Published on April 23, 2022 in News

A few days after the Jackpot WOWPOT has fallen from AU$ 17.5 million, Microgaming seems to settle a new record. Microgaming is of course known for the Record Jackpot games. But who knows, April will be a very expensive month For the software supplier.

Mega Moolah is currently writing on its way to break a new record. The slot machine is currently writing at AU$ 18.251,000. The last time the jackpot fell to this game is a moment ago. On December 6, a player won AU$ 6.7 million. But now the jackpot seems to really break records.

Microgaming currently has a top 3 wherein 2 and 1 of course are Mega Moolah. The number 2 record has already been broken This was AU$ 17,886,199. But it seems that the number 1 record might also take place. This record is at AU$ 18,915,872. Here the Jackpot slot machine to be towards it.

Who knows you will soon win the Mega Moolah Jackpot

Players regularly wonder how great the opportunity is actually that you win the jackpot. We can guarantee that that chance is very small. But if you don't try you, of course you don't win it anyway. It is nice that there are beautiful amounts to win with Mega Moolah.

At least you are not attached to the payout limits of the casino if you win the jackpot. The jackpot is not paid by none other than Microgaming itself. In addition, it is also just nice to play on a Jackpot slot. You can get an extra adrenaline rush if the jackpot wheel of Mega Moolah is opened.

In theory you don't even have to use a mega cash prize. This week, for example, the Jackpot WOWPOT was won with a commitment of only AU$ 0.80. That's how you see that commitment does not matter. In theory this is of course not allowed because the Random Number Generator knows a new winner every round again!

Can you still play Mega Moolah in every online casino?

Unfortunately, we should disappoint you here if you like to take the guess this weekend on Mega Moolah. This game really doesn't play in every online casino. There are casinos that find the risk that a player a jackpot wins something too large.

They therefore consciously choose not to add this game. While Microgaming itself pays a large part of the jackpot. As a result, the risk is not even so great. Fortunately there are still a few online casinos where you can play for the jackpot. It Scatters Casino is a good example of this!

At the Casino scatters you can play at different jackpots including Mega Moolah. So you can still have a chance to win that Mega Jackpot that can run up to millions of euros. A unique opportunity that you should not let this weekend shoot. We think that the jackpot can really fall any time!