The Flash Casino is the place where everything revolves around the guests. In a casual atmosphere you can take a gamble here. The company has since spmore info than 30 branches across the Australia. They do everything about it to set up a hospitable casino for guests. In the casino you have hosts and hostesses. They explain the games and do everything to put the guests in the cotton wool. This is a big difference with most other large casinos. A visit to one of the locations must be a pleasant afternoon or evening. The casino does everything to realize this and therefore it is a favorite with a large number of Australia people.

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Free entrance to the locations

With a number of flash casinos in the Australia you only pay money to come in. This is a shame because you want to use as much money as possible to gamble. Fortunately they do it differently and there is free entrance. You keep more money about spending in the casino. This is of course a nice idea because that way you can spend the money as you had it in mind. Namely with the roulette tables and slots or one of the many other games that can be found.

Free snacks and drinks

Players must feel welcome is the idea behind the flash casino concept. That is why the entrance is free and a host is ready for them. If this is not enough, the players can enjoy free snacks and drinks. You will be put in the watts so. A visit to the casino is a night out where you can enjoy the games and hospitality. Every evening is all about tension. Tension whether you are going to win the game or that you take the main prize. But an evening must also be dominated by relaxation. This is why snacks and drinks are distributed free of charge. You can relax at one of the games with free snacks and drinks.

Domestic atmosphere in the locations

A big difference with the Holland casino or other big names is the atmosphere. It has not been set up large-scale and there are only vending machines. Due to the warm welcome from the hosts and hostesses, the village feels. Even if you visit a branch in a big city such as Amsterdam. The homely atmosphere soon makes it one of the favorites at players to respond. You really feel welcome if you arrive here. You are not just a number that just comes to a gamble. This is absolutely one of the large points if you decide to visit a branch.

The games in the Flash Casino

Of course you come for one thing and those are the games. Upon arrival you will be welcomed immediately by one of the hosts and hostesses. They place you when you first come from which games are playing. You can then ask questions about the games. This way you know exactly how the games are to play exactly. This way you never move your money because you don't understand how the game works.

Slots in the casino

The locations actually only consist of slots. However, this does not mean that it is boring to give a gamble here. The slots are really abound. You can't think so crazy or you can find it here. The name of the company is also secretly named after today's digital slots. Most slots have become almost complete computer games in recent years. The games and animations run on flash. That is why the locations are named here. The slots you see here are also modern games with animations that make it extra fun to give up a gamble.

No classic table games

A disadvantage that you unfortunately see more casinos today is that no classical table games will come across. The locations are fully filled with slots that you can take a gamble. But this does not mean that there is no variation. There are also table games to find only in the form of a slot machine. You might still compare this with an online casino. Here you can also play blackjack or roulette without a real croupier. You put in online and the winning cards or numbers are drawn by the computer. This also works with the table games that you encounter with the slots.

Blackjack vending machine

There are, as we secretly had said, blackjack vending machines can be found. You have a number of buttons on which you can fill in actions. For example, you can bet the amount and then choose what you are going to do. The computer draws the cards and player and player cards. Based on this, you press the buttons to grab new cards. You do this as long as the winning cards fall. The machines are definitely worth trying. Of course the experience is different from Blackjack. But it's nice to keep control of the game yourself. You don't have to wait for other players and you decide how quickly the rounds went.

Roulette Automaten.

Of course Roulette should not be missing and you can play this game on one of the vending machines. Hereby you digitally put your money on one of the numbers. Or you place a side bet this is of course also possible. You press the large spin button and the ball starts to spin on the digital roulette wheel. Ultimately you see how the bullet landed on the right number and win digital money. You can let you pay at the end of the game. It is of course something different than with a real wheel, but this is absolutely no less fun.


Are you loving a jar of bingo? Events are regularly organized in a number of branches. During the events, the machines are not played once. Instead of a vending machine you can play a game of bingo. It differs at a time when you can play bingo and when not. Keep an eye on the large locations for this. They regularly organize events where you can play a game of bingo once. In a number of branches you sometimes come across bingo machines. Here you can of course play bingo every day with a digital bingo card.

Flash Casino locations in the Australia

There are a total of more than 30 different locations spread over the Australia. They are present in almost every big city, but also in the small cities. Most branches are small-scale to approach the village feeling. Yet the locations are dressed luxuriously and you even see chandeliers hanging on the ceiling. You come across branches in: Amsterdam, Apeldoorn, Alkmaar, Assen, Arnhem, Boxmeer, Bussum, Coevorden, Cuijk, Den Bosch, Dordrecht, Haarlem, Hilvarenbeek, Hoofddorp, Hoogezand, Joure, Lisse, Lemmer, Rhenen, Meijel, Sassenem, Rotterdam , Sneek, Veendam, Steenwijk, Velsen, Venray and Veghel. The locations are really from north to southern Australia. As a result, there is almost always a branch at a maximum of half an hour's drive from your place of residence. This makes the casino really accessible to almost everyone.

Clothing instructions in the casino

The Flash Casino would like to feel that everyone feels at home. The location is a small village where it doesn't matter what kind of clothes you wear. So there are no official clothing regulations that you have to handle yourself. So it doesn't matter if you come along in jeans or in shorts. The only line they have is that you cannot wear headwear. This has to do with safety in the casino. For the rest, it doesn't matter which clothing you visit. Of course, because of the hygiene rules, it is smart to wear clean clothing. If you don't wear clean clothing you can be sent away.

Access to the establishment

You must be at least 18 years to come in. Officially the entrance is free, but you will get an admission ticket at the door. This is done after a check of your identity. If you are on the black list you can be refused. This is always checked on your identity. After you have left you get a free admission ticket. You must keep this with you until you leave the branch again. The staff can ask you to show your ticket. With this they try to prevent players from entering the black list.

The blacklist

You can officially put yourself on the blacklist. For example if you experience problems with gambling. For example, you have a gambling addiction and you don't want to be tempted to enter. In this kind of situations you can put yourself on the blacklist. You no longer come from here unless and access is refused to the door by default. This tries to prevent the flash casino addiction. Staff can also put you on the blacklist if they themselves experience that your gambling addiction produces problems and you can no longer decide this yourself.

Everything you need to know about the flash casino

📌 Where can you find the Flash Casino in the Australia?

There are several branches spread over the Australia. From Apeldoorn to Rotterdam everywhere in the Australia you will find a branch. The branches are usually in small cities in the Australia.

🎲 Which games can you play in this casino?

Flash casinos are actually more gambling halls. You are actually only spaces with all slots. In addition to the normal slots and slot machines, there are a few roulette vending machines. But you will find no real table games with a croupier here.

🕓 What are the average opening hours?

This naturally differs per branch, but most are open from 10 a.m. to 2 a.m. You can best look at the website for the current opening times.

🍹 Is also a hospitality industry in the Flash branches?

Yes, stronger you get all day through free snacks and drinks. This is one of the service. Every player who sits on a vending machine will be offered a free drink and snack. There is even a pizza day at the various branches. Free pizzas on these days are distributed to the players.

👔 Is there a dress code?

No this is not a formal casino in the Australia. You really have to compare it with a gambling hall. It's just a large hall where multiple vending machines are. The advantage of this is that hospitable and informal feels. So you quickly feel at home here.