There is almost no casino to find that the game does not offer Blackjack This fast card game has been part of the standard casino range for more than two centuries. Yet the game is extremely easy to learn - as a child you must have played the simpler version twenty-two. Why is it so popular? Because Blackjack is exciting every round and offers new opportunities. Because there are dozens of variants of existence, each with its own special rules. And because the game has one of the lowest housing benefits from all chance games. Read here how this super fun game works, and how you can play blackjack online.

Play Blackjack directly online

Play Blackjack - the rules in short

The aim of the game is to collect a series of cards (a "hand") with a certain total value. The value 21 is ideal - but your hand must be better than that of the dealer, which also gets a hand. We briefly discuss the basic rules of this Classic Blackjack, the most famous version of the game. This game has a low house advantage (average percentage of all bets that goes to the casino). That is less than 1 percent. Other variants of online blackjack usually look a lot like Classic Blackjack - but can have an even lower house advantage.

Deploy money at Blackjack

You can place a bet that lies between the lower and top limits of the game table. With an online casino you can often use any amount between AU$ 1 and AU$ 100. The profit that you can earn is always a multiplication (1 to 1 or 3 in 2) of your bet amount. So choose your bet carefully - it must also fit your budget. With an online game you often choose a card that represents an amount of toy money. Then you indicate that the game can start and that you want to receive your first cards. Usually you do it by clicking on the "Deal" button.

Get cards

You and the dealer (and any other players) now receive two cards. Your tickets are open to you; One dealer card is closed. The open map of the dealer gives you an indication of how good his hand can be. Add the value of your tickets together. The best value you can have is 21. But in practice you also have a strong hand if those 18, 19 or 20 points is worth.

Buy, fit and special promotions

You can now decide to "buy" more cards - that does not cost you extra money. The value of each new card is added to the total value ("hand value") of your cards. In addition, the cards have the following values:

  • The maps 2 to 10 have their own value.
  • The pictures farmer, woman, king have the value 10.
  • The bait can have the value 1 or the value 11.

If you are satisfied with your hand, you can fit ("stand"). The possible other players will then take the turn, and then the dealer plays.

Win or lose at Blackjack

The dealer is the last turn. He now shows his cards open, so that you see which hand value he has. The dealer may not decide himself until when he has been played - he must stop if he has 17 points. In different versions a dealer only stops at 18 points if one of his cards is an ace. Take a good look at the game rules of your blackjack game to how far the dealer is speop! Now it is looked at who has won.

With different point numbers:

  • The dealer wins as he has more points than you. You have lost your commitment.
  • You win if you have more points than the dealer. You get your bet back and a 1: 1 profit distribution.
  • If you win a blackjack combination (an ace and a map with the value 10), you get a 3: 2 benefit.

With a draw:

  • With a draw you will receive your bet.
  • If you and the dealer both have a blackjack combination, the dealer wins.

With broken games:

  • If you collect more than 21 points, you have "broken". You have lost your commitment - even if the dealer later does the same.
  • If you have 21 points or less, and the dealer is broken, you win.

Special promotions and when you perform them

So you can buy tickets and suit whenever you want. That is the core of the blackjack game. But you can also perform a few special actions if the circumstances are there.


Your hand can split into several new hands. The condition to do that is that you are two beginning tickets exactly the same - two farmers, for example. You can then put your starting insert again, and you now have two chances of winning. With some versions you can split your hands several times.


You can double your deployment. Then you only get one card. Why would you do that? If you are worth 9, 10 or 11 points early, then that is a beautiful starting point. If the next card is worth 10 points (the chance of it is large), then you have an excellent hand. There you best dare to use the double amount so that you can also make a higher profit.


Taking an insurance policy ("Insurance") is an option if the first open map of the dealer turns out to be an ace. He could have a blackjack combination as early hand, where you always lose. If you insure you, put half of your commitment again. Does the dealer really have a blackjack? Then the value of your insurance will be doubled, making your net quite in this round.


