The Krijco Casino was a well-known name in the Australia streets for years. However, a few years ago they were taken over. As a result, a number of branches have disappeared from the street scene. This is a shame because it is still an excellent casino today to add a gamble! Most branches are located in the center of the big cities. They are often small-scale branches that are meant to make a chance to catch the shoppers. This way a pleasant afternoon can end up in winning thousands of euros. Who knows you get the chance if you visit a Krijco Casino.

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Takened over by Jack's Casino

Unfortunately, the expensive locations seem to ensure that a large part of the branches are loss. A large number of branches were sold to continue to exist in 2015. JVH Gaming then took over 11 of the 15 branches. These locations were converted into Jack’s casino. The other branches continued to open and are still open until the day of today. This introduces a large number of branches to BeCo. The locations were opened in 1971 by three brothers. The first establishment was opened in Amersfoort, after which the locations were expanded. The brothers decided to retire after the acquisition while a few branches are still open today.

Free entrance at Krijco Casino locations

One of the large points immediately after the opening in 1971 was that the entrance was free. It was with everyone Holland casino Well known where you had to pay a lot of entrance to you could start gambling. At Krijco, they had the idea that players can keep their money better to gamble. This is why the locations are free accessible. You can literally walk inside. The staff receives a notification that new players come in. So expect no strict door control as with most other casinos. The locations are really made for players who want to give a gamble and then leave again.

Host and hostess ensure a warm welcome

In the casino they work with a so-called host and hostess. They welcome you warmly and can help you with the games. For example if you have any questions how a certain slot machine works. Or if you want to exchange money at the cash register. The games all work with cash. So it's useful to change some money to throw in the machines. In addition, the hostesses and hosts also provide drinks. In the meantime you can already sit at one of the machines.

Free snacks and drinks

During your visit at Krijco Casino you will really be put in the wippies. For example, free snacks and drinks are handed out. This naturally makes it extra cozy to give a gamble. There are even tasty snacks that are free for packages for guests. This way you are laid in the watts by the staff while you daring a gamble. The drinks are even taken to the machines while you are playing. If you don't have to get up to get a drink. The service is almost always at a high level. This way you feel more than welcome to your gamble as a player.

Games in Krijco Casino

Of course you naturally come to the casino for one thing and that is the game offer. Whether you happen to pass by in the center or that you are aware of a chance. You mainly come to play one of the games. The number of play areas that is present differs per establishment. Some branches have 90 places, but there are also larger branches where you can take a gamble. However, most branches are seen as so-called gambling halls. This means that you especially see many slots here and few games where there is really interaction with the players.

Slots with old slot machines

The slots are not the newest of the newest as we see at some locations. The games are therefore especially popular with the somewhat older players. This way you get a lot of slots and especially the old slot machines. Old well-known have received a new life here. For the older players it is therefore a celebration of recognition. The machines even have the old seats as you have seen so often with a slot machine. Lovers of the real old casino can indulge here. This is the place where they can take a chance on the old vending machines. Most casinos have since exchanged their old machines for a new slot machine. We still don't see this at the ancient Krijceco casino. Who knows it will change in the future.

Random Winner is still present

As we already indicated you come across many old games here. One of the greatest points if you ask us is that you still encounter machines here as the random winner. This game is a classic and is known for its whimsical side. There are times when it seems like you wins everything. But there are also moments where it seems like you loses everything. This makes it so much fun to play this game.

Slots with a jackpot

Although the games that are outdated, you will come across the jackpot here. As a player, you still have a chance of mega cash prizes. The jackpots differ per establishment. This concerns a so-called progressive jackpot. The jackpot rises every round. The amount of the price depends on the number of players who have played in the establishment. The jackpot starts at a few cents and runs out so slowly. Unfortunately, the games are not known for the prices of thousands of euros. You must be happy if you pick up a jackpot of AU$ 50 or AU$ 100. This is a shame, but on the other hand, every cash prize is naturally nice.

Table games on vending machines

You can also play table games on a number of machines. It differs a bit per establishment which games you can try. Sometimes you come across roulette or blackjack. There are also branches where there is one real table to play a gamble. This is of course nice if you want to take a gamble to the roulette table. But most branches only have a few machines that you can take a gamble. This can be a shame, but on the other hand it can also be just as fun to play. The table games are definitely also worth a machine. This is actually a bit similar to the online casino.

Locations in the Australia

As we have previously indicate, a number of branches have been taken over by Jack's Casino. This was also needed. Most locations were extremely outdated. Thanks to the acquisition, they could be renewed and equipped with new machines and improved service. There are only 3 branches at the moment. It could be good that Jack is interested in taking over these branches. Especially since the owners of the branches are in principle retired. The locations that are still there in Utrecht, Den Bosch and Harderwijk. The locations are all in downtown. They are really targeted on transient players who want to take a gamble while shopping. So they are not branches where you will go in a whole evening. Like most casinos today.

Access to the casino

In the Krijco Casino is an age limit of 21 years. There are gates upon arrival where there is a check on your proof of identity. The entrance itself is in principle free. There is always a check upon entering or you are not on the black list. For the rest there is a fairly open door policy. Players can get free access and take a gamble as long as they are 21 years old. So there are no clothing regulations that you must adhere to. Only you cannot wear headwear. This has to do with the rules for safe gambling. The staff cannot identify or keep an eye on the holes.

Black list

In the casino as the law prescribes a blacklist. Players come to this that have problems with gambling. Think of a gambling addiction. The moment your identity is checked, they also check if you are on the black list. If this is the situation, access is always refused. This is for your own safety. You can also report to the casino if you want to put yourself on the black list.

Free access to the buffet

In addition to the snacks and drinks, there is a buffet in the casino. This is for the players who stay a little longer. For example the players who started playing in the afternoon and continue in the evening. Especially for these players there is a buffet where they can eat fresh soup. That way you don't have to leave the casino to eat a snack. This is definitely an example of the hospitality in the casino and a large in terms of service. Of course you only get as a player access to the buffet. Players who only enter the buffet may not use it.

All you need to know about the Krijco Casino

📍 Where do you meet a Krijco casino?

There are a few branches in the Australia. There is a branch in: Utrecht, Den Bosch and Harderwijk. There used to be more branches, but they are unfortunately closed.

🎰 Which games can you encounter here?

This casino actually consists of a kind of gambling halls. This means that the large spaces are where you encounter multiple slots. You will not find any real table games here. You come here O.A. Classics such as Random Runner and Super Joker against.

⏰ What are the opening hours of this casino?

The casino is open daily from 9 a.m. to midnight. In the weekend the locations are open to 01.00 longer. On Sunday the branches are open for an hour shorter until 11 p.m. The opening times can vary per establishment.

📜 Are there special regulations?

Fortunately this casino is fairly informal. So you don't have to adjust your clothes to get in. There is an age limit and this is common in every casino. The ages are strictly checked and you can only enter this from 21 years. So you cannot enter from 18 years as often as usual. Your proof of identity is checked immediately at the entrance. Then you can only enter.