Live Roulette is a roulette game that you play in an online casino. Its unique feature is that you play with a real roulette game from your location, which takes place at the same time in a casino. So you make a video connection via your computer or mobile device. From your location you put your game money, and you see how the ball is thrown into the wheel through the dealer. And after that you will be congratulated by the dealer and by your fellow players as you win! Live roulette is very popular. It has different features and points so that gamblers find it more fun than digital roulette games that you play against the computer. Read here why this game is so appreciated, how you play it, and which variants exist.

Live Roulette something for you? Discover it here!

Where are you coming against this game?

You can find the live versions of Roulette and other table games (blackjack, poker, baccarat and more) at an online casino. Certainly casinos that do not yet exist, or who constantly renew themselves, offer live games. You play that, just like a slot machine or digital table game, in a so-called game room or game table. So you have to create an account at an online casino that offers the games. With that account you can play all digital games (slots, table games), but also the live games. You use the same play body as for all other games on the sites. Please note which website you will participate. Some gambling sites have no live game, others have a "live casino" part with more than a hundred live games. If you think or know that live games are really completely your thing, you naturally want to have as much choice as possible. And don't forget that there are high welcome bonuses for new players at these sites. They also do a contribution to your choice (literally) in the bag ...

Just a summary - How to play live roulette

So you have an account with a gambling site. Go to the part that offers live games and orientate the games. Look at the bets, the game variant, and other details - and decide that you would like to participate. Once you click a game table, your PC or mobile device makes a live video connection.

  1. On your screen you now see a (real) casino, with a game table and a rouletterad. There is also a dealer or croupier - sometimes even more than one. You kindly appeal to that person and welcome you.
  2. Digital parts are also available on your screen. For example, menu buttons to adjust the settings and view the rules. You also see your balance of toy money, and buttons to bet. Choose a bet using chips with a certain value. You can drag it with your mouse or your finger to another digital part - the game table. Set up on a number or combination of numbers. An easy start is a bet on all red numbers - you have a profit chance of 48%.
  3. The dealer will say when the time to bet is over. He or she now turns it the wheel, and throws the ball in it. Sometimes you see the ball in close-up, making it exciting until the last minute which number is winning. If your bet wins, you immediately get a payout (1 times your commitment, if you have followed our advice and started on the red numbers). The dealer will congratulate you and the other winners.
  4. And then it's time for the next round. You can play along as long as you want. Don't forget to chat with the other players via the chat channel. Or a chat with the dealer, who often immediately answer. If you want, you can even tip him or her if you have won a nice amount. Or if you have a special click with that person, of course!

What are the benefits of this live game?

Many roulette players who have tried live games no longer want to go back to the digital games. There are many benefits to the live versions, making the game more fun or more lucrative. Here a few well-known benefits of live games.

It is fun

Because of the talking dealer and the live chat channel these games are more fun. Live games are almost always multiplayer games - with multiple players per game table. You can chat with your fellow players and the dealer ask for help. You can also tease other players, encourage, and talk about roulettetactics. It is possible to reward the charming, appreciated dealer with a tip. And to share memes that the other players will immediately understand.

It is more exciting

You have a limited time to bet, the dealer talks to each other, and work is done with a real wheel and ball. There are also cool light and sound effects sometimes, or you can see the rolling ball with delayed images. All those things ensure a live game faster, more exciting and more impressive than a digital game.

It's nicer

The game is staged in a room rented by a real casino. Or else a studio that is chic is furnished as a gambling palace. Much more attractive than a digitally drawn roulette plate on your PC. Especially if it is also worked with beautiful exposure and special effects. You can adjust your camera and image settings yourself, so that you determine what you see on your screen. And did we already report that casinos only bet attractive ladies and gentlemen as a dealer? Exactly.

It is (sometimes) lucrative

There are powerful strategies that are ideal to raise your chances at a live casino. With a digital game you cannot use them, and at a real casino you get the security on your roof. These are systems that detect errors of a real roulette set. For example, a poorly balanced wheel or edges on which the ball is getting back. This way you can find out if certain numbers fall more often, and deploy it. Visual Ballistics and the Pivot system are two of these notorious strategies. Use them at your own risk ...

Which variants of this game are there?

Some game developers have started creating new, revolutionary operations of casino games - especially for the live casino. In addition, they add special bonuses and elements to the basic game. They are therefore nicer, more exciting, faster - call. Especially the Studios Netent and Evolution Gaming now regularly release interesting new live roulette games. We call the best known here.

Lightning Roulette

This is one of our personal favorites. The game is beautifully dressed and edited with special effects. But what is especially super beautiful is that your benefits from a few hundred times can win your bet. Each round strikes the lightning in a few random numbers of the wheel. Have you used it with a whole sheet? Then you win multipliers from 50x to 500x. That makes Lightning Roulette extreme exciting!

Double Ball

Two balls are brought into a really wheel at the same time. The payments of this game are considerably adjusted. For example, easier bets have become worth more. And are you lucky to land the two balls at the same time on your number? Then count on a huge payout.

Automatic Roulette

This game is live - but there is no dealer at present. A fully automatic roulette machine shoots the ball into the wheel. As a result, this game is a favorite with players who are afraid that a dealer could influence the throw.

Immersive Roulette

This is currently the real stunner among the live roulette games. The game uses 14 cameras with high definition, which you can do it all. The game environment is so beautifully decorated and surrounded with special effect that it is just like you participate in a TV show. And just before the ball falls, the image is delayed and zoomed. More luxurious than immersive roulette your casino experience is not - even with a landbased gambling palace.

Where should you take into account if your live roulette will play

Live Roulette is fantastic. We have a few tips here to get the most out of your experience.

  • Ensure a good device and internet connection. Because you stream live images here, your device and internet connection must be able to support that. Do not play places where your WiFi fails regularly.
  • Pay attention to Mobile Gaming. Here too, your smartphone or tablet must constantly support live streaming. That can quite many of your data bundle or battery. And if you suddenly have to stop playing - remember that the game leader will not wait!
  • Play for free. Live games cost pretty much money to produce. Just think of the live images, to the dealer's salary and to the rental costs for the casino. That's why it always costs to participate. The good news is that you can sometimes participate from AU$ 0.10. Don't you want to pay? Some games have a "viewer mode", so you can watch the shoulder of a paying player.

Most asked questions about live roulette

📹 Does the roulette wheel really live?

Yes you see every round with your own eyes how the croupier turns to the wheel. The wheel is therefore really turned live.

💡 Can your live roulette also exercise free?

No because it is a live game, really money is asked if you want to play. You also only get access to the game if you have money on your account.

🎁 Can you use a bonus at a live game?

No Unfortunately you can only play with real money. This has to do with the costs to run the game. A studio must be rented for this and a croupier hired. As a result, only players with real money can play along and his bonuses are not allowed. Very sometimes there are exceptions, but these are rare.

📌 What is the maximum bet?

This differs per table, but this is higher than at the normal table games. A maximum bet of AU$ 5,000 is quite common at the live game. There are even tables with AU$ 10,000, AU$ 50,000 and AU$ 75,000. The maximum deployment is mainly high in the tables of Evolution Gaming.

🤷♂️ Can you play at multiple live tables at the same time?

This is possible in theory. At the live casino you often see multiple tables open at the same time. You can easily join multiple tables on a laptop at the same time. Only this is not smart because you need focus to get far with this game.

📲 Can I also play this game through my smartphone?

Yes you can play live roulette through your smartphone if you prefer to do this. The mobile version is built in HTML 5. You can just load this in the internet browser from your phone.