The casino welcome bonus is one of the best known offers that we encounter in the online casino. The bonus has been specially devised to transfer players to create a new account. The competition between the different casinos is enormous. This makes it difficult for players to make a choice. The casinos try to persuade players with offers. The offers are only valid for players who create a new account. One of the conditions is that you must be 100% new. You should therefore not have created an account before. A new e-mail address does not work because the websites check your IP address.

Direct the best casino welcome bonus

In the top list below you will always find the most interesting and current welcome bonuses

Casino Welcome bonus consists of a package with offers

In most online casinos, the bonus consists of a package with offers. You can receive various promotions. All you have to do is create a new account. You will then immediately receive a no deposit. This is a bonus that you don't have to deposit money. If this is not enough, you often get a deposit bonus. This is a bonus that you only receive if you deposit money. It differs per casino what you actually get a gift.

No deposit upon registration

As part of the welcome bonus, most players get a no deposit gift. This is a small gift that you immediately receive after registration. All you have to do is create a new account. You will then receive 10 to 50 free spins on a designated slot machine. You don't have to do much for it, but in return you get a nice gift. In short, if you ask us a super deal for creating a new account. After registration you can get started immediately without having to deposit a euro. You can easily get to date with one of the slots in the casino.

Deposit bonus at first casino deposit

There are online casinos that completely skip the No Deposit. They only give a deposit bonus for new players. Yet this is secretly the best bonus. 10 to 50 free spins from AU$ 0.10 to AU$ 0.15 is nice, but you are so through. It is much more fun if you get a large amount as a gift from your first deposit. With most casinos you get a 100% bonus if you first deposit money. This means that the amount that you plump is doubled free of charge. If you have AU$ 50, AU$ 100 is automatically made. In addition, you usually also receive free spins with your deposit. At least you can get started with this in contrast to the No Deposit.

Reload at second deposit

There are also casinos that as part of the casino welcome bonus give a reload gift. You will receive the reload if you deposit money for the second time. With your second deposit you always receive a smaller gift. Yet there are also gambling sites where you get 50% to 100% gift Free Spins. This makes it worth depositing money. The reload as part of the welcome bonus is usually worth more money in contrast to a normal reload.

Cashback bonus instead of deposit bonus

There are also online casinos that do not opt for a deposit bonus. Instead, they give away a cashback bonus. This is a kind of insurance that you can benefit from as a player. You covers the insurance if you take a chance for the first time. They assure that you are guaranteed to win money in the online casino. If this fails you get money back. The conditions is that your money really has to get rid of completely. If this happens, you can expect your money back to your account within 48 hours. Usually it is about a percentage of the amount that you have lost. You can make a new attempt in the hope that you will now win.

Conditions with a welcome bonus

Please note that a casino welcome bonus are always connected conditions. For example, the conditions are that you really have to be 100% new, you really have to deposit money and receives your bonus money. So keep in mind that you will never receive a real money. You don't get a AU$ 100 cash gift. They do this express that you really start using the money in the casino. They want you to get to know the website with the promotion. To encourage this you need to play the money that you receive as a bonus free. The moment you play the money free, it becomes real money. You also see a distinction between when you start a game. At the bottom you see your balance with your own money and bonus with the money you have received. Bonus also stands money that you possibly have won the bonus. Only when it is released it becomes real money.

How can you release the bonus?

The casino welcome bonus can be released by gambling with it. It's actually that simple. In the conditions of the casino you can stand how often you have to bet the money on the games. On average this is between 35 and 45 times. If the money is still intact, you will play the part that is intact free. The money then appears to be balance when you open a game. Keep in mind that the release takes a lot of time. You cannot bet the money 35 times in one go. So you have to do this in pieces. In a number of casinos, one of the conditions that you have to free the money within 48 hours to 2 weeks. If you do not expire this bonus. In short, make sure you have the time to gamble before you start free.

Always read the conditions

If you are going to choose a casino based on the welcome bonus, we advise you to read yourself well. Sometimes a casino looks like welcome bonus, but the conditions are bad. This makes you the chance that you really play the money freely. Therefore always check the conditions before you create a new account somewhere. The conditions are actually just as important as the bonus itself. After all, you want to get a chance to play a promotion freely. Therefore always check the conditions for your decision to make sure.

Get the most out of the casino welcome bonus

If you are planning to go for a welcome bonus, we advise you to maximize. Most promotions have conditions for the maximum deposit. Imagine getting a 100% bonus if you first deposit money and another 100% if you turn money again after a week. But the maximum deposit is AU$ 150. If you get AU$ 150, so you get AU$ 300 as a gift from the casino. This gives you balance to AU$ 600. You often get such a bonus once. Our tip is to get the most out of it and ensure that you receive the bonus completely. This way you benefit from a nice balance and you can immediately participate in the casino as a highroller.

Everything you need to know about the welcome bonus

🙋♀️ When will you receive a welcome bonus?

A welcome bonus has been specially devised for new players in the online casino. It is actually a camp to have them made a new account. You will receive the bonus upon registration or first deposit money on your account.

🐍 Is there a vein under the grass at the bonus?

The only vein under the grass is that you have to play the bonus freely. Unfortunately you cannot activate the bonus and immediately pay for your bank account. So you have to play it free. The rules for free play differ per casino. For most online casinos it is intended that you bet the money a minimum number of times in the casino.

💳 Do you always have to deposit money for this bonus?

Usually you do really have to deposit money. For example if you receive a 100% bonus. You will be doubled here when you deposit money. But then you first have to deposit money. But sometimes we also come across a no deposit bonus. You only have to create a new account. Often this is a small bonus, for example free spins or a small amount of money.

📣 Do you always have to indicate that you want to use the bonus?

In some online casinos you have to fill in a code with your deposit. You indicate that you want to use the bonus. There are also online casinos where the welcome bonus is automatically activated with your first deposit. You do not have to fill in a code.