What are today casino games? Very simple, every game that you find in an online and offline casino. There are many famous casino games such as Roulette, Blackjack and Poker. But the nice thing about online casino games is that several variants are released! So if you think there is only 1 version of, for example, Roulette can be found, you are wrong. There are many Different software suppliers In the online casino world. They all released their own version of the different games. Each with their own bonuses, own rules and own extra features.

Are you completely new in the casino world and do you remember anything about casino games? Then we tell you everything you need to know here. We tell you what differences are there and what the most common casino games are. If you have read everything, you immediately know which casino game you want to play online. Would you rather want to know more about Roulette or Blackjack? Then you can also go to the pages below, we will tell you everything you need to know about these casino games.

Waag a gamble on slots

Many people still know the slots from the past. In the corner of the cafeteria, at the pool bar or in the pub, you saw such a slot machine everywhere. You throw in money, pulls on the lever and hopes for a nice profit. Simple entertainment, without difficult rules that you had to know. You will also find these slots online in the online casinos. It works just as simple as before, but secretly it is more fun to play online. The Winkans is higher online than on the old-fashioned slot machine in the pub. And what makes it even more fun online is that there are different types of slots. You have the traditional slot machines and the video slots.

Slot machines on the internet

The slot machines are as we all know them all. They consist of the fruit symbols that you should try to get aligned. If you succeed in this, make a winning combination and win a nice amount of money. These are the traditional games that you used to play in the pub with a lever. Today you can play its digital version. There are even casino games that are an exact copy of the traditional slot machine. Although the games are less spectacular than video slots, they stay popular. It will be the sentiment ...

Video slots bring an experience to your screen

Videos slots are of course a totally different caliber unlike slot machines. The slots bring a piece of experience to your screen. The slots are spectacular and ensure that the game is worth it. Every game has its own theme and a story that is told. This story is told by making winning combinations and activate animations. This ultimately ensures a spectacular game where you get a lot of opportunities to win. The experience ensures that the game is worthwhile. You are really taken in the story and as a blow to the rocket you can also win money. The amounts you can win are heavily and can go up to millions of euros. This is why the slots are still popular.

Play along for the Jackpot

The highest jackpot on a slot machine has ever won, you will find in an online casino. Mega Moolah is an online slot machine with a position in the Guinness Book of Records. This record is regularly increased. Prices of AU$ 18.9 million are quite normal with the progressive jackpot. Now that this video slot is to play at more and more online casinos, it is expected that the prize money will continue to rise. You can also take a gamble on the mega moola slot machine. In addition to this video slot of Microgaming, there are more software suppliers with your own progressive jackpot slot. Some well-known video slots are Hall or God's, Mega Fortune, Mega Joke and Arabian Nights. You can have a chance to win millions of euros in all these slots!

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A gamble to the table games

At Casino games, we naturally also think directly to the table games. The nice thing about the table games in online casinos is that the Winkans here is still higher than at the online slots. In addition, you can influence the result of table games itself! If you use a tactic or system, you can try to convert your game to your advantage. There are many different strategies that can be used and they all work differently. An example of this is the way of it Deployment of your moneySo you can help determine the result. If you are going to play with a tactic, you can also further increase your chances of winning.

Roulette play in the casino

One of the most popular games in the online casino is of course roulette. This is partly because everyone has played a game. Roulette is a casino game with many different deployment options. You can bet on the table on one number, red or black or a combination of numbers and colors. The croupier turns the roulette wheel, sends the ball through and then waiting! On which number does the ball end up? Is it your number? Congratulations! You won! How much you win, of course depends on the deployment that you have done yourself. So simple and yet exciting is a game of roulette.

The fine of this game online is that the result always determines random by the computer. You can make every round just as much chance of winning, as the previous round. What is also extra fun to play online is that there are many different variants. Still separate from the different types of roulette. You can find the three-basic Versions American, French and European Roulette in every casino. But the different variants on it, make it online play really nice!

Learn everything about Roulette

Blackjack Play

Also the giant popular blackjack Simply play in an online casino. The only difference with the real casino is that the croupier has been replaced by a computer. The advantage of this is then that you can take a gamble with a low amount! If you are thinking now "is that honest then"? Then we have good news for you! All software suppliers make their blackjack with a random number generator. This means for you as a player that every card is pulled completely. Why do the game developers use this RNG? You can read that at the bottom of this page.

What is also nice to play online blackjack is that there are many different versions and variants. And you can improve your game by playing it with a tactic. There are multiple systems and techniques that you can use at Blackjack. While counting cards in Gokhal is prohibited, this can be done at an online casino. There is namely a special variant Single Deck.