Do you have a bad hand? In some versions of the game you can surrender. You only lose half your commitment. Or and until you can vomit you, differs per game.

Apply the correct blackjack strategy

Playing the goal of the blackjack is to get a higher value than the dealer. Because you do not know which value the dealer closes the game, you will have to consider when you stop ("fits"). By looking at the open map of the dealer, you can get useful information.

  • For example, is the open map of the dealer a four? Then he probably doesn't have a good hand, and you can also fit with a somewhat lower hand.
  • Is it a picture or a one? There are quite many cards with the value 10 in the game. The dealer would therefore have two cards with the value ten, or a bait and ten. Then it might be safer to play through until you have a high hand value yourself.
  • Your own hand is also important to determine your actions. For example, if you have a hand value of 10 or 11, buy another card. Then the chance that you get a good hand. If you have a hand value of 16 or 17, turn on a dilemma. If you buy another card, you can destroy yourself. But with 16 or 17 points you probably don't win the dealer.

Use a game schedule

There are many blackjack play schedules online. These are roasts in which your own cards and hand value are deposited against the open map of the dealer. With one glance at such a blackjack schedule you can see, which is a good action in every situation to perform. These tools can be useful especially for starting players. Advanced players know these instructions from their heads, and play on their feelings.

Play special versions of blackjack

With a country-based or online casino you can sometimes play 10 variants of Blackjack. They all have special extra rules and opportunities to get profit. Some blackjack versions even have an even lower house advantage than Classic Blackjack. Here we briefly discuss the best known variations at stake.

Double Exposure

With this game you both see the maps of the dealer open in the beginning. That gives you the big advantage that you know against which hand you have to record it. Yet this game is not automatically lucrative for the player. The casino has included a few changes in the rules in its own advantage.

Single Deck

Most blackjack games are played with 4 or 8 stacks of cards. "Single Deck" means "one stack" - it is played with exactly one card game. As a result, you can easily check which cards are still in the stack. And what kind of cards the dealer will probably get. Very useful information! Single Deck is often played by gamblers that use controversial strategy of cards count.

Blackjack Pro

This is a nice variant, where you can close extra bets ("sidebets"). For example, gamble that you win with a couple or even three the same cards. Or that your cards form a certain combination with that of the dealer. Many extra options to get a payout!

Pontoon Blackjack

This game looks like Classic Blackjack, but the terms and payouts are slightly different. The rule also applies that a hand of 5 cards is the second best combination.

You must know this before you start to play blackjack

📃 What is blackjack play?

Blackjack is a card game that you play against a croupier. You are supposed to take it with cards 21 points scores. You decide as a player himself how many cards you take to come to 21 points. But stopping cards on time. If you go over the 21 points you are finished. When you have finished playing, the croupier will take cards to beat your score. Is your score sufficient? Then you win the game.

🔢 How many points are the playing cards worth Blackjack?

The scoring is fairly simple. Mr., Boer, woman are worth 10 points. The cards with a digit have the value of the number that is on it. A kicking 4 is therefore worth 4 points. The bait is the only flexible card. This card is worth 11 or 1 point. Are you coming out above 21 points? Then your bait changes automatically in 1 point.

💵 How much money can you win with blackjack?

This differs per variant that you play. At the Classic variant, the casino doubles your commitment to a profit. Do you win a blackjack hand? Then you win 3 times your bet. A blackjack hand is 21 points with two cards. So this is an ace and a farmer / lord or woman.

⚖️ What happens at a draw?

This is a bit on the variant that you play. Sometimes you just get your bet back. But there are also casinos in which the croupier wins at a draw.

😃 Is online blackjack play safe?

Yes it is 100% safe to play in a legally online casino. The cards are drawn on the basis of a random Number generator. This means that every time it is another card that is pulled and randomly selected. Do you play live? Then you even see how the cards are shuffled and pulled.