For most online casinos, the online casino bonus is the only way to pull players to their gambling site. The range from reliable casinos is growing almost daily. You as a player therefore have enough choice, but how do you make that choice? Nowadays, the online gambling sites do not differ much more in the range. But the bonuses they offer can differ very much. Therefore look for the best bonuses for new and existing players. Below we tell you which online casino bonuses can come across. This way you can make the right choice for your new online casino and score the best bonuses.

Receive an online casino bonus

Of course you will not get an online casino bonus at all for nothing, unfortunately there are always conditions. Most bonuses that you can score online are bonuses for new players. One of the conditions for receiving such a bonus is to create a new account. Hereby it does apply that you will play for the first time at an online casino. If you have created an account with a different email address in the past, then you are unfortunately no claim to the bonus. But are you new to the online casino? Then you can score the best bonuses. This way you can earn free spins by creating an account, so you don't have to deposit immediately.

Different types of bonuses

So in the online casino you come across different types of bonuses To ensure that you score the best bonus, it is useful to know what differences are there. And to help you choose the best online casino, we made this overview. Here you will find all online casino bonuses back so that you know what the difference is. Then you can look for the best online casino bonus at the nicest gambling sites. Do you already know which bonus you prefer to score? Then you can read below immediately by that specific bonus and you can also find the best bonuses in a handy overview!

What are common bonuses?

The first free bonus often becomes the no deposit bonus mentioned. Another common bonus is the deposit bonus, you will receive this in doing a deposit. Most welcome bonuses from online casinos are deposit bonuses. Some casinos also offer beautiful bonuses for recurring players. You often find these bonuses as a reload bonus, this means that you can score an extra when you make a deposit on a certain day of the week. So if you like to come back and play at the online casino, you can score such a reload bonus. Always check in advance what the precise conditions are of these online casino bonuses for recurring players. These differ per online gambling site.

Welcome bonus

The welcome bonus is usually a combination of a number of bonuses that you can score. You will receive this bonus when you create an account for the first time. The casino would like to welcome you and therefore offers you the welcome bonus. With most online casinos, this bonus consists of a no deposit bonus and deposit bonuses. You already get the no deposit bonus if you register. For that you don't have to do anything and you can take a gamble in the online casino. You can then get a bonus by making a deposit, the amount of this deposit bonus differs per casino. How exactly we will tell you so immediately.

The welcome bonus often consists of several bonuses and therefore several options for you to make a good start in the online casino. Compare the different welcome bonuses from online casinos before creating a new account. Also look at how the bonus is built up. Check how many deposits you have to do before you have the maximum welcome bonus. If you have compared these different welcome bonuses, you can score the best online online! Because say so, everyone is happy with a bonus?

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Parliamentary bonus

As we have just told you, the deposit bonus is often part of the welcome bonus. This is also called a deposit bonus. With this deposit bonus you often get free spins, but we will tell you more about that later! Do you want to score this online casino bonus? Then you must always deposit an amount on your casino account. You often get the deposit bonus with your first deposit. But there are also online casinos that give you a bonus if you do a second or third deposit. So always check which deposit bonuses offers an online casino.

Whatever you should always check, the minimum amount to be deposited. Often you have to deposit a minimum amount before you can claim the deposit bonus. There are also different percentages of deposit bonuses. One online casino gives you a 50% bonus on your first three deposits, while another online casino you might give 100% on your first deposit. These percentages indicate how much money you get gift. If you have a deposit bonus of 100% over your first deposit, this means that you get 100% extra money as a gift. So you do a deposit of AU$ 100, then a 100% bonus AU$ 200 will be deposited at your casino account. These percentages are therefore very important! Therefore always view the conditions of the deposit bonus.

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Reload bonus

One of the online bonuses that give casinos to recurring players is the reload bonus. If you have played at the online casino for a while, you sometimes want to score another bonus. Therefore discover whether your gambling site also has a reload bonus. A reload bonus often has several conditions. First you have to make your deposit on a certain day of the week. Secondly, there is always a minimum amount that you have to deposit to score this bonus. When you then meet these conditions, you can continue playing again with extra money from the online casino! Every reload bonus is different. Therefore always check which conditions your gambling site uses. Also note the percentage of this online bonus, which can vary quite varieties per gambling sites. Whatever the reload bonus also makes fun is that you often get free spins. That way you can also take a chance on a nice final game.

Check the overview with Reload bonuses

free spins bonus

Perhaps the most given online casino bonus is the free spins bonus. For everyone who is crazy about slot machines, this bonus is of course top! You can play a few laps for free on a specific video slot. The online casino determines which slot machine you can use these free spins and this unfortunately you cannot customize yourself. But what does it matter if you score a nice profit with free spins? You can simply bet these spins just like when you make a deposit. The values of the spins are the same as the minimum spin up, this is often between ten and fifteen cents. So take advantage of it and try to convert this free bonus into real money for your casino account.

You can often score the Free Spins Bonus by simply creating an account at an online casino. The number of free spins varies per online casino, but is usually between 10 and 25 spins. If you then do a deposit, you can often score free spins. How much this is there depends on the conditions. Many online casinos also have special days on which you can score extra free spins. If you then play on a certain day, at a specific slot machine, you can score free spins again! Check the conditions of your online casino to win the most free spins!

