Live Blackjack is one of the most played games in the live casino. In most online casinos you come across the game. Mostly Evolution Gaming on NetENt Make live games and of course blackjack is added. Sometimes you come across different live versions in the casino. This makes it totally nice to choose a table and take a chance.

Because you play live you get a completely different view of the game. Suddenly you no longer play against a computer. But against a croupier of meat & blood. An experience that you would like to experience a few times in an online casino.

Play the nicest live blackjack at the nicest online casino!

How does live blackjack work?

Live Blackjack actually works the same as Blackjack Classic. The big difference is that you are now playing in a studio or really casino. Here the online casino has rented a table with dealer. There are average around the table 14 camera’s making those in Full HD recordings. These images are shared live with the players. A maximum number of players can sit down at the live blackjack table. After you are pressed, the croupier indicates a time that you can do a bet. This is also the moment when you indicate at which table you want to play. You can choose your place yourself. When the time is over, the game will start.

Play Live Blackjack

The croupier shares 1 open card and 1 closed card to itself. Two cards are shared per player. Then the dealer goes down the list. All players can make choices for themselves until they have or stop a burst. The dealer sees on a screen opposite live what you choose and performs this for you. If all players are ready, he shares his own cards and you immediately see who has won.

Interaction with the croupier while playing

Live Blackjack games are not only fun because you suddenly play in a real casino or studio. It is also very nice to play because you interact with the dealer. The croupier you are opposite is made of meat & blood. In the game you can also chat with him or with the other players who also play along. That is because there is A chat box Where your messages can leave for the live dealers.

The dealer will not type back but personal answers. In addition, most croupiers congratulate players as soon as they win. Afterwards it is also possible to leave a tip. Of course you will be expanded by the dealer below. These types of interactions really make the experience.

Maximum number of players

Because a blackjack live game has a lot of interaction, of course, no infinite players can join the same table. There is sometimes only A limit of 6 players. If it is very busy and it is a large online casino, a second or third table is sometimes opened. Especially in the evening you can sometimes be able to wait for you finally get a place to play. If you don't feel like playing with others, you can choose a VIP Blackjack table.

You have the entire table for yourself and you are no one dependent. You also determine yourself how long you do about everything. It is also possible to choose another dealer if you don't like it. The disadvantage is the price tag. You pay an average of AU$ 1,500 per bet minimal to play as a VIP. So this is really only for it high rollers.

Discover the different live variants

At Blackjack you come across different variants of the game. But live the offer is slightly less expanded. You sometimes come across several blackjack tables, but this is more to give all players a place. Yet there are also online casinos where you can try out several blackjack games. The best live blackjack variants that we regularly encounter at casinos we have listed below.

Classic Blackjack

This is actually the famous Standard version from the game. Hereby the croupier shares two cards for itself of which one is closed. You get two open cards. You can then grab a card, double, insure or fit. At a score that is higher than 21 points you get a burst and lose.

A draw is also possible if you both have the same scores. Except if you score 21 points with a bait, you win the bait. A blackjack with a bait also pays off. In short, the game rules as you actually know it is the Classic version.

Single Deck

You would not really expect him live, but there are a few online casinos where you Single Deck Blackjack Play Live. You can count live cards with this variant. If you are good in math or count, then this is your time. With your own tactics you can count tickets and try to find out which cards are coming.

Keep in mind that there extra rules added to the game. The extra rules are intended to make it more difficult to make you. This is the only possibility that they can still add a single deck variant.

White Blackjack

White Blackjack is one new variant It is specially built for the live casino by Evolution Gaming. There can play 7 players live at this game and the table is not green or red, but white. For the rest there are actually few differences with the Classic variant. The only difference is the setting and that you can use something more unlike the other variants. So it is actually purely about the atmosphere that they have made the table white and call White Blackjack.

Insert limits per table

The insert limits are actually something different from the live blackjack games than you are used to. You no longer play with a bet of AU$ 0.10. This was always possible with the normal digital tables. With the latest versions it is mandatory to do something higher. At least AU$ 1 and a maximum of AU$ 1,000. But we also see live tables where you can bet AU$ 5,000. If your VIP plays you have to lay down at least AU$ 1,500. These are therefore a lot higher limits for high rollers.

