The live casino has been enormously emerging in recent years and not to remove it in the online casino. The purpose of most casinos is to make the experience as possible as possible. But mainly to really get the casino feeling to get your mobile or laptop. Most games are quite realistic thanks to beautiful 3D animations. But you still miss that last piece of reality to make it a successful game. This is why a number of software suppliers decided to stream table games live from a real casino or studio. This way you literally experience the games as if you are there yourself.

Play here in a live casino!

How does a live casino game work?

Usually the game takes place in a studio, but there are also a number of casinos that can be played online. One table with a croupier for live players has been dropped off. Around 12 different Full HD cameras hang around the table. They stream live from different angles. There is a director that ensures that you get the right images at the right time. In addition, there is a croupier that has a computer right in front of him. Through the computer he gets you bets and reads messages that you may leave for him in the chat box. You can indicate your bets via a digital piece of table and play the game. Thanks to the live connection, everything goes just as smoothly as a digital game only you play on a real table now.

Limited number of players

With some games there is a limitation to the number of players to play live. At Roulette you usually do not see this depending on the casino. This is because several people can use digitally at the same time. At Blackjack there is often a limit. The croupier must explain the cards for each player. The limit is similar to a real casino. Often a table is indicated whether it is full. If it is very busy, a casino can sometimes open a live table. This is of course dependent on the capacity. After all, there must be a table free in the studio.

Interaction with the croupier

At a live casino there is also really interaction with the croupier. It may differ per person how much interaction is exactly. Some croupiers really try to make a party enthusiastic. They present the game full of enthusiasm and congratulate players with their profit. They do this by personalizing your username to your username. The interaction with the croupier is done in English. Sometimes there are also extra tables with croupiers from Spain or France. Of course Spanish etc. is spoken to this. Afterwards it is also possible to grant the croupier just like in the real casino. The croupier will of course thank you here. These types of interactions make the experience a lot more realistic.

Which games can you play in the live casino?

In recent years the offer has grown enormously. In principle it is mainly about the table games of the casino. But there are already software suppliers to develop new variants. It is therefore just that a good number of games will be added on the internet. Some games are also specially developed for the live area. You don't come across them from the regular table games. These types of variations in the gaming offer are of course extra fun.

Live blackjack

Absolutely one of our personal favorites is Live Blackjack. In fact, Blackjack Classic is almost always played. The basis of the game that we all actually know well of name and rules. You can choose digitally on which place you take place at the table. This is of course dependent on your fellow players. The croupier indicates that you can bet and when he says stop the maps are divided. The game is finished per player and as soon as all players are ready, the croupier shows his own cards. Blackjack is absolutely one of our favorites because you can apply certain strategies. This makes it extra fun to play. With a bit of luck you can also win a lot of money.

Live Roulette

Live Roulette is of course also a true classic to play. They usually pack European roulette, but sometimes there are other variants online. This differs a bit per live casino. With this game, many players can often join at the same time. The croupier indicates that it may be used and when it is stopped. After the stop, the wheel is turned. The camera is slowly zooming in on the wheel and during a close-up you see which player has won. With a bit of luck you are just the winning player. Of course the croupier will congratulate you extensively while building a party behind the computer. You can also leave a thank you in the chat box or a tip for the croupier.

Live baccarat

Baccarat is also very nice especially since you have to think less about it as opposed to blackjack. You no longer have to count the cards yourself. The croupier plays for the player and the bank. You just have to predict who is going to win. The chance that the bank wins is slightly larger than the player. With a few gessches you can get it done to win a nice amount. Baccarat is sure to know worth especially if you don't have a big budget at your disposal.

Special variants for live players

New games have been devised especially for the live casino in recent years. One of the variants that we encounter in different online casinos is Lightning Roulette. Every round turns into lightning. Five numbers are made with spectacular light effects. If one of these numbers will soon fall with a straight bet then you win up to 500 times your bet as opposed to 35 times your bet. So there is much more to be won when you play live. In addition, you can also play monopoly live. Don't expect the classic board game, but a kind of roulette in monopoly style. Instead of chips, you can now also play money with monopoly. In short, a nice variant to play.

Insert limits with live games

A big difference that you will notice with the live games are the insert limits. Usually there is no room for players who like to use really low. So players who only want to use AU$ 0.01 per round. You can imagine that it takes a lot more money for a casino to put a table with a croupier. That is why the insert limit usually lies at minimal AU$ 1. This can amount to AU$ 1,000, AU$ 10,000 and even AU$ 75,000 in some casinos. The limits are therefore a lot higher. For you as a player, this has an advantage that you can use almost every strategy that you can imagine. You are no longer attached to limits for which you are running freely.

Use a strategy

If you are planning to play in the live casino, we recommend that you get well prepared. You can no longer hide yourself behind a bet of AU$ 0.01. You now have to play a minimum of AU$ 1 per round. Therefore, make sure you know the game well. You know what you should bet and how the game goes exactly. Then make live use of a strategy, with which you feel that you are going to win. There are different systems that you can apply and with a bit of luck you know the casino to beat. You then go to home as a player.

Make sure you have no bonus on your account

This is just a thing if you go to a casino for the first time. Most websites do not allow you to play live with a bonus. This naturally has to deal with costs. Only this means that you also have no access to the live part if you have a bonus on your account. You can do two things. First your bonus free play before you go live. Whether the bonus refuses if you create an account. If you are planning to play almost alone live, you can of course refuse the bonus just as well.

Play directly in a safe casino

Now that you are completely informed it is time to create an account. Mainly choose a secure website to play. You know for sure that you can enjoy the live experience without being afraid of scams. On our website you can read a review from various websites. This way you know exactly what you can expect and that you can safely take a gamble.

Popular questions about the live casino

🌐 Is a live casino really live?

Yes you actually immediately notice when you are going to play. For example, if you open Blackjack you can decide for yourself if you take a card or not. If you decide to tackle a map you will see the croupier a card. As a result, you know that the game is live and responds to your actions.

💭 Can you try a live game for free?

Unfortunately you always have to play with real money when you play live. This has to do with the costs for live games. A studio or casino must be rented and a croupier hired. Due to the costs you can only play with real money.

🤨 Can you also play live via your mobile?

Yes this is no problem all games are built in HTML 5. The screen is only a lot smaller via your mobile phone. But it is no problem to play through your mobile.

📉 Is the payout percentage live lower than with the normal table games?

No, the payout percentage is just as high as the ordinary games. If you play live roulette, the payout percentage is just as high as with just roulette.

❤️ Can you play with a bonus?

No, most live casinos unfortunately do not accept bonuses. You can only play with real money. There are sometimes exceptions, but usually it is not possible.

📶 What happens if I play my internet connection during the live?

This is immediately registered by the game and your turn is then declared invalid. You get your bet back and you don't win or lose this round. You can now reconnect and bet money again.