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Cashback with deposit

The dumping of money is always exciting. Especially if you first play with real money. Suddenly there is really something at stake and this can have consequences. You can lose all your money. There are casinos that therefore give a cashback guarantee. If you deposit money for the first time you get the guarantee that you cannot lose to a determining amount. The first deposit is therefore insured. Suppose you lose, you will get part of the money back to your account. This is only valid if you really lose all your money. You will then receive a part within 24 hours. A nice warranty that you can use as a bonus.

Overview of cashback bonuses

No deposit upon registration

We really only see the no deposit bonus when registering. If you have created an account for the first time at an online casino, you will receive this bonus. This casino bonus is often in the form of a few free spins or free money to gamble with. The no deposit bonus is never very much and has one of the conditions that you cannot leave the money immediately. So you always have to bet the bonus a few times before you can really win money with it. Only when you have won really money, you can let it pay this again. No matter how small the bonus is, it is always nice to be able to gamble a game for free.

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Free money on registration

As we just told, free money is one of the no deposit bonuses that we encounter online. By logging in to an online casino, you will get this free playing money directly deposited on your account. This way you can take a gamble with this game money. You cannot let the money pay immediately, but you must first bet a few times. The advantage of this free money bonus is that you can choose which casino game you bet. Unlike the free spins that are always available on one slot, selected by the online casino. The values of the free money bonus is often around The five euros. And that of the spins naturally depends on the number of free circles that you get.

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Conditions to the online casino bonus

Conditions are always connected to the online casino bonus and these conditions differ per online casino. Always check these conditions before you choose a new online casino based on the welcome bonus! That saves a disappointment if you can not let your profit paid out soon ... did you know that you really get a lot of these bonuses as a really gift? You have to release the money by deploying several times. If you lose, you can't reinforce it and you must first deposit to be able to play again. But if you make a profit with a bonus, this will be your bonus money. This is released from your poured money in your casino account. So you actually have two jars of money in your account, one with really money That you have deposited themselves and a second with the bonus money. Only when you have used the bonus often enough, this money will be deposited with your ordinary balance. If you want to know how often you have to do with the bonus, you have to look for the playback conditions. Here you can get the money used before you get it really.

How can you unlock an online casino bonus?

We called them just before, the playback conditions. To free your bonus in an online casino, you have to bet the bonus several times. Usually you have to bet between 35 and 45 times per round before you get it freely. In addition, online casinos often have a conditions attached to the bonus, namely a time slot. You have to play the bonus free within a certain period, this also differs per online casino. One casino gives you 48 hours the time to bet the free spins, while another online casino gives you a week the time to free your deposit bonus. Always check the conditions of the bonuses from the online casino before you choose a new gambling site. If you then found the best bonus, you can create an account at the online casino.

Compare Online Casinos

Do you want to know what Online casino Can you score the best bonus? Then check our subpages! We have made a nice list per bonus. Then you can find the best casino with the best online casino bonus at a glance. Does it not actually don't matter which bonus you can score, if you only get a bonus? Then view our top list! These online casinos are all to be trusted and have a nice bonus for the new players. Do you want to know more? Then read our casino reviews first!

You want to know about the online casino bonus:

🤑 Do you get really free money with a free money bonus?

In fact, there are two good answers to this question. Yes and no. Yes you get really paid free money on your casino account. With this money you can just take a gamble to a game of your choice. But on the other hand, the answer is no, because you cannot record this money directly from your account. If you want to have a bonus pay out, then you always have to play it freely. Check in the round-to-go rounds how often you have to do this before the bonus really gets yours.

🔄 What is a reload bonus?

The translation of the English reload has been reloaded and that is actually what you do with this bonus. If you are going to reload your balance, you get a bonus. Check your online casino on which day you have to make a deposit to be able to grab the reload bonus.

🎰 Can I use my free spins on every slot machine?

The free spins are of course always nice bonuses. But unfortunately there is also a downside. You cannot deploy these free spins. Each online casino has chosen an online slot box on which you can put this bonus. Often you can also score free spins with different bonuses. Usually they can be used on different slots. So try to score as many different Free spins as possible with bonuses, so that you can play on multiple video slots.

📖 Are the welcome bonus conditions at every casino the same?

No definitely not! Each online casino contents its own welcome bonus with associated conditions. Where one casino gives you a 100% welcome bonus on your first deposit +150 Free Spins. Another casino can promise you up to AU$ 1,000 welcome bonus, which you can save with different deposits. So you must always look good what conditions a casino has on the welcome bonuses.

💰 How much money do I get at a 100% bonus?

If you score a bonus in an online casino of 100%, this means that your deposit is increased by 100%. So do you make a deposit of 50 euros? Then you will ultimately get a hundred euros on your account. In the conditions you can find the maximum of the bonus, because it is always there. So pay attention to that!

💶 What is a 5 euro free money bonus?

The name of this bonus actually says: you get 5 euros to free game money on your account. With some online casinos you will find this free money bonus. By creating an account at the gambling site, you will be given five euros on your account. With this money you can play every casino game that you want. You cannot pay this money immediately, but you can go gamble with it. The 5 euro bonus is the most common free money bonus. This is a small amount that the casino likes to tell you to persuade you as a new player.