Make sure you are prepared for this if you plan to go live in an online casino. There are exceptions where you can enclose a maximum of AU$ 20,000 to AU$ 40,000 per live table. These are of course enormous amounts. Fortunately it is possible to play with you from AU$ 1. There are exceptions where the minimum insert is AU$ 10 with live blackjack tables.

Always play with a strategy

That you can play live at an online casino is of course a nice experience. But it is also your chance to win at the live blackjack games in the casino. In most online casinos you should unfortunately do it with digital animations and Random Number Generators That determine what the result is. Now the cards are shuffled for the first time. It is your chance to bet and make money. Therefore always play blackjack online with a strategy. At Blackjack you can count tickets or use different systems to make your budget double. Then make use of this and possibly first practice in the normal mode of Evolution Gaming or NetEnt with cards count. You can find this at every online casino.

Basic Strategy Table Use

At Live casino games, the pace is a lot higher, then you may be used to. There are even more players who wait you to make choices quickly. Under pressure is it harder to make choices. Especially if you still have little experience with the game. We therefore advise to use The basic strategy. This is A strategy consisting of a table. You can read on the table if you can best take an extra card or you can best stop playing. That way you actually have a manual with what you can do best. This is completely handy if you have to make choices quickly.

Set all your budget and profit goal in advance

Before you start playing it is important to determine your budget. This is the budget that you use this month during gambling. It is important that you do not deviate from this by depositing. You also imagine a profit goal Fixed. This goal is going to try to reach with a certain strategy.

A realistic profit goal is 10% to 20% of your total budget. If your budget is AU$ 100 you can go for a AU$ 20 profit. If you have achieved this, you stop playing. Also make sure that you never bet more than 5% of your total budget. This way you stay up at the moments of loss and you can eventually run away as a winning player.

Get started in the live casino

Have you been curious about how it is to play in the live casino? Then it's time to create an account. You are officially registered within a few clicks. You can now go to a gamble and have a chance to win money. Are you going to play the classic blackjack, or would you prefer one of the new games? On our page you will find the best live blackjack casinos

Who knows you manage to double your budget or even AU$ 10,000 to win. It is all possible if you are going to play online blackjack in the live casino. In any case, you yourself have control over the result! You play Blackjack in an online casino of your choice on our page. You can play all kinds of blackjack games, don't forget to visit the different live casinos.

Play Live Blackjack with a bonus?

If you are going to play online Live Blackjack, create a new account first. In this way you always benefit from online casinos from the best bonuses such as Free spins or money. Usually you get around 100 or 150 free spins, these spins can only bet on slots, unfortunately not to play blackjack. The amount of money you get through a casino bonus cannot be used to play live blackjack. You can use this bonus to play blackjack against the computer. This is a good way to practice free with this game. Let the Blackjack Party begin!

Frequently asked questions about live blackjack

🎥 How do you know if Live Blackjack is really played live?

You can actually check this very simply. You as a player and a card can be caught. Here you see the dealer respond to live. As a result, you know that the game is completely live.

👥 Do you have to wait a long time when you play live?

With live blackjack casinos you have to wait for your turn. There can therefore be there A maximum of 7 players At the same time playing the waiting time becomes too long. Do you play Infinity Blackjack? Then you play with one country with several players at the same time. The waiting time is therefore shorter. At Speed Blackjack is the player who is the first to make a choice first.

🪙 What is the minimum bet?

This differs per blackjack table. Very sometimes there are live blackjack tables where you can play from AU$ 0.50. But between AU$ 1 and AU$ 5 is customary. Are you going to play as a VIP? Then a minimum bet is even AU$ 1,500. You will then receive a live casino dealer for yourself.

🔗 Is the Return to Player Percentage lower at Live Blackjack?

No, at Live Casino Blackjack, the RTP is just as high as you will play online blackjack. The rules remain the same and you get as many winchons. Playing blackjack will not be different in the live casinos.

📲 Can you play blackjack through your mobile phone?

Yes, because a mobile version is just built in HTML 5. You can play online blackjack without problems on your phone. You don't have to download app for online casinos.

👤 Can you practice the live game for free?

Unfortunately it is only possible to play with when you bet really money. So you can't practice blackjack online at the live casino.