Casino Admiral originated after a number of acquisitions by the Novomatic Casino. At Online Casino fans are now stuck and a bell ring. NOVOMATIC is a well-known name in the online casino world. They have been making slot machines for online casinos for years, but they have been offline since the 90s. In 2013 they decided to take over a number of casinos to start their own offline casino. Of course with slots from their own Novomatic collection.

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Unique casino with own collection

There are few casinos that develop their own games. Most casinos buy games from suppliers that they put in their casino. Of course the range has been supplemented with games from other suppliers, but a large part consists of the own collection. This means that your famous slot machines such as the Random Runner can play in this casino offline. But many more games are of course shared in the casino from its own collection. For online casino fans it is therefore a big party to visit Casino Admiral. Especially since your games from the online collection suddenly can also play offline.

Cashless gambling at the different games

There is of course nothing more annoying than too little cash in pocket. Especially if you have to throw coins in a slot machine, this is very annoying. You first have to switch to the checkout again before you can play further. In the locations of this casino they therefore tackle it differently. At the entrance you get a special payment card. The card is in your name. You can use the card at all games in the establishment. You can deposit money on the map. You can check this at the cash register with cash or pin. You can immediately determine a budget at the beginning that you will use to gamble. You can then use the card everywhere.

If you win the money will also be deposited on the payment card. Of course you can leave the balance of the card afterwards at the cash register. You don't have a hassle more with cash during gambling. The payment card is not registered. This means that they do not collect personal data from your gambling behavior or you will call afterwards when you return again. So you can play reasonably anonymously despite that you do not have to use cash.

Games in Casino Admiral

Of course we look as a player especially to the games that you can play there. Especially because Novomatic is at the helm of this casino it is extra interesting to see which games they are now offering. As a player in the online casino you will be a little comparing which games they have exactly. In terms of interior, they do everything to be a high dwelling casino. The interior is pretty luxurious and has a lot away from Las Vegas. It looks like a fairly luxury casino where you can take a gamble. Of course it is already fantastic to walk around here and all the way to throw a few coins into a machine.


Of course you mainly encounter slots in the Novomatic location. This will absolutely no surprise for most players. Secretly we actually expect a few slots where you can throw in coins and have a chance to get big amounts. The slots went completely cashless with the debit card, but this makes it no less fun to give a chance. Different big names that you secretly already know from the online gambling come across. This is especially fun for the online casino fans to take a gamble online.


A slot machine is not really complete without a jackpot. Of course you can count on this casino also has a jackpot. There are several jackpots where you can win. For example, you have the Royal Jackpot and the Admiral Jackpot. The Royal Jackpot is progressive and starts at AU$ 200 and ends at AU$ 2,500. The Admiral Jackpot starts at AU$ 100 and ends at AU$ 750. Usually when the jackpot approaches the end, he will soon fall. So it remains exciting when the jackpot comes high. It sometimes happens that the jackpot falls every day. This is because it is a relatively low amount for a casino.


Of course, a casino is also not complete without roulette. Expect no traditional tables with croupiers. It is about digital tables where you can play with multiple players. Every player takes place on a large round machine. Each player has a cupboard with a computer for itself. You place your bet on the roulette table during the specified time. In the middle you see a digital roulette wheel. This wheel will turn and before you know it you see who wins. The interaction with other players is the same as you are used to, but you secretly miss the croupier. You can actually play just as good online roulette for this variant. The experience at Live Roulette may have even more interacting than the Casino Admiral Variant.


In addition to roulette and one of the slots, there are also bingo cupboards. Bingo is a popular game for many players. You can choose your songs digitally and see the balls pulled live. The game turns off from a number of good numbers. Before you know it you win a game bingo and this can be quite high. Who knows you are the winner of the next pot on one of the machines.

Every Sunday true bingo

Would you prefer to play traditional bingo? So with a booklet, exciting cash prizes and an enthusiastic presenter? This is also possible in the Admiral casino. Every Sunday a bingo in the union is organized in the afternoon. Everyone who is paid welcome to a gamble. You can purchase and play bingo cards in the branch. This is of course always more fun than the bingo through the machines.

Locations in the Australia

Only 6 locations are currently opened in the Australia. There is a branch in Hoofddorp, Sluis, Heerlen, Hulst, Noordwijk and Waalwijk. Expect luxury decoration and beautiful machines in every branch to take a gamble. The location in Sluis is open 24/7 and the location in Hoofddorp is the so-called flagship of Admiral Casino. This is the largest of all 6 branches and is really beautifully designed. If you come in, you really want to take a gamble. This is of course also the intention in the online casino.

Clothing instructions in the locations

You don't have to be afraid that you must be dressed neatly to this casino. In principle everyone is very welcome. Provided you naturally behave yourself as a player. This is just a thing that you should like to keep yourself as a player. So don't care that you drink too much and go through the casino. Then you can be turned off. But you can't be removed because of your clothes. Two exceptions have been made here. For example, you cannot wear sunglasses or headgear. This has more to do with the safety and possibility to identify players. So don't wear cap or sunglasses when you visit the casino.

Permit in the Australia

NOVOMATIC has an official permit in the Australia for the six branches. This means that they have to adhere to a number of strict rules. Players must identify itself upon arrival. Upon entering, it is also checked whether you are not on the black list. The blacklist is to protect players. There are players with a gambling addiction. If it appears that you have a gambling addiction, you can indicate this at the desk. They put you on the black list of all locations and you will no longer come in. These are rules that they must adhere to because of the permit. In addition, you only get permission if you are at least 18 years old to go inside. This is logical and the law in the Australia.

Special app

For players in the casino there is a special app that you can download on your smartphone. You can create an account here and stay informed of the latest updates. You can also play and collect your smartphone with your debit card points. You can return the points later for, for example, free drinks or extras in the casino.

Will Admiral ever go online?

The chance is great that they will use their permit to get an online permit. NOVOMATIC is of course already freely known as an online casino supplier abroad. So it's not surprising if they will soon take the step to an online casino. It could be good that the existing app here is the beginning. It is just that you can take a gamble through the app in an online casino environment. Nothing about it has been announced at this time.

Casino Admiral summarized

🏦 What is Casino Admiral?

Casino Admiral is actually a gambling hall with several branches spread over the Australia. You can play for free here and on different slots.

💎 Which casino games do you come across here?

In the Australia, the gambling halls can officially only drop slots. These are the games that you mainly encounter here. Some gambling halls also have roulette, but you play this on a slot machine. This company was best known as the first gambling hall with spectacular slots such as the Random Runner. This classic is still in various locations here.

🔞 Do you pay an entrance to come in?

No you can always go in for free if you are at least 18 years old. There are sometimes exceptions where you should be at least 21 years old. But with most branches it is 18.

💰 Can you also win a jackpot here?

Yes this casino has several jackpots and even progressive jackpots. Some jackpots are even linked to all branches. As a result, the jackpot walks up even faster and one player will soon be in a branch. Unfortunately, the maximum jackpot is already at AU$ 2,500. So you can't get a millionaire here.

🥈 Tournaments are also organized?

There are regular events at Casino Admiral. The best known is the bingo evening or afternoon. A bingo event is organized in some branches. Here you can win real cash prizes and participate by purchasing tickets.