Are you also such a lover of slots? Do you always want to play first on the latest slots? Or do you find an online casino nice when the best slots can be found? Then of course you are always looking for the best free spins bonus! Discover all types of bonuses with Free Spins here, which spins when you get free and how you spin those free spins again in real money. In short, everything you need to know about the Free Spins bonus you read here! Do you already know everything? Then immediately choose the best bonus below with the best free spins and play online immediately!

The best free spin bonuses

What is a free spins bonus?

The first is of course useful to know what a free spins bonus is actually! With this casino bonus you get free spins like player or you can play free rounds on a slot machine. Normally the money takes place as soon as you press that spin button at an online lock. But because you play with a free spins bonus, this round is suddenly free.

The values of such a free spin differs per casino and per slot machine. The value is usually between AU$ 0.10 and AU$ 0.50 per round. On top of that, the casino always opts on which slot your Free Spins are available. So have you received a no deposit free spins bonus? Then you can't just choose a slot machine. You can find in the bonus conditions on which lock you can use the spins for free.

What types of free spins bonuses are there?

You always have two different types of casino bonuses, namely the deposit and no deposit bonuses. At a deposit bonus, the name it actually says, you get a bonus as soon as you make a deposit. So at the No Deposit bonus you naturally get a bonus without having to deposit money.

Many online casinos give a casino bonus away to persuade you as a player to create an account. The bonus No Deposit Free Spins is often given to new players. This way you can test the nicest slots in the casino for free and so the gambling site you keep playing. You already get these free spins without a deposit as soon as you create an account. That's all you have to do.

Are you convinced of the casino? Then you can make a 1st deposit and you can often get much more free spins. Many online casinos provide 100 free spins away from a first deposit, in addition to the 100% bonus that you often get. That way you can immediately start your new account.

Every deposit bonus that you get free spins has different conditions. Therefore always check where your free spins are to use. In addition, you will usually get the spins from the casino spread over several days. For example, you get 50 free spins for two days or sometimes a casino chooses that you will get 25 free spins spread over 4 days. Exactly know when you get which spins gets free? Check the bonus conditions of the casino!

Conditions at De Bonus

All online casinos are certainly connected to the bonuses that you get from them. The bonus conditions differ per online casino. But they are the same in the basis. For example, one of the conditions to get a deposit bonus that you deposit a minimum amount.

The deposit bonuses usually consist of two parts, namely a percentage of bonus money and free spins. How much bonus money you get depends on how much money you deposit. But this is with the free spins that you often get the case. You always get the free spins, as long as you meet the conditions.

You must therefore always meet these bonus conditions. That means depositing the minimum amount but also that you are really new at the casino. Online casinos always do an identity check. Is that not really new because you have ever created an account in the past? Then unfortunately you don't get a bonus.

We just told you that your Free Spins cannot simply use all slots. In the Casino bonus conditions you will find at which lock the spins are available. On the bonus page of the casino is often stated on which lock you can use the spins.

Verifier your account on time

Have you only verified your account after you played with the bonus? Then you run the risk that you lose everything you won with the bonus again if you are not 100% new. So make sure that you only activate the bonus if you can meet the conditions. The smartest is of course to immediately verify your account if you have created it. Then you know for sure that you do not come for surprises if you want to pay off your profit!

Free Spins Free Spins

Have you won money with the Free Spins Bonus? Then unfortunately you cannot pay attention to your account immediately. The amount that you have won come to your bonus money. Once you log in, you see two balances: the money you have deposited and your bonus money. And you must always release that bonus money to pay out. How do you do that? You also read that in the bonus conditions.

The release of your bonus money happens by using it several times at the casino games. As we just told you, the conditions differ per online casino. But the number of times your money has to bet before you have released it is usually between 30 and 50 times. In addition, not all casino games count or count for 5%.

Do you want to know how to play your bonus money free? Then check our online casino review. We always tell you by casino how to play the bonus there! Saves you back all the conditions 😉.

Is it possible to play your bonus money free? Then it automatically comes to your ordinary balance! From now on you can do what you want with this money. You can of course use it again to gamble online and make your profit even bigger! But of course you can also choose to deposit the money on your bank account.

But which slots can you play now?

Of course you want to know that slots you can bet your free free spins. As we told you, you will find in the bonus conditions for which lock the spins are valid. But of course the casino also gets that as a player not just want to play on a lock.

That is why the online casinos always give spins as a gift on slots such as Starburst or Book of Dead. These slots are so popular that it is logical to present free spins. Even if new slots are launched, the online casinos often give extra free spins for this. But you can more info about that later!

Sometimes you have lucky and the casino has made a selection of different slots. The Free Spins that you have received are not valid at just 1 slot machine. It is possible that you can choose from 10 slots to bet your free spins.

Score the free spins bonus

You now know what the Free Spins Bonus is, which variants are there and that conditions are always connected to the bonus. Now it's time to discover how you can actually score such a bonus.

We already told you that you first have to make a deposit before a deposit bonus before you get the free spins. But we also told you how to get free spins no deposit. Below we will explain to you how you get that exactly for each other.

