If you regularly visit the online casino comes a moment that you want to pay money. For example because you want to play with a larger budget. Or because you have recently paid your profit and therefore no longer have a balance on your account. If you are planning to add money, we recommend watching a reload bonus. This is a special bonus that you will receive if you bet money. There are a number of online casinos that give away such a bonus. They do this to keep a player at the casino. Most casinos know that welcome bonuses are giving away and players leave if they can get better. This is the reason that this promotion is devised for players in the casino.

Up to AU$ 250

50 Gratis Spins

Up to AU$ 200

220 Gratis Spins

Up to AU$ 500

130 Gratis Spins

Up to AU$ 250

150 Gratis Spins

What can you expect from a reload bonus?

The casinos naturally determine which parts they add to the bonus. Most casinos choose to add a money bonus and free spins. You will receive the bonus from a minimum deposit. The minimum deposit differs per casino. Sometimes you only have to deposit AU$ 20, but it is also possible that you have to deposit a minimum of AU$ 50. The reload always costs you money, but here you get a new balance for return and an offer. The offer varies per casino and is worth checking.

Extra money at a deposit

There are casinos that give extra money as a gift at a Reload Bonus. This is always less than with the first deposit in the casino. You must think about about 25% to 50% of the amount that you deposit. So if you have AU$ 100 deposit you get AU$ 25 to AU$ 50. Please note that it is an extra. As a permanent, AU$ 25 is naturally nice. Not every casino gives away money when you add extra money. So you really have to check this before creating an account. It may be worth playing at a casino where they give away this.

Free spins with a new deposit

Most casinos do not give any money away from a new deposit. They give away from money free spins instead. Free spins have the advantage that they cost a casino less money. In addition, the casino can introduce you to multiple websites. For example, they give away free spins on a new slot machine that has recently released. The free spins with a reload differ per casino. Usually there is a minimum deposit for it and you get between 20 and 50 spins gift. The value is approximately AU$ 0.10 to AU$ 0.15 per spider. Usually it is the minimum value of a spider.

Special days for a bonus

There are online casinos that do not give a reload bonus as standard. They only give the bonus on special days as a gift. Check the bonus policy for this. This is always indicated on the website. There are websites that, for example, give away free spins on Monday and money on Friday. They alternate every day with a new promotion for loyal players. The Free Spins games themselves are also regularly changed. This way you play a different game every week if you bet money. It can be worth checking whether your gambling site has special deposit days. It can be nice to bring this extra when you already plan to plunge money.

Bonus for highrollers

Do you decide to become a highroller gambling after a number of times in a specific casino? Then you can take advantage of an extra high bonus. A special highroller bonus is available in a number of casinos. This is no longer about AU$ 50 or AU$ 75. With a highroller bonus you can get 50% gift to, for example, a maximum of AU$ 2,000. If you have AU$ 2,000 deposit you just get AU$ 1,000 gift. This is only a gift to get. There are a number of online casinos that have these types of actions for existing players. This makes it worth it to deposit an extra in the casino once. You can be rewarded for it. Or just get started as a highroller. Finally, you also have more options with a larger budget.

Conditions at De Bonus

Please note that the bonus conditions apply if you use it. This means that in no case you receive real money from the casino. If you start a game, the amount that you have received from Bonus will come. In addition, you also see the amount that you possibly have won with the Free Spins at Bonus. Before it comes to your balance you have to unlock it. The rules for this differ per casino. Usually you have to use the amount between 35 and 45 times to play it free. In addition, you will not have access to the live casino as long as you have a bonus on your account. Always check the conditions before you activate the bonus. You also know if there is a maximum time to release. This is of course also useful to know in advance.

Reload for VIP players

There are also online casinos with a special VIP club. Faithful players can expect an invitation to this. As a VIP you get to do with other conditions. For example, you get special offers that you can only use as a member of the VIP club. This way you get a bonus more often and you are invited more often to add extra money. In the VIP Club the amounts are also higher at a promotion. You do not usually have to settle for AU$ 50 with a deposit. Sometimes it is a thousand euros or more. Of course this differs per online casino. The casinos determine how much money they give away in a deposit.

The benefits of this promotion

The biggest advantage of a reload bonus is that it is an extra. After all, you already plan to add extra money. It is then extra nice if you also get money with a gift. Thanks to the promotion you can enjoy your favorite games even longer. Who knows you even grab a great amount of money if you use the Free Spins. If you get money as a gift, of course you can increase your insert per round. As a result, strategies that you could not use in terms of budget first.

Compare the offers per casino

Not every casino lives loyal players if they regularly pay money. It is therefore worthwhile to compare all offers. On our website we have different online casinos where you can expect such a promotion. You can create an account here and take advantage of the promotions at a later time. But take it with you if you are going to compare the casinos. If you don't have to switch again at a later time because the website has no promotions for existing players.

Reload bonus Q& A

🔄 What is a reload bonus?

This is a bonus that you receive if you deposit money again on your account. You have already paid money in the past. By doing this again you can benefit from a bonus again at some online casinos.

📈 How high is a reload bonus?

Unfortunately, this is almost always lower than a welcome bonus. Usually it is a percentage that is between 25% and 75%. Sometimes you don't get a percentage paid out, but only free spins for your deposit.

🎁 Do you come across the bonus in any online casino?

No There are casinos that only give new players a bonus and where you will never hear anything. So it's special if you come across the bonus.

🎊 Do you also have to play the reload freely in the casino?

Yes, just like the normal deposit bonus you also have to free this bonus. The rules for release are actually the same as with the normal bonus.

⌚️ Can you use this bonus at any time?

This bonus is usually given on special days. For example if you add money on Monday or on the weekend. This is just something to take it into account. So put this day with a reminder in your agenda, so you don't forget to make use of it.