Slots, slot machines, and other slot games - these are the most popular games that you can find at online casinos. There are gambling sites where you encounter more than 1000 slots. They can differ from each other as the crow flies. Yet all slots finally work in the same way. In this text you can read everything about these casino games. And here you also read the last slots reviews of the most beautiful, newest and most profitable slots.

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How do slots work?

Slots (the real and also the online games) work with rotating rollers ("reels") where symbols stand. Every time the player activates the cabinet, these rolls quickly turn rotate. They come to a standstill at a random place. The symbols that you see in the picture at that time determine whether you have achieved a profit. It is often the case that a few of the same symbols in succession (for example three lemons on reels 1, 2 and 3) give you a profit. How high that profit depends on which symbols you turn out and how much that there are. The all-stable slots are not more complicated than that. But many modern slots or slot machines are extra nicely dressed and offer great bonuses and benefits. Here you play with bonusreels, jackpots, extra mini games, wilds (jokers symbols), suitable background music and much more.

Slots have been around for more than 100 years!

Believe it or not, but slots already existed in the 19th century. They were designed by inventors of that time science, technology and vending machines were very popular then. In some countries these machines were placed in the existing casinos, where they were a supplement to the range of existing gambling games. In the US it was forbidden for a while to pay money through a slot machine. The operators then programmed the devices so that instead of money you have paid out in fruit chews or fruit sweets. The flavors that you could win then are the symbols (cherry, lemon, grapes and so on) that you still see on slot machines.

Of course, gambling machines have been through many changes since that time. From the luminous, beautifully decorated cupboards from the 50s to the first video games from the 1980s. Many online slots are often just as beautiful and complicated as computer games. And they don't pay any more candy - with a happy turn to a slot you can win thousands of euros.

The different types of slots out there

You can divide the online slots in three groups. Sometimes a slot machine falls into between these groups. We explain all groups on these slots Reviews Page.

Classic slots and fruit machines

These are simple games with often only 3 or 4 reels, simple game rules and few bonus possibilities. You often play with fruit symbols and other classical symbols (the bars, sevens, liberty bells and more). For a beginner, these are very good games to learn to play on slot machines. And many people find the retro design of these games very attractive. Some games are made expressed with old-fashioned designs, other slot machines look very licked.

Jackpot slots

With these games there is always at least one jackpot present. This is a pot of money that you can win if you turn a lucky combination of symbols or win a bonus game. Every player who plays a round on the slot machine pays a small amount (through his bet) with which the jackpot becomes higher.

  • Some Jackpots ("Must-Fall Jackpot") are guaranteed every day and are not very high.
  • Other remain until a player runs a very happy combination ("Progressive Jackpot"). At that moment the jackpot can pay thousands to millions (!) Euros.

Will you win the Jackpot today?

video slots

These are the most complicated slot games of the moment. They are often poured into an original theme, which returns to the symbols, soundtrack and sometimes even in a background story. Popular themes are Egypt, fairy tales, mythology, Asia, gangsters, animals, adventure and wealth. Many of these games have a design of very high quality and also nice animations and introduction films. You can also unlock multiple bonus games here, earn extra profits and multipliers, and come across surprising extras on your play screen. Sometimes you play a video slot even in a 3D environment, or you can experience the game via Virtual Reality. In our slots reviews you will find more details about this gift extra options.

Important terms that you encounter at slot machines

If you get slots reviews here, or if you are going to play them, you often come across a few typical words. It is so handy to know what they mean. This way you can easily understand which special features has a game, and how you score profits. So a declaring glossary so.

  • Spin - One round round on a slot machine. So the roles run, they "spin". Free spins are given away by online casinos, but you can often win them in the game itself.
  • Payline - A line that runs horizontally over your screen over several reels. The symbols with which you win must lie on the same payline. Sometimes they are completely straight, sometimes they merge over your screen. And some games have no paylines ("Superways" and "Megaways"). In that case you only need to win the same symbols on successive reels.
  • Wild - a joker symbol, a symbol that can raise for almost any other symbol. As a result, you get rid of winning combinations more easily. Stacked Wilds (stacked wilds), Sticky Wilds (Wilds who remain several rounds) and Expanding Wilds (Wilds who fold out a whole reel) are special versions.
  • Scatter- A special bonus symbol. Score multiple scatters (they don't have to stand on one payline!) And get beautiful benefits. For example, you receive free spins or bonus rounds that have built-in extra benefits.
  • Multiplier - A multiplier. If you get a multiplier on or together with your winning combination, the payout is increased. Win AU$ 100 and a multiplier of X3 does it apply? Then you will receive AU$ 300!
  • RTP - Return to Player value. This is the average percentage of all bets that are reimbursed as a profit. The higher this value is, the better for you - an RTP VA. Old fruit machines can have an RTP of only 90% or less. Some new slots have an RTP of no less than 98%. You will find this value in our slots.
  • Variance - This word indicates how often you are in the prices on a slot machine. Games with high variance only turn off a payout - but often you win high amounts. Slots with a low variance you give a much more often a payout, which is then quite low.
  • Bonusgame - a special mini-game that you often win by turning scatters or other special symbols. You now play a game that is released from the basic game of the slot machine. Sometimes it's free spins with extra wild symbols. Sometimes the totally different games, for example a board game, puzzle or fight between characters. Whatever form they have - bonus games can produce very beautiful profits.
  • Autoplay - Instead of turning each spider manually, you can also have it done by the computer. You set in the AutoPlay menu in how many laps the cupboard must run. And at which profit or loss the turning must stop. You can watch and enjoy the profits that you will automatically earn.

What profits can you bet and obtain?

How much money you can bet and deserve on slot machines differs enormously.

  • With some simple slot machines you are already happy if you get a few tens of profits one evening. Those games only cost a few cents per round to play.
  • With many video slots you can participate from AU$ 0.10 to AU$ 100 per round. The least valuable symbols often give you payments of 1 or 1.5 times your own bet. Some games can pay you 1000 times your deployment - but only if you achieve the very best symbols and multipliers.
  • And there are Jackpot slots where players have won more than 10 million euros in one session. Mega Moolah, a progressive jackpot slot, is known for the highest profit that has ever achieved at an online slot. A British player won AU$ 13.2 million in 2015 at this game.

Every good online guessing machine has game rules that you can call through a menu button. Read the game rules, and you get a good idea of what you can bet and can win.

Earn free spins on the slot machines

Free tours play lock games is fun, exciting, profitable - and cost you nothing. You can earn these free spins in two ways.

  • With a lot of slot games there is a possibility within the game itself to win free spins. You often get free circles if you collect 3 to 5 scatter symbols. There are often extra benefits to these free circles. For example, you can win high multipliers, there are extra or special Wilds on the reels, or there are better symbols.
  • Many gambling sites like to give free spins gift to their players. If your game money bets, especially the first few times, you can get a lot of circles on the gifts. Even if you raise your balance later, tournament prices wins, or in promotional actions you get free spins. Sometimes they are valid on all slots, sometimes but on one certain slot game. In the bonus conditions of an online casino you can see which beautiful deals you can currently receive.

You can find the most beautiful slots in our slots Reviews

We regularly discuss new online slots here. In our slots reviews you will find games with catchy themes, interesting gameplay, and of course the very best bonuses. View our reviews, and you will get an idea of which slots most fit your playing style and interests. And try them out once - often you can try out free demo removers from a slot machine. You will then discover what has experienced millions of players before you. Namely, that playing on the slots is great that you can win a lot of money, and that there is a huge variety of titles. Read more quickly and find the nicest slots here!