Free spins without having to deposit money

The Free Spins without a deposit is a bonus that is not very often given away. It can cost the casino of natural money if you get it done to play the bonus completely free. You therefore don't get a lot of free spins, usually this number is around 20 free spins. And you don't even have to deposit money.

But some online casinos give the free spins without a deposit. For example, you can get 10 free spins after registration. In that case you have to create an account at the casino.

After your account has been created, it must be verified. As we told you there soon, it is useful to do this immediately. Has your account verified? Then it is now time to gamble with free spins no deposit.

You don't have to activate the No Deposit Free Spins separately. You go to the slot machine on which the free spins are valid and will immediately see that you can play with the bonus.

Free spins at a deposit bonus

Are you ready to deposit money at the online casino? Then it's time to delve into the deposit free spins bonus. As we already told you, many gambling sites give away bonuses to new players to pull them over the line. But existing players are also not forgotten and can use bonuses.

First you can often get a welcome bonus. This bonus often consists of one or more deposit bonuses. You can receive a percentage of bonus money, for example 150 or 100% bonus. You often also get free spins.

The number of spins that you get varies properly. In one casino you only get 50 free spins, while you can get to the other 200 Free Spins.

So it is advisable to compare all the Free Spins bonuses! Fortunately you don't have to find far, because At the top of this page We have collected the best bonuses with free spins at the moment for you.

Grab a reload bonus and get more free spins!

Do you regularly play in an online casino? Then of course it is also nice to occasionally get new free spins. Fortunately, that can be very easy! Many casinos give A Reload Bonus path.

Such a reload bonus is often given on a specific day. On that day, you must make a minimum deposit of, for example, 30 euros, to be able to use the bonus.

You come across the Reload Bonus in different ways. For example, with some casinos you get 100 free spins if you get 10 euros on Wednesday. You then have a real free spins bonus.

It can also happen that a reload is given where you get a percentage, just like with the welcome bonus. You often get a number of free spins with this bonus fee.

Discover the latest releases with Free Spins

Finally, there are also casinos that give away free spins for new slots. Has NetEnt a blast of a lock again? There is a good chance that your casino gives free spins away from this! You can meet the latest slot machine immediately.

The casinos usually send a message to your account for this or you will receive an email. So also sign up for the Casino newsletter. Then you never miss the extra bonuses again, you are always aware of the last casino games and of course then you know for sure that you leave some free spins!

Don't forget the bonus codes

As you can see, there are a huge number of different casino bonuses online where you get free free spins. But we have not yet told an important part. Where most welcome bonuses are activated automatically, you often have to use a bonus code for a reload bonus.

While doing your deposit, you will often be reminded by the casino. You get the question whether you don't want to add a bonus code. Some casinos have even processed it in their payment system and you can easily choose a bonus or continue without a bonus.

You see it if you are going to do a deposit. Always check the bonuses from your casino. Who knows just a new online, you better wait with depositing until tomorrow or the bonus code has changed again.

Advantages and disadvantages of the bonus

Then a list of the advantages and disadvantages of the bonus. The benefits seem to us clearly: as a player you can really win money with free spins. If you know the free spins properly, you can release the bonus money won and you can really win money.

In addition, you can of course play free at the nicest slots of this moment! It is also possible to try other slots for free with the Free Spins. First, you will play on the selected slot machine from the casino and with the win you can try out another slot.

Maybe the biggest advantage, especially if you scored a free spins no deposit bonus, you can relax without taking a risk. You don't have to deposit money for this and cannot lose this either. Of course you can get lost the free spins that you have received.

Then the disadvantages: you have to be a bonus always play. No bonus is not given in any casino without being connected to it. You must always put a minimum number of times to put your won money before you can pay it to your own bank account.

Another disadvantage of playing with a bonus is that you cannot play in the live casino. Maybe you have received your free spins at a deposit bonus. But as long as you have bonus money from the deposit bonus on your account, you cannot participate in the live casino.

In short, there are more benefits than to come up with disadvantages for the free spins bonus! So what are you waiting for? Create an account with the best casino of the moment and go gambling online with most free spins!

Score Most Free Spins of the moment!

Questions and answers about the free spins bonus

🆓 What is a free spins bonus?

This is a bonus that you receive with a deposit or creation of an account. With this bonus you receive free spins on a slot machine. The slot machine is usually selected for you. You usually receive between 10 and 100 Free Spins. The value of a spider is on average at AU$ 0.15 per spin.

📥 When will you receive a bonus with free spins?

Most players receive free spins when creating a new account. But there are also special reload days. If you bet money on these days you will receive free spins.

🤑 Can you win money with the Free Spins?

Yes you can win money in theory with free spins. Only this usually concerns bonus money. Just like just bonus money you have to play this free. Here is going to bet on this and you must take this into account if you are going to use it. For free play you have to use the profit a few times in the casino.

🖐 Is there a limit to the profit that you can make with the spins?

This differs per casino. There are casinos that really set a limit. You may then win a maximum of AU$ 100 with the Free Spins. But there are also casinos that you leave in this. Due to the low value of the spins, you usually do not win thousands of euros.

👀 Can you also get this bonus as no deposit?

Yes, we often come across this bonus as no deposit. A no deposit bonus means that you only have to create a new account. So you don't have to deposit money! Usually it is about 10 to 50 free spins that you get gift.