit above the AU$ 451 gambling tax. If you win online, you must declare them via the website of the tax authorities. The tax authorities suspect that almost no one player does this. That is why casinos with a license must pay the tax for you. They therefore turn off the amount with the tax. They carry this on behalf of your. The advantage is that you no longer have to arrange anything else and you cannot be caught at tax fraud.

Registration of your personal data

The Australia wants a file to come up with the identification of all players. Incidentally, this is also a rule that we have visited the MGA and Gambling Commission lately. This includes your personal information and copy legitimacy. For example, the Australia knows exactly who gambles online. In addition, they use this file for a database with players who are officially registered as addicted. These players no longer have access to the offline casino, but also the online casino. So they try to prevent gambling addiction. The registration of your personal data is mandatory, which means that you don't get down here.

Gambling with iDeal

Finally you can soon gamble with iDEAL thanks to the permit. This was prohibited for a long time. But there are also sites that have hidden the payment method on their website. Fortunately this is now a thing of the past and you can simply gamble with iDeal again. This is ideal if you have no confidence in the other payment methods. Or if you are not in possession of a credit card. In addition, the payment will also expire faster and the government will also supervise this. So you can deposit money even easier or leave your profit.

Frequently asked questions about the Australia Casino License

📆 When will the Australia Casino License enter?

From October 1, 2022, the first online casinos with a Australia casino license appear

🇳🇱 I will soon be obliged to play in a Australia casino?

No, it is not obliged to play in an online casino with a Australia license. Only for the law are the casinos in the Australia later legally and foreign casinos illegal. This means that you are not protected by the Australia government if something goes wrong. In addition, you must arrange your tax return for the gambling tax.

💰 Do I have to pay a gambling tax later?

Officially, this is already mandatory alone does not yet carry every player itself tax. In the legal Australia casinos this will be done automatically. You have to pay tax if your profit is higher than AU$ 451.

🔒 Is online gambling safer with the Australia License?

The idea behind the license is indeed that online gambling will be safer. Official supervision of the casinos will soon be held. This previously did not happen from Australia KSA yet.

🚫 Is it punishable to play in a foreign casino?

No it is not punishable for players. It can be punishable for the casinos to actively approach Australia players to create an account. However, the KSA advice to play in a foreign casino. This is mainly because there is no supervision from the Australia.

✅ Is a Australia license reliable later?

The idea behind the license is to make online gambling safer and reliable. Each online casino must meet strict conditions. It will soon be just as safe to gamble online as a visit to the Holland Casino.