Published on May 5, 2022 in News

It has long been announced that the Holland Casino officially collaborates with Playtech for the construction of an online casino. The two companies were already busy arranging everything behind the scenes. Today a new agreement was officially signed between the two companies. According to Playtech, the contract is for several years.

Playtech has officially announced this in an official press release today. It states that it is intended that they will collaborate for the long term With the Holland Casino. Playtech is of course a well-known name in the online casino world. In almost every online casino you come across the playtech games. With a new contract, the Holland Casino hopes to be competition in the Australia.

Complete online casino will be built by Playtech

According to the contract, Playtech will soon become the permanent partner of the Holland Casino online. This means that, as it appears, there seems to be no competition from other software suppliers. This can of course change, because on October 1, 2022 the website will only officially online.

The intention is that Playtech will ensure that the online casino of the Holland Casino will soon have an extensive range. Software will soon be supplied for online slots, sports betting and bingo. But extra important is the arrival of the live casino.

Playtech is going to build a live casino studio in Scheveningen

With the signing of the new agreement, the arrival of the Live Casino has also been announced. At the end of March it already leaked that a live casino will come in Scheveningen soon. The Holland Casino was looking for staff for them Own live casino Facility in Scheveningen.

In today's press release came out that Playtech is going to build a live casino studio in Scheveningen. Several live casino games will soon be played from here. The Live Casino from Holland Casino must also be immediately available from October 1, 2022. Players can play the table games from the beautiful location in Scheveningen with Australia croupiers.

Playtech is super happy with the official agreement

In a press release, the company has let me know super happy with the new agreement between the Holland Casino and The software supplier. Playtech has been active in the online casino world for more than 20 years. They know exactly what is needed to build an excellent online casino.

In addition, Playtech naturally hopes to take advantage of the brand awareness of the Holland Casino. Together the company hopes to store hands in one to stimulate the online growth in the casino in the Australia. With the construction of an official state online casino they hope to take the first step.

The goal is to put an online casino of the highest quality. This is part of the Holland Casino. With the official agreement, they put together a paper strategy that hope to conquer regulated market in the Australia.

Erwin van Lambaart from the Holland Casino is also enthusiastic about the deal. With De Deal, the Holland Casino hopes to be able to make the high ambitions where. The company has become enthusiastic about the conversations prior to the deal. They hope to be able to put down a top online casino on October 1.