Live Baccarat is a version of the Casino game Baccarat. You play it at home with a video connection. You then look at how it is led at the same time by a real dealer in a casino. Baccarat is a popular, easy to learn and exciting table game that becomes increasingly popular in Europe. And such a live version is a fun, interactive way to get to know about it! Read all about live baccarat here. We tell you how this game works and how you create most of the opportunities for yourself. We also give tips for good casinos where you can try it sometime.

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What is the background of baccarat?

Baccarat is a table game, a gambling game that takes place at a play table with a croupier. You may know it because James Bond likes to play it when he visits a casino in his films. It is less known than other table games such as Roulette, Poker and Blackjack. In Europe - in Asia this is one of the real casino toppers. And actually it is strange that there are no more people fan here! It is very exciting. And Baccarat originates from Europe - the first games that we can mention in this way were played in Italy before 1500. From there it became very popular in France. The game terms are therefore a mix of French and Italian words.

How does this game work?

Baccarat is a card game, where you as a player always bet on a certain outcome. It has a fairly high risk, but can give enormous payouts. For that reason it is especially popular among high rollers (people who use a lot of money). There are three variants of: Baccarat Banque, Chemin de Fer, and Punto Banco. At the moment, Punto Banco, the easiest variant, is actually produced as a live version. In this article we will therefore limit ourselves to discussing Live Punto Banco.

The objective of the game

At the Punto Banco version of Live Baccarat you put in one of two parties. The parties "Punto" (the players) and "Banco" (the bank) are handed out every time. The value of those cards determines which party wins - that is the party that is the first to take 9 points. If the player has deployed the right party, he wins to play money. And of course a draw can also occur - with an extra high benefit for the player who gave up.

The playing cards

This game is raised in the live casino with 8 stacks of playing cards. The value of these cards is as follows:

  • The maps 2 to 9 have their own value.
  • The farmer, woman, king and bait have the value 0.
  • The bait is worth 1 point.

The party that collects first 9 points wins. If a party has been collected 10 or more points, it will be deleted tens of his point total. A party that achieves 14 points is therefore automatically reset to 4 points.


You can place three different bets, each with their own profit opportunity and payout.

  • If you are committed to a profit of the Punto, you can get a 1 times deposit. The chance that you win is 44.62%.
  • If you bet on a Banco profit, you can get a 1-time payment deposit. The chance that you win is 45.85%.
  • If you bet on Egalité, a draw, then you can earn 8 times your own bet to profit. The chance that you win this is 9.53%.

The course of the game

The Parties Punto and Banco get handed out by the live dealer cards in the course of the game. Dar goes as follows:

  1. First the Punto gets an open card.
  2. Then the Banco gets an open card.
  3. The Punto gets a second open card.
  4. And the Banco also gets a second open card.

Now it is looked at how many points both parties have. Then they can both still get a third open card. Whether that happens depends on fixed rules that are quite complicated.

A third card for Punto and Banco?

There are a few scenarios possible after the first two cards. Whether the warring parties receive a third card depends on the following rules.

  1. Does Banco have a score of 8 or 9? Then no third cards are distributed.
  2. Does Punto have 6 points or more? Then Banco gets a third card if he has 5 points or less.
  3. Does Punto have 5 points or less? Then Punto gets a third card.

Then there are rules for that third case, namely that Punto receives a third card.

  • Banco has 3 points. If Punto gets a third card and it doesn't have the value 8, then Banco also receives a third card.
  • Banco has 4 points. If Punto gets a third card and it does not have the value 0, 8 or 9, then Banco also receives a third card.
  • Banco has 5 points. If Punto gets a third card with the value 4, 5, 6 or 7, Banco also receives a third card.
  • Banco has 6 points. If Punto gets a third card with the value 6 or 7, Banco also receives a third card.
  • Banco has 7 points. If Punto receives a third card, Banco does not receive a third card.

Why is Live Baccarat so nice?

Live casino games have become a great hype in our century. Now everyone has a PC or Smart Device on which he can stream live images. If you can view YouTube movies, you can also do with live versions of your favorite gambling games. Live versions of Baccarat are offered by various large studios such as NetEnt and Evolution Gaming. There you play the game at a rapid pace with a dealer, take a look at a casino environment, and enjoy perfect images and an interaction game experience. These are the largest points of Baccarat play live.

Beautiful images and realistic game experience

Because the game with HD cameras is recorded in a real gambling palace, this is really a compelling experience. The quality of the images is fantastic, and you can zoom in with different cameras on different parts of the game environment. The camera images naturally come to their right to a large screen. But the games of these modern studios are also optimized for online gaming on your mobile device.

Fast and exciting

With a computer game that you play on your own, you decide when the cards are distributed. The speed of a live game is stuck and is announced by the dealer. You have about half a minute to bet. The limited betting time makes your heart beating faster and ensures that Adrenalinekick who is looking for every gambler (un) consciously. Quickly decide and earn money quickly!

Interactive, cozy, and welcoming

The dealer at the game table is friendly to you and guides you through the entire game. You can give this charming host or hostess to ask for help, give and thank compliments. Via the live chat you can exchange thoughts with the other players and receive their congratulations if you take a nice profit. Don't forget to give the dealer a generous tip via the tip button!

Different extras for an optimal game experience

There are many useful settings in the game environment of a live baccarat game. You can adjust the format and resolution of your screen so that you always have a perfect image. You immediately see what the insert limits are, and what bets and profits you have done in every round. A scorecard helps you to analyze the results of the previous rounds. And do you want to understand the game to perfection, click on to the detailed online rules!

Special versions of Live Baccarat

The studios that develop live casino games are completely up to date. They focus on the players who want to experience new game experiences. And therefore they also develop new and intriguing variants of existing games. Baccarat is currently being offered in different types in the live casino. For example, you can find these operations on a gambling site with an extensive Live Casino section.

Baccarat Squeeze

With this game you get an extra benefit, so that your opportunities rise. The dealer is so nice to fold up one of the edges of the next card. One of the cameras in the Game Room secures this exciting tip from the veil. As a result, you can at least see the color of the next card, and you get an idea of its value.

Speed Baccarat

This game is going fast! Instead of about 1 minute this game only takes 30 seconds. So you know even faster or won your commitment. And with this super-fast game you are not guaranteed not a second.

Side Bet Baccarat

Do you like the game, but can it be more complicated? Play Live Baccarat with Side Bets. For example, these extra bets reward you if you and / or the dealer get a couple cards. With a couple of the same color you can earn a profit distribution of 200: 1!

Frequently asked questions about Live Baccarat

🥇 How do you win live baccarat?

By predicting who will win soon: the player, bank or will it be a draw? By predicting this, you win a sum of money. You predict the winner by betting your chips in advance. You can bet money on the couch, player or draw.

💳 Why do I have to pay the Commission if I win?

If you bet money on the bank you are required to pay committee if the bank wins. This rule has been devised because the bank in theory wins just a little more often. The casino naturally also needs money to run the game. To make the losses properly, 5% commission is charged. For example, the game remains profitable for the casino.

🏦 Could you always bet on the bank?

In the long run, the bank will win slightly more often than the player. But you pay a 5% committee, so that part of your profit is lost. So this is just a consideration that you have to make when you play Baccarat.

📚 Do you have to understand the rules to play Baccarat?

In principle you only have to play a bet and the game is played by the croupier. You do not really have to understand the rules. But of course it makes it more fun if you understand how the count works exactly.

📱 Can you play this game on your mobile?

Yes, a mobile version of Baccarat has been created. You can download this without app to your mobile phone. This can be done by visiting the website of the casino and to create an account.