Roulette is one of the most popular games in the online casino after slots. The reason why Roulette play is so popular? It is easy to understand. But also because almost everyone knows it. If we can mention casino games from our head without experience, you first hear the slot machines and then roulette. The game with the ball is also called it. But thanks to exciting strategies the game with the ball is much more than just a ball for some players. They really try to take everything out of it and so much money to gamble on a ball.

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What is Roulette?

Roulette is actually an originally French game although opinions are rather distributed. The basis consists of a table with a wheel. On the wheel are all numbers from 0 to 35. The boxes are red or black colored with one exception and that is the zero. The zero always has a black box. The same numbers come back to the table. With tokens you can now start money on the numbers of the wheel. If all spellers have been used, the croupier adds a ball to the wheel. He is now running the wheel and the ball starts to tab. The box on which the ball stays is wins. The players who have deployed this will win a money amount depending on their commitment. So you should therefore try to guess what number the ball ends.

Play the game rules at Roulette

The rules at Roulette are fairly simple and this is also the reason why the game is so popular to play. It is actually the intention that you are going to predict which number is going to win. You can bet your data sheet in different ways. The simplest way is a straight bet. Here you place one card on one number. If you win the casino you pay 35 times your bet. Another way to bet is a split bet. Hereby you put the sheet exactly in the middle between two numbers. You now set in two numbers with one sheet at the same time. The payment in profit is 17 times the commitment. For example, there is also a street bet (3 numbers in 1 row), corner (block of 4 numbers), line bet (bets on 2 rows of 6 numbers with one file).

Install outside bets

The above bets that we have discussed above are called Inside Bets. There are also so-called outside bets and side bets that you can bet on chips. An outside bet is, for example, a column. Hereby you put a sheet on one of the three columns. The payout is 2 times the commitment to a profit. You can also opt for a 12 number dozen 2 times the commitment to a profit. Another option is 1/18 and 19/36. Hereby you win your commitment once. There is also a little / odd and black / red. Both pay the bet as a profit 1 times. The chances of course are of course a lot higher than a straight bet. The chance that a straight bet falls is 2.7%. The chance that you fall red or black is 48.6%.


Some roulette tables also have the neighbors game. This differs a bit per table and casino. The neighbors game is an oval plane that you see at the top next to the normal deployment table. At the neighb's game you can use a number of standard with a few chips. You have the small circle, large circle, orphans, numbers around the zero. Each bet is done on a number of numbers that are usually next to each other on the wheel. This is done with split bets and some straight bets. The advantage of the neighbors game is that you can spread without having to think of what numbers you are going to bet. As a result, the neighbors game is often popular to use strategy at Roulette.

House advantage for the casino

At Roulette Games you also get to do with the house advantage. In addition to the wrong bets, the casino also wants to win some. That is why they devised the house advantage years ago. The number zero was added to the wheel. The online casino actually plays with this number. If the zero falls, the casino always wins. There are a few exceptions, but those differ per roulette variant that you play. But in principle the casino wins as the zero falls. With some casino variants there is an extra house advantage. In addition to the zero you also see the zero and double zero. The casino therefore makes this twice as likely to win. Incidentally, the zero also has the color green on the wheel. This is not just to stand out extra, but also that you cannot win with a black / red bet when the zero falls.

European roulette table

This is the most played variant in the online casino. This game has a single house advantage. This means that there is only one zero in the game and therefore no surprise with a double zero. You also play the game according to the rules from above. You can therefore place different bets and hope that you know the right numbers to predict. With many players, the European variant is the favorite. The terms in the game on the table are usually indicated in English.

Frans Roulette Table

Playing roulette can of course also be the French table on the original roulette table. Two extra French rules have been added to the French table. La Partage and and Prison. These rules are actually devised for players who play with a red / black bet and deal with the house advantage. It naturally does extra pain if the zero falls and you could only win your bet as a profit anyway. That is why the French devise this rule as an exception. Imagine on red or black. The zero falls then you can choose and Prison or La Partage. At La Partage you get half of your bet back when the zero falls. At and prison you can choose to get half your bet back but immediately to put back on the same color.

So if you had deployed on red, play once again with half your bet. If you now win then you just have won your loss. Thanks to these additional rules, the house advantage is lower for the casino. Keep an eye on! These rules are only with a red / black bet and not with other bets. Incidentally, they work at Frans Roulette with a house advantage of only one zero.

American roulette table

The only table that can unpack negative for players is American roulette. Instead of a home advantage with one zero you come across the double zero here. There are no further advantages for players. The only difference with European roulette is that the numbers on the wheel have a different order. There are players who choose American roulette and increase the double zero on the purchase. They get over to American roulette because of the fact that they think that the other order drops certain numbers more often. However, this has never been proven.

Live casino tafel

Nowadays you can also play roulette in a live casino. With a live casino there is a live stream connection through video cameras with a real casino. Here a table has been rented especially for online players. So there is a real croupier in front of your nose with a computer. The computer is out of image, but for example, the croupier can see where you bet. You can also chat with the croupier to make the experience extra realistic. With a live casino, the minimum bet is often a bit higher, but you can also use a maximum higher than normal.

High deployment roulette

Playing at Roulette, it is of course important that you are going to bet really money. This is the only way you can really win money. You have tables with a low bet, normal deployment and high deployment. The normal tables has no further term. At the high deployment tables you see behind the name Hi. At the low insert tables there is usually a LO behind the name. When you bet low you can often play along from AU$ 0.01 per round up to a maximum of AU$ 5. At high bets, the minimum bet is sometimes at AU$ 25 to a maximum of AU$ 500. Do you really want to use high? Then choose the live casino. Here you can often play from AU$ 1 to AU$ 10,000 and sometimes even AU$ 75,000.

Waag a gamble with a roulette strategy

At Roulette, secretly belongs to a strategy. Different roulette strategies have been devised over the years that you can use during a gamble. Some can really take care of success. But with other systems you really have to be lucky to win. Yet it remains fun to speculate about this and even try out some strategies. Who knows you can crack the casino with your own strategy.

Questions and answers about Roulette

📲 Can you play the game with online roulette?

Most players use a roulette strategy to influence the game. Of course you can raise your chances of winning. But this is purely spread by spreading your chances or to play with your commitment. Eventually Roulette remains a game of chance and you can never fully influence the game.

🎥 What is the difference between live roulette and the table games variant?

In theory you just play roulette at both variants. But what is the big difference between live and the table games version? At the live version you play in a real casino or studio. You see live how the wheel is turned and the bullet on a number of land. At the table version you play a 3D version of the game.

🏡 Is there a house advantage?

Yes there is certainly a house advantage. This is the number 0. This number is green and the casino wins as standard if this number falls. You cannot deploy money on the zero.

💎 How high is the payout percentage at Roulette?

This is located on the variant that you will play. At European and French Roulette, the payout percentage is 97.3%. With American roulette, the percentage is at 94.74%. The American version has a double house advantage, which means that the payout percentage is lower.

⚙️ Is online play online at Roulette?

Yes it is just safe to use your money at a legal and secure online casino. The digital roulette table works on the basis of a random Number generator. This answers a winning number. That way it is a surprise which number will fall.