The Fairplay Casino was established in 2008 as a new Australia casino. It is an offline casino where you can go for a pleasant evening out. Despite the fact that the company has not been super long, they grow hard within our country. In the meantime they have already spmore info than 30 different locations about our country. Due to the large number of branches spread across the country, there is a good chance that there is one in your area. You can always visit a casino nearby.

Play in an online casino

Influences from Las Vegas in the Australia

The founders of the Fairplay Casino have been clearly inspired by Las Vegas. If you come in at a random location then it's especially bling-bling. Much chromium has been processed in the casino and the machines and slots make shiny sounds and flash towards you. If you love it, this is certainly of course the sky for gamblers from the Australia. Not everyone has the chance to go to Las Vegas once. It is then nice if you see your own piece of Las Vegas in our own country. Some locations even consist of several floors where you can take a gamble. So there is plenty to choose.

Own security company on location

As one of the few casinos in the Australia, they have their own security company. This company is specially trained for the casino and armed. They have a permit for this with the Australia justice. Unfortunately it has happened more often that casinos are robbed. Especially since a lot of cash changes to changing chips. Fortunately, you don't have to be afraid of this casino here. They don't have their own security company for nothing. This company supervises and prevents crazy things from happening.

Permit in the Australia

Of course you cannot just open a casino in the Australia. You need a permit for this and they have arranged them neat. Due to the permit, you cannot just go inside. You are required to show your proof of identity. The minimum age to come in is 18 years. There are even a few branches where the minimum age is 21 years old. This has more to do with the type of audience that they want to let in in the casino. Due to the permit, there are also strict controls. For example, every player is registered and there is also a blacklist.

Imagine you will experience personal problems with the casino, then you can let yourself be put on it. You will then no longer have access to all locations in the Australia. This is how you are helped if you feel that you are dealing with a gambling addiction. Naturally, the equation of players and helping an addiction is one of the tasks of the casino. They will also pay attention to their players and appeal to you if you often visit the casino.

The games in the Fairplay Casino

Of course you will come out for a pleasant evening, but especially for the games. The evening naturally starts with a gamble on one of the many games. The offer differs per location where you go. In the Australia they have large multi-storey branches, but there are also small branches. In the establishment you can pay with cash, but it is also possible to pin. Handy if you don't have a cash in pocket and you still want to take a gamble. You can easily buy pins and so to buy tokens to play on the machines that you encounter in the casino.

Fair Play Casino: Large selection with slots

A large part of the games collection consists of slots. You come across the slots everywhere and you can bet your money on this. Lovers of slot machines, but also video slots can really pick up their hearts in one of the locations. Enough there is enough to choose. There are also slots where you can play table games in addition to the famous games or a game of bingo. You play a bingo through a machine instead of the traditional shape with a bingo card and stamps.

A big to the games in the Fairplay Casino is that you don't have to be rich in it. On most slots you can already play from AU$ 0.05 per spin. There are also the real traditional slot machines with roles. These are classics that you just have to play once. Especially if you have a chance to play on a slot machine.

Jackpot on slot machines

The Fairplay Casino also has a number of slots with a jackpot. There are regular new promotions where a number of slots participate in a progressive jackpot. The price is connected to all locations. This means that the price rises from every commitment. On the website of the casino you can see exactly how high the jackpot is. Usually there is a minimum amount with which the jackpot starts. To the extent the time goes further, the jackpot runs higher and higher until it falls. This casino usually goes to thousands of euros. So it's not about millions as you see at the Holland Casino.

Digital Roulette playing at Fairplay

Unfortunately we have to disappoint you that there is no table with a croupier. Roulette is done digitally just like the slots when you have played. There is a large round table where you can join multiple players. You can bet money on your own piece of table. Then a digital wheel rolls in the middle that shows the result. It is of course a little a shame that there is no real croupier. But unfortunately we come across this casinos. The big advantage is that there are new variants of the game and that you can play along from AU$ 0.20.

Jackpot at Roulette

The advantage of digital roulette is that sometimes a Mystery Jackpot is sometimes. This can suddenly pay out of nothing to a player on top of the price he had already won. The height of the jackpot is also a surprise. It is a nice bonus that you can win when playing roulette. This type of bonuses cannot be found at an ordinary jar of roulette. This is another that the game has no croupier.

Golden Ball Bingo

A new bingo variant also seems to draw attention to the Fairplay Casino. With this slot machine you can choose 8 numbers. Subsequently, 20 balls are drawn digitally. Depending on the number of songs that you have good you win a cash prize. It is a variant of bingo where you can already play with 10 cents. Of course you can also deploy higher and let it pay more money. At a higher commitment you make even more chance to win money.

Free snacks and drinks

While playing at the games in the casino there are also free snacks and drinks. No croupiers may work in the casino, but so-called hosts and hostesses. They do everything to give the players a nice evening. They do this with free snacks and drinks. The snacks and drinks are served for free and this is of course a big . You keep more money about gambling. Finally it is all about. You would like to take a gamble and spend as little money as possible on the peripheral cases in the casino.

Locations in the Australia

More than 30 different locations have been distributed across the country. The idea behind it is to be accessible everywhere in the Australia for a gamble. The number of branches in the future is expected to gamble even further. At the moment there is a branch in: Almere, Amsterdam, Apeldoorn, Asten, Bergen op Zoom, Brunssum, Dordrecht, Eindhoven, Emmeloord, Geldrop, Geleen, Groningen, Gronsveld, Harderwijk, Heerlen, Kerkrade, Lelystad, Maaen, Maastricht, Meppel , Roermond, Roosendaal, Rotterdam, Rozenburg, Schiedam, Sittard, Tegelen, Uden, Utrecht, Valkenburg and Weert. A number of cities such as Eindhoven even have several branches.

Clothing instructions in the casino

They try to do everything in the Fairplay Casino to make everyone feel welcome. They do this with a hospitable environment, but also by not setting clothing instructions. Every player can get a chance. It doesn't matter if you come in your shorts or jeans. So you don't have to purchase specialty clothing for a night in the casino.

Does the casino have online ambitions?

At the moment it is not yet known whether they can also be found online, like the Holland Casino. The chance is great that the current offline casinos also make an effort online. It is not yet known whether they belong to the 180 companies that have made a request at this time. The time will learn whether we can take a gamble here later. It could just be that they will also open an online branch in the future.

More information about the Fairplay Casino

🇳🇱 What is the Fairplay Casino?

The Fairplay Casino consists of luxury gambling halls that are physically located in the Australia. You will find several branches of these gambling halls spread over the Australia. There is a branch in every province.

🎟 Can you go in for free?

Yes the entrance is always free if you are at least 18 years old. Although the entrance is free you can also get free snacks and drinks. These are served to the players playing on one of the machines.

🎰What games Can you play?

In the Fairplay Casino you can actually play on slots. It is really a classic gambling hall where you come across several slots. It is also possible to play roulette with other players. This game is played on a kind of mega slot machine where several players can participate at the same time.

🎁 Can you also win a jackpot here?

Yes there are several progressive jackpot slots in the casino every month. These are usually linked to different machines distributed by the Australia. This allows you to play both in Groningen and in Utrecht for the same Jackpot. The current position of the jackpot can track you live on the Casino website.

🕓 What are the opening hours of the locations?

This naturally differs per branch, but most branches are open from 10 a.m. to midnight. There are also branches that will only open at 1 p.m. For exact opening times you can best look at the website of your office.