It offline casino It still works well in the Australia, but does notice competition from the online sites. Yet there are still a number of big names that dominate the market. For example, Jack's Casino belongs to the big names within the Australia. They have more branches than the famous Holland Casino in the Australia. There are 24 branches spread over the country. A number of branches are even open 24 hours a day. So you can visit the casino at any time of the day just like an online casino. At least with 24 locations there is always a location in your area.

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Free entrance, snacks and drinks

Unlike the Holland Casino you can enjoy free entrance, snacks and drinks here as a player. Outside gambling to get no extra costs on top. This is very nice because that way there just remains more money to gamble. An additional is that this is accessible to visit. Sometimes it is against that you first have to pay entrance to come in somewhere. You can just walk inside and see if it's something for you. If it's nothing for you you are free to leave again.

Arrangements with Van der Valk

A number of Jack's Casino branches are literally located in the Van der Valk Hotel or nearby. That is why the companies have entered into a partnership to set up arrangements. For example, you can visit Jack with an overnight stay in a Van der Valk Hotel. Or in advance with a luxury dinner before you start to start a pleasant evening. The packages can be booked online with an extra discount before you visit the casino.

Meet the casino games

In Jack's Casino, most casino games consist of devices and machines. So you see fewer croupiers here on the floor that try to make a party of it. Yet there is a nice game offer in the casino. The gaming offer differs per casino where you can take a gamble. Every establishment is different and a unique party to play in. For example, it really differs per location which games you will come across. This makes it much nice to visit the different locations.


Of course a casino is not complete without a game of roulette. You can choose from Megastar and Ministar Roulette. These are digital roulette tables where you can join as a player. On average, the tables have room for 5 to 8 players. The bets are entered digitally and a digital wheel in the middle turns the result. It is slightly different as opposed to the classic variant with a croupier, but the game is no less fun to play. We therefore recommend that you manage to move on.

Royal Derby

Do you love betting on horses? Then you can take a gamble at Royal Derby. This horse game is digitally and you can therefore bet on this every few minutes. You see live how your digital horse starts on the race. It is of course super exciting whether your horse is the first to get the finish line. The moment your horse passes the line you can start cheering.

Random Bingo

Are you loving bingo? Then it is super nice to play random bingo. This is a machine that calls numbers and you can buy a card in the casino. Finish your songs and who knows you get a full bingo card. If your card is full you can call hard bingo and collect your price. Look out that you don't have a bad bingo. After all, you have to win a good bingo.


There are different slots in a digital version in the casino. The cabinets are traditional, but the slot machine itself is digital. As a result, there is just more possible in terms of animations and fun. You can choose from different classics to take a gamble. With a bit of luck you can win a nice amount with it. Of course there are also a number of games with a jackpot. This is a progressive jackpot that further rises every second. Those succeed in winning the jackpot.


You will also find several classic slot machines outside the modern slots. If you ask us, these are certainly worth a gamble. With a bit of luck you will also turn a nice amount together. The only thing you have to do is throw in coins and turn the lever.

Safe and responsible gambling

In Jack's Casino they think it is important that players can gamble safely and responsibly. The employees are trained to keep an eye on players during gambling. It is looked at whether they still see their limits and do not go too far. All players are recorded in order to identify a risk of gambling addiction. It is important that a night out at Jack remains really cozy and not ends in a serious addiction. Upon arrival, the ID and age is always immediately checked before a player can really go inside. If it is necessary, an employee can refer a player to appropriate assistance. Especially when it comes to an addiction.

Locations Jack's Casino

Spread over the Australia, the casino now has more than 24 branches. A number are located in Van der Valk, but you can also visit if you don't spend the night at the hotel. The locations spread over the Australia are: Akersloot, Arnhem, Amersfoort, Amsterdam, De Brug A4, Deventer, Doetinchem, Duiven, Eemnes, Eindhoven, Gilze-Rijen, Groningen, Heerhugowaard, Helmond, Hoorn, Nijmegen, Oostzaan, Oss, Roermond, Roosendaal , Rotterdam, Sassenheim, Tilburg, Zeist, Utrecht and Zwolle. Some places such as Nijmegen even have two branches in the city. The opening times also differ per establishment. A number of branches are open 24 hours a day, but not all. Always check this on the website to visit you.

Dress code

Unlike other casinos, there is no dress code at Jack. So it is possible to just visit your work. Every occasion must be an opportunity to get a chance once. That is why they deliberately chose not to accept dressing code. If you feel like gambling once, you don't have to go home first to dress. This is of course a nice idea if you unexpectedly want to visit.

The casino for the ordinary people

Jack's Casino is not a luxury casino with beautiful branches such as the Holland casino. In addition, there are no croupiers that you welcome full luxury. This is actually a gambling palace for the ordinary people. The normal player feels at home here. In addition, the sandwiches and drinks are also free. As a player, you naturally don't want to be desired during a night out. The locations are actually accessible to everyone from the age of 18. Unless of course you are on the black list. Of course you can't come in in such a situation, but for the rest it is a freely accessible company. This makes it a favorite place for many players to give a chance once.

Casino prohibition

Despite the fact that the casino is free of charge, your identity is checked. You are also put in the computer to see if you have no prohibition somewhere. This is done for your own safety. For example, you get a prohibition if you show signs of addiction. To prevent you from gambling you can be put in a system. Once you get here you will not soon get from it. You may not go inside to give a gamble. As a player you will also receive a free admission ticket upon arrival. You have to show this evidence as employees ask. They try so that people secretly go inside that are on the list. In this way they try to keep gambling safe and responsible.

Online ambitions

Just like so many existing casinos, Jack's casino also has the ambition to one Online casino to open. This is not so strange seen the Holland Casino to take this step. They have indicated that the plans are already completely on paper. It is only waiting until they get green light from the government.

After the announcement in 2019 that a license comes Jack has probably reported. 180 casinos would have reported that they want a permit in the Australia for an online casino. Chances are that this company is included and also have a chance to win the first permits. There is a chance that the existing Australia gambling companies are given priority to the foreign sites. It is still a little to wait and see if the ambition really works. Yet we expect to see them back on the internet as soon as the first Australia online casinos appear.

This should you know about the Jack's Casino

💸 Is access to Jack's casino free?

Yes you can always go in for free at Jack. You also get free snacks and drinks offered in this casino. So you can experience an extra night out. The only thing you have to pay are the casino games that you are going on.

🎲 Which games can you expect with Jack?

In this casino you mainly come across slots and vending machines. Consider the well-known slot machines, but also modern video slots. In addition, there are also table games in the form of a machine. Via Ministar Roulette you can play roulette with multiple players at a time. There are also bingo machines.

🕘 What are the opening hours of Jack's Casino?

This differs per location. Most branches are open from 10 a.m. to midnight. There are also branches that remove until 03.00 or even 04.00. On the website you can see how do the locations open.

🇳🇱 Where do you find a branch?

There are a total of more than 29 branches spread over the Australia. You will find a branch in almost every province. From Amsterdam to Zeist everywhere you come there is a Jack nearby.

🖥 Can you also play Jack in an online casino?

Jack is also busy opening an online establishment. They even closed a collaboration with Evolution Gaming for this. After expectation we will be able to visit the online establishment at the end of 2021. You can also play online gambling at Jack from this moment. Until then we have to do it with the physical locations.