Playing blackjack, how do you do that?

Punto Banco..

Another table game that certainly know is worth it is Punto Banco or Baccarat. You play this game against the computer that the cards plays for you. It is up to you to guess who will win: the bank, the player or a draw. It is a fairly quick game to play in between. With a deployment of tactics and betting money on the couch you can already get free from this game. Most players love to play the game digitally. And it is a tasty change from your other casino games.

Waag a gamble in the live casino

In an online casino you will find largely digital games. And if you think your winches are reducing, then you miss it. The gamedevelopers are obliged to adjust their games in such a way that players can actually win.

Yet there are players who spell this casino less. For them there is a good alternative, namely it Live Casino. Well-known table games such as Blackjack and Roulette can be found in this live environment. But other games can also be found. The games are all played with real dealers. In this way you play just as real as in a gambling hall in this way, but from your own relaxed seat at home.

The Live Casino is always played from a studio. Different cameras ensure that you can see the table well. The croupier has a screen for themselves to see the bets of the players. The chat is also on this screen, which makes it easy for you to talk to the dealer. In this way the Live Casino give an extra experience to online gambling. You see everything happen live and really have with the croupier.

Play video poker

Online gambling started with poker years ago. Poker became much larger worldwide by players who went online. In most casinos it is possible to play video poker. This is actually a digital variant where you absorb it against the computer. There are different variants of poker to play such as Texas Hold'em. Of course there are also a few sites where you do not absorb it against a computer. You can play the game live against real players or a croupier. This is certainly worth the real poker fans.

How safe are the casino games?

Of course you wonder how secure that online games are. But be sure! The online casino games are actually just as safe as the offline games in a gambling hall. The only real difference is that you now take a chance from your own familiar environment. And to protect you as a player, there are special Casino licenses in front of Software suppliers. Because the gamedevelopers must adhere to the lines of the license, your safety is guaranteed. For example, every game must be provided with a random number generator, also known as RNG. This ensures that every result in every game is completely random.

Return to Player at Casino Games

In addition, every casino game must also be equipped with an RTP, which stands for Return to player. The RTP is always expressed in a percentage and indicates how much percent of the players minimally win its deployment. The licenses require that every online game has an RTP of at least 80%. While the same games in a gambling hall often have an RTP between 50 and 60%. In other words, you have one much higher shopping man when you play online, then when you play offline.

The most frequently asked questions about casino games

✅ Are casino games fair for the players?

All online casino games that you find at the reliable gambling sites are fair to players. Most software suppliers have a casino license. The requirements of such a license ensure that the games run fairly for the player. Every game must have a random number generator and a return to player percentage of at least 80%. These two factors ensure that the result is arbitrary and then at least 80% of the players are betting back.

💸 How can I bet money at casino games?

Every game that you can play in an online casino can also play with real money. Before you can do this, you must create a casino account. If you have created this, you can then deposit money on this account. If the money is then credited, you will find a balance on your casino account. With this balance you can now play every game in the online casino! It doesn't matter where you dangle a gamble with real money. But always ensure that you play a reliable casino. This way you avoid disappointments if your balance suddenly is not raised after your payment.

🎰 Are there special bonuses for casino games?

Hell yes! There are many different bonuses in the online casino world. But you can't play every game with every bonus. The Free Spins Bonus can only be used on online slots. But most other bonuses are money amounts. You can spend this free at every game that you want. For example, a reload bonus gives you extra balance on your casino account, which you can then use at every casino game.

🔰 Are online casino games just as safe as in a real casino?

Yes if you play in a reliable online casino it is just as safe as in an ordinary casino. The software suppliers must adhere to certain rules when making the games. For example, the result is always random and cannot be manipulated.

💯 What is meant with RTP at the online casino?

RTP stands for Return to Player. Every casino game has its own unique RTP percentage. This is the percentage with players that minimally get back to his bet. On average this percentage is around 95%.

🔗 Which games have the highest payout percentage?

The table games such as roulette, blackjack and baccarat are known for a high payout percentage around 97% and 98%. But there are also slots with a high payout percentage such as Blood Suckers.

🪙 How much money do you have to use at least with online games?

This is different per game. With Roulette tables you can often play along from AU$ 0.01 and from slots from AU$ 0.10.

🆓 Can you also play the games for free?

Yes, most casino games have a test mode. You can try the game with fake money and get an idea how it works. Unfortunately you cannot win a money with this. Do you really want to win money? Then you can try to play for free with a casino bonus.

💭 Which games do I make the least chance to win?

Unfortunately this is often the jackpot slots. The payout percentage here is on average lower than at the regular slots. This is because part of the bets goes to the jackpot.